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My Claim vs. Dentfirst

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R. C. vs. Dentfirst
1650 Oakbrook Dr Ste 440, Norcross,, Georgia, 30093-1817, United States
Amount Involved: $177,500.00
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    • Claim #: 3179873
    • Amount Involved: 177,500.00
    • Filed On: Dec 17, 2015
    • Posted On: Jan 26, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • Commercial / Other dispute
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"1. Started with Dentfirst September 2011
2. Oral Surgeon pulled back teeth and left fragments embed - Dr. left practice
3. General Dentist pulled fragments and front teeth
4. Implants (two lower) by Periodontist, both were set incorrectly - Dr. left practice next day
5. Temporary dentures could not be made to fit and patient forced to go 6 months with no teeth
6. General Dentist could not make a set of lower dentures that would stay in mouth and charged additional fee to reline dentures - still could not fit without injury to gums and jaw
7. After many more office visits the dentist said he needed more time to get it right. After months of weekly calls to office with no results patient called to tell office manger she wanted a refund and was going to another dentist. Patient was asked to give the practice one more chance. She would see a new dentist because first general dentist had died!
8. Second General Dentist made a set of lower dentures that stayed in but caused so much pain they could not be used for eating. Upper dentures now could not be fit because the bone had receded too much.
9. According to the practice manager DentFirst's Periodontist could not do the upper implants that were now needed and a referral was made to another practice (at patient's own expense)
10. Patient left DentFirst's practice in August 2015 without a usable set of dentures.
11. We feel there has been a breach of contract."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Dentfirst Hide
  • Feb 05, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • Please understand the many problems we have had with your Dentists. Since we were forced to go to another Dentist you must refund all monies paid and because of the time and trouble you caused you should pay the Dentist that did fit the dentures. If we must go to court we will ask for punitive damages as well.

  • Feb 08, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • Dear Sir;

    I erroneously assumed that you were completely apprised of all the facts surrounding the problems with DentFirst. I will email you a complete history of our situation and hope with your new eyes you can help to resolve it. Thanking you in advance for what ever help you can provide.

    Ruth Corsover

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Damages: cost of new dentures Mar 01, 2016 $40,000.00
2. Refund: dentures that did not fit Mar 01, 2016 $12,500.00
3. punitive d Mar 01, 2016 $125,000.00
4. Other – Copy claim to regulators Mar 01, 2016 $14.99
Cash total : $177,514.99
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Dustin Black commented
Dustin Black (Comment):
"And how did dentures cost $40,000.00"
 (5 years ago)
Dustin Black commented
Dustin Black (Comment):
"What happened to make you seek punitive damages?"
 (5 years ago)
Evgeny Mishakov commented
Evgeny Mishakov (Comment):
"i don't think so"
 (5 years ago)
Helena Caballero commented
Helena Caballero (Comment):
"Why did it take so long for plaintiff to file claim? Did she ask for refund in 2015?"
 (7 years ago)
Christopher MARTIN commented
Christopher MARTIN (Comment):
"You stated that the patient left the dental practice in August 2015. Based on that information, the statue of limitations to take any legal action against the dental practice has already expired. The law states the following; OCGA § 9-3-71(a) provides that “an action for medical/dental malpractice shall be brought within two years after the date on which an injury or death arising from a negligent or wrongful act or omission occurred. A cause of action for breach of contract and/or warranty is subject to the same limitation period. That's the legal side of things on this matter. Aside from that, I absolutely do feel that the patient was done wrong by the dentist facility in question and I definitely do feel the patient should be compensated as a result. Unfortunately in my experience, unless legal action is taken in a matter like this, I wouldn't count on the dentist facility even acknowledging your complaint/claim, much less compensation, refunded or making things right. But I wish you the best of luck."
 (7 years ago)
Irene Gomez likes
Irene Gomez ():
"Its pretty fair, Doubt they'll get damages but personally I think they deserve them."
 (7 years ago)