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Warrior for Truth and Voice for Justice
Consumer Advocate, Industry Expert/Consultant, Public mediator/negotiator

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About Rebecca

Hi all,

Love this site and I hope that if nothing else it remains a great platform to vent frustration and smear the names of those that deserve it.

I'm in Central Arizona, have an incredibly diverse background and can't stand liars, cheaters, thieves and frauds!

If I can be of assistance to anyone, feel free to ask. 

All my best,


Knows about
  • Arts & entertainment

    Actor, Associate Producer, Assistant Director, Set Design, Editor, Model, Event Coordinator, Fund Raising

  • Automotive

    Ten years new GMC, Chrysler, Mazda, Land Rover and used car sales experience

  • Civil rights / discrimination

    Advocate for persons w/disabilities, ability to navigate the EEOC filing process and pro se experience, federal court

  • Media / publishing / journalism

    Advertising sales, writing and editing golf magazine

  • Real estate

    Held Arizona Licence, home sales and timeshare sales experience

  • Social work / advocacy

    Former vocational rehabilitation job coach, job development and placement specialist for disabled and at risk placements

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Jul 14
Rebecca posted a suggestion on a claim vs. Dentfirst.

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