PeopleClaim is an online dispute resolution service that helps consumers, businesses, patients, employees, and others resolve disputes without lawyers, mediators, or complicated processes. You can use PeopleClaim without charge, or add premium options to help get your claim resolved faster. We never accept advertising, membership fees, or any other form of compensation from product or service providers who are, or may become, targets of claims by our users.

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Thank you so much for your service. If it wasn't for you I don't know what I would have done. God bless you all!!! Testimonial
- J.C., Kentucky
Thank You! I was thrilled with the results I got thanks to you. I got all my money back. Much appreciated! Testimonial
- R.B, Tulalip, Washington
My dispute was successfully resolved this afternoon and I believe it was a direct result of the PeopleClaim that I posted. The service you provide gives consumers the tools that they need to motivate companies to do right by their patrons. I couldn't be happier with the result. Testimonial
- A.M., Florida
I've been trying since last year to solve a discrepancy with this company. Filing a PeopleClaim I got a response and the explanation I was wanting. It is resolved. It works. Thanks, thanks again. Testimonial
- H.F., Colorado
Thank you for your help, I'm so glad I did this. It was resolved not quite how I wanted but got my vehicle back in a day after they received notice. Thanks so much. Testimonial
- D.E, New York
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Did you know? PeopleClaim's alternative dispute resolution services have helped thousands of people tell their side of the story in complaints involving bad business practices, overbilling, fraud and other misconduct. Now you can also use PeopleClaim as an alternative dispute resolution to counter unfair ratings, reviews or other posts about you or your business. This includes negative BBB ratings, Yelp and other online reviews, unfair credit scores or any other content that’s harming you or your business’s reputation.  Learn More »
PeopleClaim is a public dispute resolution system, independent of the Better Business Bureau.