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PeopleClaim manages your dispute resolution
more effectively and without litigation.

Whether you are a business owner,
professional or individual,
are part of life. Resolving them early
and fairly is the best way to reduce
litigation risk, retain business and avoid
problems and expense.
PeopleClaim can be used to resolve
most common disputes.
The fully
automated, consensual process of online
engagement, negotiation and settlement
can be a highly effective
alternative to legal processes.
Enter the full 14 digit claim number: It looks like this: XXXXXXXX-XXXXXX. The claim number is located in your notification email or letter.
Has a PeopleClaim
been filed against you?

You can review a claim
without registering or responding

How it works

  • 1.Confirm
    Confirm the claimant and matters are known to you
  • 2.Review
    Review claim details and proposed terms of resolution
  • 3.Respond
    Respond by accepting, rejecting or negotiating or ask for more information

Unresolved claims

Claims that are not resolved after a minimum 10 day negotiation period may be posted on the PeopleClaim Registry; they are removed once resolved.



  • 1.Online efficiency—clear response forms make it easy for you to manage contract disputes, customer complaints, or issues about billing, rebates and warranties
  • 2.Desktop negotiation—the PeopleClaim process narrows claim issues, helping you come to a mutually beneficial settlement quickly, right from your browser.
  • 3.Settlement agreement—PeopleClaim helps you reach mutually satisfactory terms for proof of claim, release of damage, payment and other details
  • 4.PeopleClaim registry—Claims that are not resolved after 30 days are posted on the PeopleClaim Registry and are removed when resolved

Benefits to vendors

  • Cost effective—PeopleClaim adds a layer of CRM without adding a layer of expense
  • Reduces risk of litigation and class action by managing disputes fairly and constructively online
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention by uncovering problems early and resolving them quickly

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PeopleClaim is a public dispute resolution system, independent of the Better Business Bureau.