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No one wants to go into battle alone. Have the power of PeopleClaim behind you. File your claim, engage the public, and get it resolved.

Resolve Your Dispute

  • Refund: $500
  • Phone Replacement
  • An apology

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Filing your claim is free! We offer some premium options (gotta pay the bills) but we want you to be 100% satisfied. We offer a no questions asked refund on public posting fees if your claim is not resolved within 90 days.

Will PeopleClaim work for my complaint?
Yes, you can file claims against product or service providers, professionals, and anyone else who has treated you unfairly. You can file against anyone, anywhere in the world, and it takes less then 15 minutes to file. Your claim can amount to as little as one dollar, with no upper limit. Non-monetary claims can be filed too.
Not sure this will work? Here are three ways we resolve your claim.
  • Option 1: The opposing party accepts your offer.
  • Option 2: They submit a counter-offer you like.
  • Option 3: The public offers suggestions that you and the other party like.
File to resolve a claim

It's easy. Takes 5-7 minutes to file.

Community-based dispute resolution a new and better way to settle cases lawyers can't take
Mediation by public opinion
Find the best resolution to any problem. Our fast-growing community of "public mediators" compete to offer practical solutions that better reflect public sentiment and expectations for good business practices. When the public speaks, businesses listen.
Crowdsource the best solutions
  • Put your case online.
  • Crowdsource resolution ideas.
  • Choose resolutions you like.
  • Cases settle when both parties like same resolution.
  • Unresolved cases stay public until resolved, providing an ongoing incentive to fair resolution.
Why public mediation works
  • Businesses value their online reputations.
  • It's option-based: both sides choose from a variety of solutions.
  • It brings the parties together constructively to narrow differences and find common ground.
  • Others with similar problems can join a claim.
Join our community of public mediators and help others resolve their claims.

Become a public mediator.

  • Get a free public mediator profile.
  • Earn recognition points and cash bounties.
  • Show off your negotiation and mediation others.

Pick a case. Suggest a resolution.
Win a bounty.

Offer a resolution to any of these cases. You can can win a cash bounty and/or recognition points.

"I Just Feel Ripped Off." & 9 more.
Unfair Bidding/Contract Awards & 3 more.
Commercial / Other Dispute & 3 more.
Commercial / Other Dispute & 6 more.

Are you a nonprofit organization committed to increasing access to civil justice? Become a qualified recipient organization and add your name to our donor recipient list. If interested, please click the button below or email us at, and provide a link to your organization's home page (or donation form).

Receive donations

Donations come from public mediators who wish to donate their bounty awards for best resolutions to publicly-mediated claims, and from other PeopleClaim users.

Concerned about equal access to civil justice?

Learn about the Project for Universal Justice in America project.

Trusted and loved by thousands of happy customers and businesses

Thank you so much — I appreciate this matter being expedited with such effectiveness.

- E.D., Texas

PeopleClaim is the best thing since bacon...I mean it! I got very fast results.

- A.V., Colorado

We won, we won, we won! The landlord has conceded. You’re better than any lawyer.

- M.B., Henderson, NV.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • How long will it take me to file?
  • How long will it take to get my claim resolved?
  • Who can I file against?
  • Can I file a claim without the other party's permission?
  • What information do I need to file a claim? Can I add information later?
  • Is there a fee?
  • Is your free claim-filing service really free?
  • How is your system so inexpensive?
  • What is "public mediation"?
  • Is PeopleClaim part of the legal system? Is it litigation or mediation?
  • Does PeopleClaim refer cases to lawyers?
  • Do you guarantee I’ll get my claim resolved?
  • How does making a claim public help get it resolved?
  • What can I expect in terms of public participation?
  • Can I talk to other people who have posted claims on PeopleClaim?
  • Why do businesses settle claims through PeopleClaim?
  • How can my business benefit from PeopleClaim?
WeCare business program
The shortest distance between a complaint and and a satisfied customer
Our WeCare program gives users a faster way to contact business and resolve disputes. Quality businesses can upgrade to a fully interactive WeCare profile that connects directly customers to identify concers and resolve complaints.

What's in it for you

  • Be heard: contact businesses and get a fast response to questions, compliments, and suggestions.
  • Receive a response in 3 days — or your comment posts publicly.
  • Settle problems quickly without phone calls and runarounds.
  • Remember: WeCare businesses pledge to respond to your problems.
For businesses
  • Own your web footprint — create a powerful touchpoint with customers to address complaints, suggestions, or questions.
  • Get a heads-up on potentially harmful comments before negative stuff posts on your profile.
  • Turn complants into positve reviews and repeat business — lemons to lemonade.
  • WeCare profiles separate the good operators from bad operators. They're reserved for businesses committed to responding to and resolving disputes quickly and fairly.