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Reassure America Life Insurance Company-Dispute-#1538977

K. A. vs. Reassure America Life Insurance Company
1275 Sandusky Road, Jacksonville, Texas, 62650-1155, United States
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"My brother had an insurance policy with this company since 1999. He told me I was the beneficiary. He died unexpectedly July 21, 2012. I contacted the insurance company on July 23 to file a claim. Ten days later I received 2 letters. The first was a letter saying I was not the beneficiary, the second was a claim form. Obviously I was extremely upset. In addition to losing my brother, I was told that the money he had specifically planned for me to have and had told me would be for me for so many years, was being denied to me. My brother was unemployed at the time of his death, had no insurance, and had been living with me for almost 20 years. I did some digging around in his papers and found a handwritten will specifically naming me as beneficiary of all insurance, as well as executor of any estate. So I filled out the claim form, wrote a lengthy letter explaining the situation with my brother, and sent copies of everything I had including the handwritten will. I sent the claim priority mail on 8/9/12. I was told it would take 7-10 days for them to process the claim.

Meanwhile, I went through the process of being named executor. The complication is that without the $25000 insurance (which would not be part of the estate if paid to a beneficiary) my brother had no estate. He had a total of $1780 in two small bank accounts and a 16 year old car. If the insurance were paid to an estate, I would be forced to go through the tedious and expensive process of probate. If the insurance were paid to me as beneficiary, there would be no estate to probate.

I called the insurance company several times and the supposed 7-10 days dragged on to 2 weeks. I was finally told that a letter was sent on 8/24 with a status of my claim. Essentially it took them over two weeks to review all my documentation and deny my claim. They sent me another claim form and said they required documentation that I was executor of the estate and that the insurance would be payable to the estate. Again, I was devastated. I would be unable to do as my brother wished with the insurance money. But I was still obligated to the funeral home for $3368 and I couldn't pay it myself. I am a retired senior on a fixed income. I had to get the insurance money to pay the funeral home.

So, working with the clerk of court, I went through the tedious process of getting waivers and bond release papers from my siblings, and getting 3 people to swear that the will was my brothers handwriting. I was finally named executor and the will was certified as my brother's last will and testament and was filed for probate. So I filled out and sent another claim with all the appropriate documentation. I talked to an estate lawyer, and he told me that since the will specifically named me as beneficiary of any and all insurance, the insurance company might see that as legal evidence and pay it to me.

I filed the second claim on 9/17/12. After 10 days, I called them on 9/27 for a status. I was told that the claim had been approved and a check would be sent on that day or on 9/28. I asked how it would be sent because I was nervous about a large check being sent in the mail. They told me it would be sent certified mail. I started watching for the letter to arrive on Monday, 10/1. It did not arrive Mon, Tues, Wed, or Thursday. At this point you can imagine my worry. In the mail on 10/4 was a notice from the funeral home which added 2 months of interest charges to the bill. So in addition to all the anguish over my brother's death and the expense and emotional stress of trying to probate the will that I shouldn't have had to do, I now had to worry about added interest charges.

On 10/4 I called the insurance company again to get a status. I was told that the check was mailed, regular mail, on 10/2. So once again, I had been lied to. Now, I have to worry about the check actually getting here. I don't trust the mail, so I will be forced to stay home and watch for the mail man every day until the check arrives. This is causing me severe stress, anguish and is ruining my life. I still don't know if the check is made to me as beneficiary or the estate. It is 10/4. My brother died on 7/21. So for 2 and a half months I have been going through agony, delays, lies and misinformation.

I feel like this insurance company should be severely punished for their behavior. People get life insurance to protect their families and loved ones. When a family member dies, the anguish of the death is upsetting enough. The insurance company should be sensitive to that and handle any claims quickly and efficiently. They should be professional, truthful and caring in the way they conduct business. Reassurance America Life Insurance Company has been none of those. I still don't know if I will receive the check in a timely manner. But I think the public should know about the bad practices of this company. Maybe I can help others to choose another company for their insurance needs so that they don't go through what I have been through.

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What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Recovery of Losses: Interest on funeral expenses Oct 19, 2012 $104.00
2. Estate costs Oct 19, 2012 $500.00
3. Other – Copy claim to regulators Oct 19, 2012 $9.95
4. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Oct 19, 2012 $7.95
5. Other – Physical delivery charges Oct 19, 2012 $8.95
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Claimant invites Reassure America Life Insurance Company to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
Cash total : $630.85
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Reassure America Life Insurance Company. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by G. Hu — Online mediator
  • On: 09-30-2013
  • I am having the same problems with this company. There was no issue of me being the beneficiary. The company told me I was beneficiary and would have my check in one week. That was two and a half months ago. The said they mailed in 8-16. Never received. They said they canceled the check on 9-5 and once they heard back from the bank that the check was canceled they would reissue the check. On 9-30 they are still claiming they haven't had confirmation from the bank so they cannot reissue the check. I have filed a complaint with the state department of insurance.
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