G.V. vs. Eldon Smith Software Technician / Acumax System And Support : $280.00

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    • Claim #: 4425118
    • Amount Involved: 280.00
    • Filed On: Aug 09, 2016
    • Posted On: Aug 20, 2016
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      • "I just feel ripped off."
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I paid $280.00 to Eldon Smith who introduced him self as senior technician at Eldon Smith company using Acumax Financial Service Inc that got paid through pay-pal system in Feb 9 2016. Now, since he did not provide me with real business address, or phone number at the beginning I have to cancel this deal. The only prove that I had was a receipt for payment. Now, that I got this phone # 800-680-0529 and this email address larryhrlton@yahoo.ca I try to use it, but no answer or is fake. I informed him by phone that I'm cancelling this transaction, and I need full refund, but he refuses. Claiming that pay pal blocked his account, and that he can not access the money, or he would ask for 2 or 3 more days, or I call you back and so on. When he called me first time he told me that leaves in Canada BC. And than he tell me that my computer was infected, because he got warning from Microsoft and he would fix it for me one time payment and it would be life time service.

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"I Just Feel Ripped Off."

Claimant's opinion: I believe that this was a scam by this hacker that I mention

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What By When How Much
1. Refund: Software an service Aug 24, 2016 $280.00
2. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Aug 24, 2016 $7.99
Cash total : $287.99
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  • Eldon Smith / Acumax Technologies 800-680-0529 to claimant
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The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
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    "There are many facts that this scamster has neglected to disclose:
    1.) You received a $379USD refund from our Shopify store on July9, 2016 and notification was emailed to velecico@gmail.com, as the request was received within 30 days.
    2.) In the case of this $280USD order, it was dated Feb.9, 2016. Paypal reviewed this chargeback and found this joker wanted 100% refund 6 mos. later. Further, he was provided with a free Hotline number but never used it.
    PayPal found this guy who blames everyone in the world for his misfortune was 5 months too late according to their guidelines and also in violation of the 30 refund policy posted on our web site. His own credit card refused to back his claim.
    3.) This scamster thinks he can get his own way by listing his case with Better Business Bureau and with PeopleClaim.com, so after various attempts at blackmail; disparaging remarks; and slander; there is still no indication of evidence; merit; and in fact it's a "No case."
    Please close your case and warn this fella that "he puts himself in a litigious situation" as well."

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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Reply: by Respondent On: 09/08/2016

Maybe learn not to comment on hearsay evidence provided by one side only.
No tech support scam here, customer got service on his computer, then 6 months later figured he could get his money back. We refunded $379 due within our policy limit, but not the $280 ordered 6 months before. PayPal investigated and ruled in favor of the merchant in this case.

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