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J.K. vs. Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution.

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Your discretion how It's best played out. Side of caution because there sneaky in secret and un-healthy DELIBERATELY.

J. K. vs. Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution.
200 Maple Grove Road, Cambridge, Ontario, N3H 4R7, Canada
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"The waterloo regional civilian police service department again working in secret*'saying that there jail cells are all clean by spraying scented orders and javex. Things to be Unseen as in a re-daction* false claims. COURT Mid-section When They Knew HOUSTON, ELIZABETH 2019(e)So if I can confirm, your complaint is about Constable Bourdon, Constable Gregory and Constable Huiser? Strictly those three? Speaking specifically with regards to these officers* The ones she does not identify in all important emails. Only to be thrown off track. I also want to make sure I am understanding your comments pertaining to Constable Bourdon. Is it accurate that the criminal charges against you regarding that incident, have already been dealt with and completed in court? The weekend And week. The onus is on waterloo regional police service department to show that they did not use malice and regard to a persons safety. They redacted for their own purposes and then now you cannot get a hold of specific persons. And, why the Adjucator An LAN has no contact Information* relying on a institution that seldomly passes along your contents to specific parties. correlation to medical* On Tue, Nov 5, 2019, 3:12 PM Brian Bisson Hi Jason, With the help of the Waterloo Police I was able to view the CD provided. I just want confirm that there is only one video. I have ask police to review a few issues for me, and I am waiting for them to get back to me. Can you call me next week to further discuss the appeal. That will give the police time to get back to me. Brian Brian Bisson Mediator Tribunal Services Department Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario 2 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8 And they say something so silly and re-daction of a cover-up and error. The weekend And The Week. Only body That Obtained the video Information and Privacy Commissioner. '' DURING an Active File Rejecting Mail FRAUD canada. Appeal MA19-00668 ( CONFIRMATION) With Regards to the current Ongoing Information and Privacy Commissioner Matter: Very bottom correlation to oiprd status-CHECK. *Where Things Are Not seen as to Invisible whereas the healthiest person can and would get sick because of a re-daction So you could not see.* And they say something so silly and re-daction of a cover-up and error. Page Twelve, black shoes, grey pants, blue and white jersey Tom Brady 'Patriots' Adding a person. No kicking of any persons. Being forced to be Guilty* Seldom to be used in a deportation matter. Specifically by coercion not just COERCION* but by affecting ONE good health before and after entering Into the Hands of the Legal Justice system canada by way of a jail doing very strange things to effect ones HEALTH* Medical. No plates to be issued to inmates in a correctional facility. Trays. And to be poisoned to a degree were I felt necessary to wash my food. Subject to chemical spray in vents. Maplehurst Oakville Traflagar Momoral hospital. Pyshchairtis Dr. Tom Elgin Karl HASTINGS. I was not the only subject. Inmates not to be feed for days. Possibly an Inmate Emmuel 10 to 12 digit OTIS # › eng › art13 Web results Charterpedia - Section 13 – Protection against self-incrimination Jun. 17, 2019 · be compelled to testify against himself or to confess guilt” ( article 14(3)(g)). ... and criminal (see e.g., section 5 of the Canada Evidence … Video, 'cuts, editing, and splitting, to ad an additional person other to known persons. Hmmm. not found* probably not allowed to discus lost one? DELETED Active* E-202002111354592934 **United States law.* The Fifth Amendment to the United States (BLOOD Spike) no plates to ever be issued by correctional facility. They also do the same in American jail's. Over crowding of a cell blocks. Ministry standards* Very Wicked policeman And A Very Wicked policewoman. › ...PDF Web results 260-R-2890 : Roberts, Neal - The United States False Claims Act ... probably A WICKED POLICE MAN AND WICKED POLICE WOMAN Working Together* ... Not allowed to discus lost one? And Deleted. Active* E-202002111354592934 **** WRPSpolice.wave RELATED*, Jason NOA.odt Proceedure WAV.file Proceedure And to be consistently working in secret on specific Times* weekends Intuitions: More DELIBERATELY a court to operate fraudulently* SAME DIFFERENCE ^ attorney general and WAV.file response.jpg v. Kranz - July 6, 2020 .pdf

When looking at Both this *pdf* It is LINKED to Probation and wrps (Responses.) (1).jpg

Yes I'm talking and on good Terms with Probation And With The IPC - Information And Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.doc

no plates ever to be issued in a jail and or prison. The incident never occurred.

dr. psychiatric deliberately lied, for his own gain. And Staff."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution. Hide
  • Aug 15, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • An official court Endorsement; Things moving Forward.

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Just make me happy!
Claimant invites Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution. to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution.. This claim will remain posted until resolved
Offer History
Mar 29, 2020
Claimant's Terms of Settlement to Waterloo Regional Police Service Department And The Ontario Canada Government Institution.
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