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J.L. vs. Solo Web Solutions

Solo Web Solutions designs don't work. Does not know what she is doing. Fraud

Love's Labradors vs. Solo Web Solutions
Box 1594, Roseburg, Oregon, 97470-0364, United States
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    • Claim #: 1081957
    • Amount Involved: 10,000.00
    • Filed On: Apr 13, 2017
    • Posted On: Apr 24, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a service
      • Problem with a product
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"In 2011, I began doing business with Cheryl Smith with Solo Web Solutions. She professes she is a web designer company. I liked the design but years later have found out by other experts reviewing her work that the design does not work and never has. In 2013, I was fortunate to advertise on and this brought my position up with Google to the top. My business was better but I kept asking her to make regular changes to keep it up there and to make certain it remained there. Summer 2016, ebayclassfieds closed. Then the truth surfaced. My website was not working. She admitted as well that it was ebayclassifieds advertising that had me on top. I asked her to please make changes, find out why this is so bad and please find a solution. She found she had not placed a key component in my header that Google acknowldges >h1<. I paid for this to be done and she still to date has not done it. I gave her multiple chances to make things right. I don't know if she is not willing to buy extra software or what. She never mentioned how important my site be mobile friendly when experts latesly have shared with me that becmae #1 key issue with Google 2 years ago. Google said 5 years ago it was important but as of 2 yrs ago it was #1. Ss I complained I was not getting visability with search engines she gave up and said I had to go to a search engine expert. I had to also go to a SEO expert. She claims she designs but it doesn't have to work........what? I spent over $5k with her over the years on my website and the experts did reports on my website and it shows what she did never did a damn bit of good for me. My sending flyers out at additional costs and ebayclassifieds was the only way I got a return on my investment. She owes me my money back. She claims she is a professional and knows what she is doing on her site but epxerts tell me she is a fake and a fraud."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Solo Web Solutions Hide
  • Apr 24, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Been a bit delayed in responding as I have had to make changes in my lifestyle and business due to the lack of business which I can track back to the lack of work Cheryl performed on my website.

    I have gained evidence in many areas that a sound web developer would not have missed but Cheryl did. Technology does not lie.

    In the last year I was crying the woes in the numbers of responses to my website unlike than when I had ads on ebay classifieds. Cheryl's response was change the search engines which I found out she did not do many of my suggestions and nor did she copy me with the changes. She also lacked meta tags and best used meta tags associated with my business. But more importantly, I am paying her to add links, add pages and she should've come back with me saving money in those areas and instead spending it on mobile friendly. She claimed to me in writing that mobile friendly was new. It was a direction Google made 5 years ago and 2 years ago a must. All the work I paid for her to do for sometime now was a waste due to 1st thing that should've been done was mobile friendly to my website.

    Also, the H1 headers she NEVER did this entire time with my website. That is a HUGE mistake per Google and she had not done it or noticed she had not done H1 all this time since 2011.

    Cheryl placed in writing to me she agreed it was ebay classifieds ads that did it for me to place me on the top with Google in many search engines. CHERYL I HAVE THAT IN WRITING FROM YOU!!!! It as then I realized she had never done much for me in making certain the design of the website worked. But Cheryl also said she designs and it is not her job to make it work....what?

    The truth on social media might hurt but it is the truth. Cheryl either make an offer to pay me back my hard earned money I paid you for work that was not directed in the right place nor looks like it ever worked OR I will be filing with small claims court and this site People Claim will broadcast this out via social media.

    Consumers deserve to know that you don't know what you are doing, claim you do and still take the money.

    Jana Love

  • May 06, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Dear Cheryl with Solo Web Solutions,

    Once again you are sooooo very wrong. And you call yourself a Christian and go to weekly Bible Study?

    You were NOT just hired for web development and updating. Are you delusional???? I have 3 reports from experts
    in your same field that shows all that you have NOT done for me.

    My recent web developer has submitted me a report for all that you claim you had done and did not do. You were paid
    for work to be done and perhaps updating was done BUT you were to handle SEO work, to cover search engines that were pertinent
    to my industry and based on what I saw that you had as my search engines as of late I am more upset...........we walked thru back in the Fall
    in what search engines needed to be on there as I was not on these pages at all and you did not make those changes as a report shows this.
    Technology does not let one down. Google Analytics from Day one for my site back in 2011 shows all for what you did not do for me and my website.
    One you don't know what you are doing, you profess in knowing your craft and the reports show you don't know what you are doing and once I did not have
    Ebay Classifieds to advertise on last Summer it shows dramatically in what you NEVER did for me.

    Cheryl, you can't hide your head under the sand as I am not going away. I have reports that prove my claims!!!!! You have a choice to pay half the $10,000
    or I will be filing against you in Small Claims Court next week. If you are unable to work this out thru BBB, they then lower your rating, they post that it was
    unresolved along with all of the communication and it stands on the Internet for 3 you want that?

    Cheryl, I was on the phone with you back in January and you noticed you had never done H1 tags and you said you had missed that way back in 2011 and that is
    very important to Google............and I paid you time to get that done, you didn't do it and instead loaded in health clearances. Seriously?

    You claim updating was done....but was that best money spent on my end? Mobile friendly became important 5 years and as of 2 years ago mandatory. You NEVER
    shared this importance to me and back a month ago you claimed it was something new...hmmmmm, 5 yrs and 2 yrs is new to you? Instead of spending the money like
    I did with you in the last 2 years, it should've been spent on redeveloping my website for mobile friendly but you NEVER directed me to do so. I lack the knowledge
    to tell you what to tell me and you get paid to be of that knowledgeable web developer to advise me when I need to do things or not. Especially when
    I am crying that no one is calling my phone number from my website and my name is nowehere to be found per search engines.

    You wronged me Cheryl. I am not going away......make the choice make ammends and pay the $5000 or see you in court.

    Jana Love
    Love's Labradorsur message here

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Compensation: Reimbursement for web services Apr 28, 2017 $5,000.00
2. Payment due: web services that were not done Apr 28, 2017 $5,000.00
3. Other – Copy claim to regulators Apr 28, 2017 $14.99
4. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Apr 28, 2017 $14.99
5. Other – Physical delivery charges Apr 28, 2017 $4.99
Cash total : $10,034.97
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided

    "I first worked with Jana Love in early 2011. Ms. Love approached me to develop a website for her business, Love's Labradors. It was an extensive site and was developed exactly to her specifications, including creating a logo. She was charged $300.00, which is in alignment with my basic website price point. I set up Google Analytics and Google Places and she was given the login information which would require and equip her to track the traffic to her site.

    Since developing her site, Ms. Love has called upon me on a regular basis to make updates to her site, as well as create flyers, which were completed at the rate of $25/hour. Though the hourly rate was increased over time for new clients, Ms. Love was kept at the original hourly rate in consistency with my customer retention values.

    Ms. Love has been pleased with the work and has praised the site and my services many times. Ms. Love offered feedback on multiple occasions that the site was ranking well, which was great because no time was devoted specifically to optimizing her site. As stated, Ms. Love hired my services for web development and content updates.

    In February 2015 I suggested to Jana that she convert her site to WordPress. Though it would require a complete reworking of her site, the advantage would far outweigh the cost. It would have eliminated the need to pay someone else to update the content, thus saving her money in the long run. She declined, saying she chose not to spend her money that way, and that she preferred to pay me to make changes to her site. This failure to change meant that her site was becoming obsolete and that would be reflected in the site’s accessibility by users on their computers, tablets or smart phones.

    Ms. Love had become notoriously slow in paying her bills. She would promise that payments were forthcoming but weeks would go by and no money arrived. Often times when it did, it was only part of what was promised. During these times, I would not hear from Ms. Love about her site, nor was my company providing any services or monitoring any aspects of the site.

    It became routine for Ms. Love to contact me via phone, email, or text at all hours demanding attention. I attempted to set boundaries and require her to send emails only and to be clear that I was not available in the evenings nor on Sundays. The chaos of working with Ms. Love and trying to meet her expectations became exceedingly difficult and we stopped working together the end of 2015.

    In April 2016, Ms. Love contacted me and asked to resume my services. An agreement was reached with the stipulation that she pay what she owed ($250.00 outstanding for a year’s time) and that all new work be prepaid prior to service delivery. I received payment June 17, 2016, nearly two months later, and we began working together again.

    In the fall of 2016, Ms. Love told me her site was no longer indexed on the first page of Google. It was determined that Love’s Labradors’ ranking had come primarily from advertising with eBay Classifieds. When eBay Classifieds ceased to exist, her rankings dropped respectively and predictably.

    Ms. Love and I discussed SEO (search engine optimization) and I made suggestions as to how she could increase the Google ranking. There are 200 data points for ranking in Google and many people vying for those positions. It requires constant attention to stay high in the rankings, and still no one can honestly promise that page one results can be achieved or maintained. In addition, there are many other factors involved in the success of a business, which are unrelated to the internet.

    When Ms. Love’s sales dropped, she assumed that the website design was solely responsible and that the site itself deliberately detracted from her business. Ms. Love mistakenly reports that she was denied SEO services, but she did not contract for, nor hire me in that capacity. I was very clear with Ms. Love that SEO is not a service provided under the current agreement, nor was it a specialty of mine.

    In the winter of 2016, I was given a large project to add 6-8 clearances for each of 10-12 dogs on the Love’s Labrador website. Ms. Love felt this would be useful information for potential clients. This was in addition to ongoing updates to the site. Time was allotted between those projects and a focus began on SEO for her site. I spent a month working on SEO and sent documents to her showing the progress that was being made. Though there was growth, it was not meeting the needs of Ms. Love’s business. I urged Ms. Love to hire someone who specializes in SEO. She said she knew of someone that she would contact. I have no way of knowing if Ms. Love followed through with this task.

    I completed the projects of adding clearances to the website and updates and sent her a final statement for $100.00 dated February 27, 2017. At this point, Ms. Love had used up the money she had prepaid. In an act of good faith and to support her insistence that the site was her sole means of income, I relaxed my stance in order to allow the site to get updated and give Ms. Love time to create income. To date, I have not received payment for that statement. It is now nearing 60 days overdue.

    Ms. Love hired me to develop a website for her, which was completed to her exact specifications for $300.00, the lowest price-point for a basic site. Ms. Love asked for updates to the site over the course of six years, which were completed. I responded quickly to her requests and completed work in a timely manner.

    On or about April 13, 2017, Ms. Love began sending emails and texts that were hostile, abusive and highly unprofessional. She began threatening me and making accusations that her decline in business was a direct result of SEO and that she expected recourse and demanded I remedy the situation. Her accusations and hostility became public via social media and through her filed complaint with

    It is alarming and appalling that Ms. Love has made such outrageous and defaming accusations about the quality and scope of the work she has received. To be clear, the failures of her site are not due to any neglect, bad faith or lack of services on my part. Her site’s failures are the result of her not hiring an SEO expert to remedy her ranking situation independent of the work she hired me for. While it is a layman’s falsehood that web design includes every aspect of a site’s performance, it is, in fact, untrue.

    This is a very unfortunate situation; however, there is no reason for me to return money to her for work that was within the scope of our agreement and well over 6 years old. Nor is there any reason for her to add on $5,000 for “services that were not done.” Ms. Love saying I owe her for not getting her site on the first page, is an unrealistic expectation even under the best of circumstances.

    My expectation is that this claim be dropped immediately and that Ms. Love be required to cease and desist any and all false defamation she is conducting on line. Should you require, I am able to provide extensive email and other correspondence between Ms. Love and myself spanning the time frames that I serviced this account. I am confident that will support the response to Ms. Love’s accusations and find the claim without merit. Ms. Love has full access to her site and can expect that all future dealings with Solo Web Solutions will cease and that her $100.00 arrears is written off as a loss.

    Cheryl L Smith
    Solo Web Solutions"

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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  • Contributed Solution: by Forrest Peters On 04-27-2017
    Claimant continued to work with Solo for 6 years and is not entitled to a refund for work performed. If Solo forgives client's unpaid invoice and releases the site entirely to claimant, will claimant agree to remove negative comments and move on? More...
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  • Contributed Solution: by Raven Tyler On 04-25-2017
    The cost back to the claimant should be 5,014.99 to cover the reimbursement of the services and the cost of the claim posting. More...
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