Our Story

We created PeopleClaim because people should not have to pay thousands of dollars to resolve their disputes with businesses, landlords, employers, or anyone else who's treated them unfairly. Our mission is to create universal and equal access to justice by providing a low-cost, fast, and online dispute resolution alternative that anyone can use for any type of complaint or dispute – anywhere in the world. We can do this because PeopleClaim is a fairness-based system where we invite the public to help resolve cases that would otherwise require courts, lawyers, and complicated processes to settle.

We're also able to help resolve cases that would be too small or otherwise ineligible for conventional forms of justice. We have helped over 50,000 consumers and businesses gain access to justice — often for less than the cost of a venti cappuccino.

How you can participate

As a Claimant: Resolve any dispute.As a claimant on PeopleClaim you can file a claim against any business, professional, government agency, or individual, and engage them in our unique process of negotiated settlement. Our users have been able to recover damages, overcharges, get work completed, employment reinstated, and in some cases change corporate policy.
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As a Respondent: Settle claims and complaints quickly, constructively, and without lawyers or litigation / judgment risk. PeopleClaim helps businesses and other organizations identify problems and proactively settle fair claims while publicly responding to claims they disagree with. Most importantly, PeopleClaim can help you manage your reputation and retain customers by resolving disputes in accordance with public expectations for fairness and good business practices.

Online mediators: Our online mediator community lets anyone help resolve disputes by commenting on posted claims and offering solutions that help the parties reach a fair settlement. Mediators gain experience in negotiating cases, earn points(and cash in cases where the parties have contributed a settlement award for the best resolution), and can promote their professional affiliations. Our mediator community includes lawyers and professional mediators, judges, and ordinary people with a passion for justice.
Get a mediator profile — it's fun and you can some money.

Consumers: consumers and businesses can use details from unresolved claims to better assess product and service providers on the basis of non-anonymous, verifiable claims. See which providers have the most claims and for what issues. You can also contact claimants directly to discuss case details or offer help — subject to user opt-in.

How it works

If you need help resolving a dispute with any counterparty you can file your claim online then choose to keep it private or post it publicly if unresolved after 10 days. You can invite the mediation community to comment on the fairness of your claim and offer resolution suggestions to help convince the other party to settle it fairly and quickly. Claims take on additional significance when other parties join your claim or file similar claims against the same parties.

Public disclosure of claims helps engage the public, which in turn helps motivate a fair response and resolution. PeopleClaim works because increasingly businesses and other organizations are more motivated by maintaining a public reputation for fair dealing and responsiveness to consumer opinion than by technical law, courts, or fine-print loopholes.

Here's a video Geoff did that describes PeopleClaim.

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*IMPORTANT: PeopleClaim is a public dispute resolution system, independent of the BBB, small claims court, or other dispute resolution services. PeopleClaim is not a law firm and does not provide legal services, opinions, or advice. PeopleClaim facilitates peer-to-peer negotiation and resolution and crowdsourced input on issues of fairness to help resolve complaints. Users should contact professional legal counsel on any matters of law or regulation regarding their claims. PeopleClaim does not review or evaluate the merits of claims submitted through its site, and users are solely responsible for all content filed in their claims.
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