Keith Schulner
Oak Park, CA
Arbitrator, Mediator, With MBA, Master Of Dispute Resolution & Real Estate Broker License
Consumer Advocate, Expert Witness, Industry Expert/Consultant, Legal Professional, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Keith

Keith Schulner,MBA, MDR, Esq.

Principal Mediator, Arbitrator,Consultant, Oak Park, CA     1997 - Present
Settled hundreds of cases saving participants millions of dollars in litigationcosts by mediating or arbitrating business or personal disputes, especiallythose with complicated financial matters; advise clients regarding business,financial, conflict resolution, negotiation and communication matters; speakabout negotiation and conflict resolution subjects; approved mediator forSouthland Regional Association of REALTORS, NASD Securities Exchange and UnitedStates Bankruptcy Court. Saved the government countlessdollars in trial costs sitting in for the Presiding Judge for MandatorySettlement Conferences. Handled every aspect of forming and running a new, profitable,business including creating, negotiating and writing up contracts for strategicpartnership formation; planned and executed marketing strategy; created webpages; formed spread sheets and data processing files to track financial andclient information; prepared and filed tax returns; mediated, litigated,arbitrated, and consulted for personal, family and business disputes. Firstplace winner of eNegotiation International negotiation contest (usedSmartSettle, an online or in person program especially useful in multi-issuenegotiations and mediations.)

Real Estate Broker Agent    2003 - 2004
zipRealty, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties, CA
Help people buy and sell Real Estate. California Real Estate Broker License;Member of the National Association of Realtors; Southland Regional Associationof Realtors; California Association of Realtors. Top Producer – San FernandoValley, January 2004.

Centers Business Management (CBM), Los Angeles County,CA     2003
Trained to help clients with their commercial Real Estate needs

Arbitrator    2000 - Present

-ConstructionArbitration Services, Inc

Arbitratehome warranty and construction defect issues

-National Arbitration Forum, CA
Act as a professional neutral to resolve disputes

-National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS)
Arbitrate cases including warranty for automobiles and homes

-California Dispute Settlement Program (CDSP)
Arbitrate warranty issues for automobiles (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act / LemonLaw)


-DisputeSettlement Board, Los Angeles County, CA
Arbitrated hundreds of disputes

Adjunct Professor / Lecturer /Instructor / Practitioner Faculty     2000 - 

-Universityof Phoenix, Woodland Hills, CA
Teach Conflict Resolution, Business and Law Classes to working MBA students.

-Abraham Lincoln University Law School, Los Angeles, CA
Taught Property Law to law students who cumulatively paid over $1000/hour toattend class and stated Mr. Schulner was a good professor.

-Pepperdine University, Encino, ...

Knows about
  • Automotive

    I have arbitrated countless auto cases

  • Civil rights / discrimination

    Handled countless hearings with issues including civil rights or discrimination.

  • Construction and contracting

    Arbitrated and litigated construction and contracting cases

  • Defamation / free speech

    Dealt with claims including Defamation / free speech

  • Dentistry

    Litigated dental cases

  • Divorce / family law

    Mediated Divorce / family law cases

  • Education

    Taught Negotiation to MBA students, and Real Estate Law to law students

  • Financial services

    Mediated Financial services cases

  • Freelancing / independent contracting

    Dealt with claims including Freelancing / independent contracting

  • Healthcare

    Arbitrated healthcare cases

  • Home improvement

    Arbitrated construction cases

  • HR and Employment Law

    Arbitrated and mediated HR and Employment Law cases

  • Labor disputes

    Mediated labor disputes

  • Landlord / tenant

    Arbitrated and mediated landlord / tenant cases

  • Legal professions

    Arbitrated and mediated legal professions cases

  • Online commerce

    Mediated online commerce cases

  • Product liability

    Litigated and mediated product liability cases

  • Real estate

    Mediated real estate cases, and worked as a Real Estate Broker agent.

  • Retail

    Mediated retail cases

  • State or Federal government

    Worded for California

  • Veterinary medicine

    Consulted for Veterinary facility

  • Lawsuits including family, tort, and contract law

    Mediated and arbitrated claims for Ventura and Los Angeles Superior Courts

My professional experience (1997 To Present)
Arbitrator, Mediator
My education
UCLA (Los Angeles, CA)
BA in Economics Business Management
Loyola Law School (Los Angeles, CA)
Pepperdine University School of Business / Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution (Malibu, CA)
MBA (Master of Business Administration) / MDR (Master of Dispute Resolution)
My Certifications, licenses, affiliations, awards
  • Dean's Honor Role, GMAT (Graduate Managment Aptitude Test) 770/800 (730 is top 1% for combined Verbal and Quantitative Skills); Earned full merit based scholarship at the internationally recognized MBA program; worked with Dean Goodrich and Dr. Lowry to create a program combining an M.B.A. with a Masters in Dispute Resolution; was the first such graduate from Straus, which tied Harvard as having the best Dispute Resolution Program in the United States
My Publications and media content
  • Appeared in the media including CNN, NBC, The Acorn, Dutch Television, The Los Angeles Times, Money Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.
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