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Oakwood Homes / Clayton Homes-Dispute-#2923993

D. O. vs. Oakwood Homes / Clayton Homes
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    • Claimant Seeks: 1 non-monetary items.
    • Claim #: 2923993
    • Amount Involved: N/A
    • Filed On: Oct 28, 2011
    • Posted On: Nov 12, 2011
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a service
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"I bought a trailer on 6/2/2011 and I am still trying to get things done ( Randy Clark)
1.The hot water heater almost fell threw the floor ( they fixed it
2. The stove didn,t work they sent another one it didn,t work I waited and waited so I had to buy one myself
3. The walls in both bathroom are coming down they said they would fix them still waiting
4.The septic line is laying ontop of the ground
5. They have not insulated the bottom of the trailer
6. The heat does not work
7, The state inspector came down on 8/19 2011 (Larry Snodgrass 615-390-5166)
he would not pass it gave them until 9/19/2011 he said there was a list they had to fix
I called him twice has not return my call
8. I called Clayton homes talked to (Frank ) do not know last name he said he would take care of this he has not.
9.I can,t get insurance on the trailer until this is fix
I have called and called I am fed up with Oakwood and Clayton Homes I need something done It is getting cold and no heat
Thank you
Darlene Oldewurtel 423-487-5921"
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What By When How Much
1. Repair: fix all problems Nov 12, 2011 N/A
Non-cash: 1 items
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Oakwood Homes / Clayton Homes. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by Tim Glover — Online mediator
  • On: 07-12-2012
  • The only solution is to somehow make the PUBLIC aware of what is happening to mobile home owners ONLY. Check out Texas?
    Someone please help millions of Texans that are IGNORED and ABUSED because of the home they own and their lack of knowledge about correct and SAFE HVAC systems . In the situation I am trying to
    describe to you there is NO POSSIBLE WAY the words safe or effective can be used in anything TDLR A/C division can come up as an answer to why it is done at all?
    No possible way to use safe or efficient in any answers for over 35 facts that prove health hazards and guaranteed damages occur. The entire sabotage is covered with "it's OK. for mobile homes ONLY.

    With the TDLR A/C division being the backbone.
    With BOGUS LAWS that MAKE it legal to carry out makeshift, shoddy work, and installation of Air Conditioning in CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS of mobile homeowners ONLY.
    Those bogus laws make it very simple to HIDE BEHIND, ITS LEGAL, instead of FACING FACTS and PROOF of how wrong TDLR A/C division is.

    WRONG for EVER CONSIDERING the used method of A/C installation in mobile homes only. USE of improper installation (illegal anywhere else) that will GUARANTEED DESTRUCTION and HEALTH HAZARDS that TDLR A/C calls legal for mobile homes "only". AND "ONLY" MOBILE HOMES OF TEXAS.
    The incorrect installation of the Air Conditioning that TDLR has MADE LEGAL IS NOTHING BUT WRONG. In the cost of operation, health, unsanitary, five times as much
    electrical use, A/C equipment gets destroyed as results of the improper installation combine, up to 60% effientcy lost, excessive maintenance, mold and excessive dust control.Only NEGATIVES OCCUR. And every one of the 40 negatibves could be totally eliminated with ONE filter in the CORRECT PLACE instead of TWO in the warrenty breaking, WRONG PLACE. Placed directly on the faces of a set of "A" coils.
    LOOKS GOOD ON PAPER BUT IT IS ALL WRONG to allow this in ANY FAMILIES HOMES because of the guaranteed HARM that will occur.
    I can prove this to anyone.
    NOT ONE positive result from using the TDLR A/C divisions LEGALIZED, TAUGHT, and CORRUPT method for mobile homes only filtering can be found.


    THAT IS WHAT TDLR A/C division HAS DONE WITH BOGUS LAWS MADE to break codes and laws for just CERTAIN HOMEOWNING TAX PAYERS. The broken codes are for mobile homes ONLY. The codes that couild mean life or death. Definately the codes that PREVENT HARM all are forgotten for mobile homes only.

    This type of A/C installation IS NEVER considered for use ANYWHERE because of the SNOWBALL of PROVEN NEGATIVE EFFECTS and HEALTH HAZARDS.

    There is NO BENEFIT from it IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or, FORM when installed the TDLR, legal, for mobile homes ONLY method. I CAN PROVE THAT TO ANYONE.

    There is a GUARANTEED SNOWBALL effect of CREATED DAMAGES and CAUSED PROBLEMS that would NEVER OCCUR AT ALL or would take
    at LEAST 20 years to even exist or become a problem

    The problems and health hazards WOULD NOT EXIST AT ALL if installed correctly and the way filters are MADE and DESIGNED TO WORK, NORMAL... per codes that MAKE SENSE?
    JUST LIKE FILTERS ARE DESIGNED FOR AND USED everywhere else in the USA today? The TDLR destroys the word filtered with it's bogus method of sabotage.

    The problems that start immediatly after start up of unit are Problems that start snowballing and being very obvious "NORMAL" PROBLEMS that occur frequently after about 2 years of operation in the Legal for Mobile Homes Only BOGUS LAWS. NO ONE TELLS THE MOBILE HOME OWNER IT IS INSTALLED INCORRECTLY IS THE ONLY CAUSE OF ALMOST ALL Problems that are SNOWBALLING FROM THERE. The effects of NOT FILTERING the AIR FOR THE "AIR CONDITIONING". And that includes a snowball of health hazards also. I can PROVE THIS TO ANYONE.

    This picks out a certain group of people to KEEP segregated for the special sabotage to run on.

    This is something that BOGUS LAWS were MADE to COVER UP the breaking of THEIR OWN codes and laws for ALL OTHER RESIDENCES AND OFFICES in this state.

    This is something that EVERY STATE in the USA calls illegal including Texas. All other states say it is illegal EVERYWHERE. Tx says its OK to sabotage mobile home owners.

    I can supply over thirty five FACTS THAT PROVE this type of sabotage to homes environments is WRONG as per all STATES License and Regulations offices CODES
    and LAWS that have been MADE to PROTECT and SHOW THE TRUTH. TDLR HAS EVERY ONE OF THEM AND MANY MORE FACTS THAT SHOW WHY to NEVER install the A/C filtering and tie-in like what is called LEGAL in my families home.

    The EPA would never pass it if shown what it REALLY DOES to the environment. EPA is covered with quote: "we don't do inside air".
    It would NEVER pass a clean air act. And the EPA should be able to get involved with FACTS TO PROVE UNSAFE AIR in HOMES.

    I have searched to find just ONE good thing about the TDLD A/C divisions legalized, damage causing, incorrect use and installation of filters
    and tie-ins made of nothing but aluminum tape for HANGING DUCT for mobile homes only.

    There are several SCAM RELATED reasons that endanger environments and RUIN EQUIPMENT by incorrect use of the VERY BASICS of the HVAC System.
    Clean Air in and Clean Air out is BASICLLY # ONE and #TWO. NEITHER OF THESE CAN or EVER WILL be achieved with the TDLR's
    legalized and taught method for mobile homes only.

    PLEASE ASK ANY HVAC SCHOOL how important clean air is for the equipment and it's environment. The equipment of the air handler gets NO FILTERING AT ALL.
    Dirty air passes over all coil loops and moist metal BEFORE it ever comes close to a filter.

    It is a SCAM. To SWINDLE A SCAM that just goes to show you what a democracy can pull off with the right people knodding heads to things they have NO IDEA about how NEGATIVE it will be in the long run. If it sounds good when describing the income it WILL CREATE? Now is the LONG RUN and there is more PROOF OUT THERE than anyone wants. The TDLR has not been able to come up with ONE IDEA or OPINION to DISPUTE these facts about THEIR SABOTAGE set-up.
    All the FACTS are showing it as SABOTAGE so that's why I say NOT "ONE IDEA" to show any possibly good reason to do it. Even from the TDLR statewide FACTS PROVE THEM WRONG SO THEY SHUT UP... and legalize it? BECAUSE THEY CAN?

    EVERY COMPANY who gives honest answers says :It is done this way to CREATE AND CAUSE problems.

    This is all PROVABLE in ANY COURT. And to ANYONE including the TDLR A/C division who ALREADY knows it VERY WELL..
    TDLR ignores it to keep it hidden.

    The ONE reason ANYONE has been able to come up with for the incorrect use of filters is to GUARANTEE to CAUSE AND CREATE
    DAMAGES to the ENTIRE HVAC system.

    The TDLR A/C division has made BOGUS LAWS to IGNORE FACTS.

    Lots of GOOD FACTS, not opinions, that PROVE the TDLR A/C division knows it is WRONG and that it would NEVER
    PASS inspection in Texas or any place in this country. Simply because of the PROVEN negatives that are GUARANTEED to OCCUR from it.

    Lots of ignoring facts about the "guaranteed" health hazards that are "CREATED" by simply saying it is legal in mobile homes only in Texas.

    Our state or our nation should NOT DEPEND on how much it can SCAM its citizens out of. A wrong that is dishonorable
    to all should not be allowed to be commited by ANY PART of our government. Not a nation like the USA.

    My main question now is : WHY can PROVEN scams be allowed to CONTINUE?
    Very provable guaranteed health hazards, Very provable sabotage to environment. Very provable destruction of the AC system and every component of it.
    WHY is SET UP DESTRUCTION LEGAL in mobile homes ONLY and ONLY in Texas? It is not the materials used. It is ONLY incorrect installation that
    CAUSES AND CREATES SABOTAGE to occur and guarantees DAMAGES to occur from it.

    TDLR A/C division looked at my A/C in 2001 for non stop complaints of very excessive dust that had been going on since move-in of home.
    In 2000 it is on the walk through papers that "something is wrong" with A/C. Excessive dust not just a little.

    TDLR decided that it was LEGAL to NOT use filters like they are designed and BUILT FOR.
    NOT ONE seal or filter rack for either of the two filters needed EVERY TWO WEEKS

    That means EVERY INCH of the air handler and ENTIRE air intake area is COVERED IN DUST.
    NONE of this would happen for OVER 20 YEARS instead of every two weeks like TDLR A/C scam SETS IT UP for SABOTAGE .

    TDLR's total answer for years of complaing about it to Clayton Homes, Action Aire, and TDLR about a massive dust problem that would Not Go Away?
    It's LEGAL solved it all for everyone back in 2001. I still called with complaints for years. All of this dust was legal because incorrect filter usages had been
    MADE LEGAL by BOGUS LAWS that allowed it.
    In 2001 I could not go any further than the TDLR to see if something is installed and operating correctly when I questioned the filter placement in 2001.
    TDLR said it was legal in 2001. We lived in constant dust from then on. Or what we and all others
    thought was dust.

    In 2010 while working on other parts of the A/C I accidently found that the MOST IMPORTANT piece of duct work was totally missing.
    It is the Tie-In. The short piece of "special metal" to cross over from the air handler to the intake of the ENTIRE duct system.

    This completely missing connections void covered with nothing but strips of tape and surrounded by insulation. That piece missing is the metal used to connect the air handler to Hanging duct work. WHERE THE WIND HITS THE DUCTWORK THE HARDEST AND FASTEST...

    When I found the true cause of the CONSTANT DUST. It WAS INSULATION PARTICLES. NOT DUST. TDLR would not let me file a complaint
    against Clayton Homes. The CULPRITS that left out the MOST IMPORTANT peice of duct work and covered it with STRIPS OF TAPE and insulation.
    The TDLR said I must prove filters are wrong first. So I did.
    And can still PROVE TDLR A/C division WRONG about it ALL OF IT. Anywhere, anytime, and to ANYONE.

    I have over 35 facts to prove why to "never install filters" the way TDLR A/C division TEACHES and has "made" legal for mobile homes only. All reasons
    with guaranteed negative results for the homeowner. Results that are provable sabotage to the HVAC unit and health. All from simply misplacing and misusing
    A/C filters like TDLR A/C teaches people to do and "use" for mobile homes "only". I can prove it to anyone.

    TDLR CAN NOT give themselves or anyone else just "ONE" reason. NO ONE in this world can give a good reason to do it the way TDLR A/C
    I was never a chance to file suit against the company that did the tie-in of duct work in a deadly way.
    I proved the missing tie-in wrong with photos and anything needed by anyone. I did and still can PROVE the filters are NOT used correctly at all.
    They are used more like weapons on the A/C because of the destruction CAUSED.
    The filters are NOT being USED in any way they are DESIGNED or MADE FOR.

    AS IS PER TDLR's "It's OK IN MOBILE HOMES ONLY" It does nothing but CREATE and CAUSE GUARANTEED health hazards and damages.
    The answer for all of this "IT'S LEGAL". ?

    This is not legal in Texas zoos because it CONTAMINATES the controled enviornments of ANIMALS. It is not legal in any home or office in Texas.
    The missing tie-in that was CAUSING insulation dust to be present 24/7 should not be part of a states cover up FOR LEGALIZED, SHODDY, MAKESHIFT work habits

    Texas allows it to happen and has MADE IT LEGAL for a few segregated millions of Texans. The poorest, the elderly, LATINOS, BLACKS, and WHITES.
    It is called a LAW for mobile homes ONLY. It would "never pass" a REAL EPA examanation. The EPA says "it's NOT OUR JOB".
    It could "never be presented" as something that fits into "any" Clean Air Act. It would NEVER be ALLOWED in your home or office or THEIRS.

    The completely missing tie-in that was called legal in mobile homes only is "DEADLY". SPECIAL LAWS that are able to OMIT
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