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R. N. vs. For All Your Renovations
8155 148A St, Surrey, British Columbia, V3S 7J5, Canada
Amount Involved: $100.00
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    • Claimant Seeks: 3 non-monetary items.
    • Claim #: 1558306
    • Amount Involved: 100.00
    • Filed On: Sep 14, 2015
    • Posted On: Sep 25, 2015
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"On July 14th, 2015 we hired a contractor named Byron from For All Your Renovations to come and do tiling for our 4 washroom walls and floor. We had given him an initial cheque for $1000 and it was cashed by the name of Britny Nath on July 16th, 2015. A few days later, Byron came and started the 3 wash rooms, and the main washroom was the last one. He removed the toilet to begin the back wall and once completed, he had received the remaining money in cash because he told us that if we had given him a cheque, he would add tax on it.

On August 22nd, 2015 we noticed that our ceiling downstairs had bulged from a water leak, directly under the main washroom. We poked a tiny hole to drain the water out. The next day we called Byron to come and take a look at the main washroom but he insisted that it was either the sink or the bathtub causing the leak. He made a hole 24 inches in diameter when he did arrive to investigate the leak, a week later. He also told us not to use the toilet and only bathtub. For 1 week we used only the bathtub and sink but it was never leaking, so we started to use the toilet again and notice that toilet started to leak again after a few hours. Once we noticed it started to leak again, we inspected the toilet and saw that it wasn't positioned straight. So we called Byron again and told him the situation. He came by again to reposition the main washroom toilet and we noticed that the toilet wasn't sealed properly. Byron insisted once again that it wasn't the toilet which had caused the leak since he had place a new seal on it that last time he took it apart to do the tiling. However, when Byron removed the toilet, it was evident that he had not placed a new seal on it the previous time. Since then it hasn't been leaking but there is still a hole in our ceiling that hasn't been fixed. We called Byron again and he said that we have to wait for another week until it starts to leak again. Our ceiling has since then not been repaired and Byron hasn't came back to even check. It seems like he doesn't want to take the responsibility for his own mistakes. We don't have his email address but only the phone number. His name is Byron. Ph# 778-549-9119"
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  • 08-22-2015 — When the leak was first noticed on the ceiling early morning
  • 07-17-2015 — When the tiling began. Was finished about end of the month
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and For All Your Renovations Hide
  • Sep 26, 2015, For All Your Renovations (responding party) added:
  • I started working on the 13th of July. Installing tiles on the wall behind the toilet & the wall in front of the toilet. I didn’t install floor tiles. I changed pipes for water & all the seals on the toilet. I finished on the 20th of July. There were no complaints. They didn’t contact me for the rest of the month. They hired someone else to do laminate flooring. After that was completed they had a gathering at their house. On August.10th the owner told me that there was a leak in the ceiling. On August.11th I checked the bathroom. I told them that the leak wasn’t from the toilet. On the 14th of August he told me that the ceiling was still leaking & that I had caused the problem. On August 17th I went by, telling them that they had to be there to witness that I was going to pull the toilet out. It was 4:30pm the owner’s son was there, I pulled the toilet out, re installed it & doubled sealed it, showing the son that there was no leak. At 5:30pm Vinod Narayan was back from work. They said everything was okay & that they were going to call someone else to fix the leak. On August 21st, the owner said the seal was leaking, asking me if I could fix the leak. I went there the next day, I said the toilet is not leaking & seal is not leaking & asked him what to do. The owner Vinod Nayaran told me, if I could cut the ceiling out downstairs. I had cut the ceiling out in the size of 12x12 that had occurred on Sept.14th. There was no leak from the toilet seal. When he flushed the toilet, it was not leaking but the pipe was leaking & I told him that he had to call someone else to fix the problem. From better bureau’s on Sept.16th I had received a complaint from Mrs.Narayan saying that there was something wrong with the ceiling. I had talked to Mr.Narayan on Sept.17th, mentioning to them that I was out of town & that I would be back on the 19th. I went there on the 21st & I did not want to argue, I fixed the pipe, put a patch on the ceiling & I covered it was dry wall compound. I had went back on the 23rd & I put a second layer of dry wall compound. On the 24th I went back & sanded the area. On the 25th I went by & I sprayed the area with a machine. That day there were two ladies at home & I told Roselyn Narayan to sign a piece of paper to show that I had finished my work. She refused to sign it. May god bless workers with this kind of customers -Byron

  • Oct 02, 2015, For All Your Renovations (responding party) added:
  • On Sept 22nd,2015 Byron came to fix our ceiling. He had came by for 30 minutes. He put up the drywall and patched it. He told us that he would be back on Thursday to sand it down. On Thursday Sept 24th he came in the morning and started to sand the ceiling. It wasn't leveled properly so he had resealed it again and told me that he would come by on Friday morning to finish sanding and also spray paint the ceiling. On Friday Sept 25th, Byron had came and completed his job. Once finished, he came to me and asked me to sign a hand written paper stating that he had completed his job. I went to take a look at the bedroom and noticed that it wasn't done to my expectation. I told him that once my father in law comes home and inspects the ceiling, I will sign the paper. But he was being very agitated about it and kept saying that whoever wrote him up on Better Business Bureau has to sign the form immediately and that there is nothing more to inspect. So I told him to wait, so I could call my mom and ask her to take a look at it. Once she did, she too said that we will not sign it because it is not done properly. The ceiling wasn't painted properly and you could still see the water marks. Afterwards, he started to get very angry and talked about how in our religion, people don't do all this stuff and so on. He asked us how come we didn't bring up the fact that he did the tiling all around the house. We told him that it wasn't an issue. When all said and done, he was offering the $100 cash to us. We told him that we didn't want it. We took photos of the ceiling after it was complete as well as before it was done. Now we have to get another contractor to come and redo the ceiling because it looks very un-professional. As to his remark about, how he wishes on god bless workers with customers like us, I really hope people take a look at his work and see what kind of job he really does before blaming other people and making lies about his complaint on here. Byron really needs to get his facts straight before saying anything.

What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
1. Repair: Painting our ceiling Sep 26, 2015 N/A
2. Replace: the drywall on the ceiling Sep 26, 2015 N/A
3. Complete project: Recheck the whole washroom and ceiling before completing the drywall so that it doesn't leak again Sep 26, 2015 N/A
1. Damages: Ceiling Repair Sep 26, 2015 $100.00
2. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Sep 26, 2015 $7.99
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Claimant invites For All Your Renovations to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
Cash total : $107.99
Non-cash: 3 items
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from For All Your Renovations. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Contributed Solution: by Curious Joseph On 07-31-2017
    Number one do not mention peoples real names on this website. If you mention mind I will sue you. Have you learned nothing? Number one it doesn't matter whose name the check was cashed under I'm very surprised you even got him to come back. What have you learned? Well I hope you should've known that three or four washrooms of tile for $1000 is too More...
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