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PeopleClaim provides both free and low-cost online dispute resolution services to consumers, patients, employees, tenants, and anyone else who’s been treated unfairly.

We help consumers and businesses resolve disputes constructively without lawyers, legal costs, or complicated processes. Consumer Diligence Tools: It’s been reported that more than 80% of consumers say online reviews influence their purchase decisions. PeopleClaim is one of the only sites that provides non-anonymous and verifiable complaint information about product and service providers based on publicly posted complaints, plus interactive communication to allow users to pool resources, share information, and aggregate claims against any product or service provider. Customer relationship management and reputation enhancement are part of the PeopleClaim system and allow claim recipients to respond efficiently, avoid litigation, retain customers, and maintain their online reputation.

While PeopleClaim cannot guarantee results, our goal is to give users powerful tools that can create strong and ongoing incentive for fair resolution of your claim – at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.

1. Free and low-cost dispute resolution services

Online Claim Filing and Resolution Aggrieved parties can engage any party, anywhere, in an easy online process including statement of complaint, proposed terms of settlement, and mutual and binding agreement when resolved. We provide the free and premium services listed below through our automated engagement, negotiation, and settlement software.

  • Claim Filing: Free. File to resolve up to three free claims per month. Once your claim is filed you can use PeopleClaim without restriction or expense to negotiate, exchange offers, clarify information, and otherwise negotiate as often as necessary to reach a satisfactory agreement. Note: free claims require valid claimant-supplied email addresses so PeopleClaim can deliver the claim to the offending party. If you don’t have a valid email address, either public posting (see both below) are low-cost options for communicating your claim to the other party.
  • Public posting: $14.99. Public posting adds a powerful and ongoing incentive to resolve your claim. Add a deadline to your claim and post it online if unresolved, making it visible to search engines like Google. Claims filed through the PeopleClaim system are removed from posting when settled. Money back guarantee.
  • Notify regulators, watchdogs and media: $14.99. Your posted claim will be cc'd to relevant regulators, watchdogs, and media at the national, state, and/or local levels.
  • Claim delivery options: Choose email, US Postal Service, or public posting to get your claim to the other party.

    Email: Free. File to resolve up to 3 claims per month. Requires valid email address for the party you’re filing against.

    Regular mail: $4.99

    Certified regular mail: $11.99

    Priority Mail: $10.99

    Express Mail: $26.99

    Public Posting: $14.99. If you don't have a valid email address or PeopleClaim is unable to find one, a notice will be posted on the web inviting the party you're filing against to read and respond to your complaint. Full details will be published if no response is received after 10 days.

  • All-in-one value package: $25.00. Lets them know you’re serious. Combines public posting, copying your claim to regulators at a discount to help ensure your claim gets delivered, read, and responded to.
  • Frequent filer membership: $99.99. This annual membership allows you the public posting option free-of-charge on up to 30 claims per month (360 per year) for about what you'd pay for one posted claim per month.
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2. Consumer diligence and business information

While most consumers say online reviews influence their purchase decisions, unfortunately many review and rating sites contain information that’s unverifiable at best, and that can be (and is) manipulated. PeopleClaim provides multiple layers of diligence, from survey results, to specific claim details, to the ability to reach PeopleClaim claimants to vet product and service providers. Use of all PeopleClaim consumer diligence tools is free to the public.

  • PeopleClaim Reliability Ratings: Free. Reliability Ratings represent our opinion of how a business, professional, government agency, or other organization responds to complaints. High letter grades mean the organization responds to all PeopleClaims and resolves most of them (or it could mean there have been no PeopleClaims filed against them). Low grades mean a low resolution rate and/or failure to respond.
  • Posted PeopleClaims: Free. Reviewing the claim history on a company’s Business Page is an excellent way to drill downto identify recurring issues, compare vendors, and form an opinion based on non-anonymous authenticated information. Behind each one is a verifiable claimant who opted to have the complaint post publicly and has paid by credit card.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Free. Our newest information tool provides customer ratings for general satisfaction, quality of products or services, professionalism, responsiveness to complaints, value for money, willingness to recommend the business to a friend, and comments. Customers can express their experience easily, and the data, displayed in familiar 5-star format, gives a picture of how well the business is fulfilling customer expectations. While survey information is not as specific or verifiable as filed claims, satisfaction scores give a wider range of feedback, and include both positive and critical responses.PeopleClaim’s satisfaction surveys are available on more than 700,000 business, professional, and other profiles.
  • Direct communication with PeopleClaim claimants: Free. Subject to claimants' opt-in you can reach claimants through the PeopleClaim system to discuss their experience with vendors you’re evaluating. You can compare notes and share info, and pool resources to get claims resolved.

3. Free Customer Relationship Management & Online Reputation Enhancement

When complaints are discovered and resolved early, everybody wins. PeopleClaim provides businesses, professionals, and other organizations with powerful dispute-related customer relationship management (CRM) tools that help retain clients, avoid litigation, and enhance online reputation.

  • PeopleClaim Dispute Resolution: Free. Gives you the ability to respond to complaints from customers or vendors at no charge and negotiate fair and mutually satisfactory resolutions without lawyers or litigation risk. Use the PeopleClaim system to –

    - Accept a claimant’s proposed terms of settlement with agreement to hold you harmless.* Settling claims prevents or removes public posting of complaints, including all details.

    - Counteroffer with your own terms. Use the system as often as necessary to negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement privately with the claimant.

    - Reject claimant’s terms. Rejecting with a reason will help maintain your PeopleClaim Reliability Rating; rejecting with no explanation carries a rating penalty.

    - Request additional information, documentation or authentication from the claimant.

    * Consult your own legal counsel about indemnification and terms of settlement per PeopleClaim’s online agreement form.

    Note: Non-response to a claim filed through the system will result in a sequential downgrade of your PeopleClaim Reliability Rating in a roughly 5-day cycle, from A+ to F. Respondents are encouraged to respond promptly and constructively to all PeopleClaims filed against them and avoid unnecessary downgrades to their ratings.

  • Business and Professional Pages: Free. PeopleClaim maintains more than 1,100,000 online profiles for businesses, professionals, and other organizations.
    These pages contain –

    - Company profile. Your profile includes your mission and history; products, services, brands; size, officers and contacts, etc. Keeping your profile current, supplying missing information, and telling your unique story let you project an accurate picture of your organization.

    - Reliability Rating. Your Reliability Rating reflects PeopleClaim’s opinion of your responsiveness to claims filed against you through the PeopleClaim system. High scores come from responding constructively to all PeopleClaims and resolving as many as possible; low scores come from rejecting or ignoring claims. Constructive responses include accepting a claimant’s terms, making a counteroffer, rejecting a claim and giving a reason, and communicating with the claimant to clarify details or request more information. Responding to claims and settling claims can turn a low rating into a high one. By being attentive to claims your rating can be managed and maintained at a high level.

    - Customer satisfaction surveys. Customers’ experiences with the quality of your products or services, your professionalism, responsiveness to complaints, value for money, willingness to recommend the business to a friend, and general satisfaction, are shown via 5-star ratings. Any volunteered comments are also displayed. PeopleClaim publishes both positive and critical comments, and can help you turn critical comments into compliments through the survey process.

    - Complaint history. Unresolved PeopleClaims are listed on your business page. When claims are resolved they’re removed from public posting and disappear from your page. If any cannot be resolved to both parties’ satisfaction, your side of the story – including rebuttals, information and exhibits you’ve communicated during the claim process – will become a part of the record too, helping you to manage your online reputation.

  • Reliability Rating Badge: Free. If you’ve earned a high Reliability Rating (A+ to B+) you can display it at no cost on your own website to help give confidence to prospective customers and advance your online reputation. If the rating should fall below the A level, the badge will automatically default to a neutral symbol, like other symbols of affiliation you may have on your site. No letter-grade below A will ever appear on your site. (Or, if you prefer, you may easily remove the PeopleClaim symbol from your site with the controls we provide.)

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NEW: Online Trials This experimental service allows either side to a claim to put a case on trial, “crowdsource” solutions to the dispute, offer a bounty for best crowdsourced solution, and include advocates, mediators and other third parties to lend opinions and expertise. Trial participants and members of the public can vote for most appropriate resolution.

Social issues and controversies unrelated to claims can also be put on trial to gauge opinion and source creative solutions that can be voted on by the public. Learn more

*IMPORTANT: PeopleClaim is a public dispute resolution system, independent of the BBB, small claims court, or other dispute resolution services. PeopleClaim is not a law firm and does not provide legal services, opinions, or advice. PeopleClaim facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution and crowdsourced input on issues of fairness to help resolve complaints. Users should contact professional legal counsel on any matters of law or regulation regarding their claims. PeopleClaim does not review or evaluate the merits of claims submitted through its site, and users are solely responsible for all content filed in their claims.
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