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New Deal Furniture credit department, sales, managers-Dispute-#2209594

L. V. vs. New Deal Furniture Credit Department, Sales, Managers
7130 Gateway Blvd E, El Paso, Texas, 79915, United States
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    • Claim #: 2209594
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    • Filed On: Dec 18, 2012
    • Posted On: Dec 29, 2012
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Contract / Agreement / Promise dispute
      • "I just feel ripped off."
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"I bought furniture on March 17, 2012. At that time my sales contract went to 3 different creditors 2 to GE Credit and 1 other to a finance company, I bought the furniture on a promotion they were running stating no interest. I bought over $3500.00. They requested that I give them a copy of my check. I asked do you have a comptuer and I can give it to you right now, I was given a computer and I printed a copy of my check. The saleperson got it from the printer and gave it to the office clerk doing my paper work. My furniture was delivered and I was missing my small items I purchased. Later on the salesman came to deliver them and I got the show room lamp which had a little damage, but when it costs $300.00 I expected a new lamp. When I called to see if my lamp was in I got a lot of run arounds. I spoke to different people from the showroom manager in fact I talked to 2-3 managers, office warehouse manager, office manager. After about 2 months still nothing was resolved, my salesman was not at work all this time. Then a collection lady called me to see why I had not given them a copy of my check I told her that at the time of purchasing I gave it to the clerk. Well she asked if I could get them another and she gave me a clerk's named Jenifer's email at New Deal and of coure I emailed it to her. Some time passed and the credit manager Laura called my reference #1 , but did not answer so she called reference #2 my brother and she told him I was delinquent on my account and that I did not fullfill my requirements and that if I did not pay they were going to come and pick up my furniture. I was so upset by this time that I called her and I asked her why she had called if it was not my fault they had such a bad way of doing their business. I asked her have you send me a bill?, have you called me?, NO they just thought they would get my attention if they called and bothered my refereces (which caused a terrible argument cause my brother called my sisters to tell them they were going to come for my furniture cause I was delinquent). By June I went out of town for 2 months. When I came back my salesman called me and I talked to him about all that was going on starting with my lamp, he also told them why they were bothering me since I had and he was my witness that I gave them a copy of my check and I also emailed Jennifer a copy of one as well. Well he came and brought me my lamp after 6 months and I gave him another copy of my check. I assume it was already too late to submit my other portion of my purchase to the finance company so they have been bothering me. I was at work I my phone rang it was Patricia from collections and right away she started talking to me very stern. She asked my why I had not paid I asked her have you send me a bill or statement? She said NO, but you know you owe it so why haven't you paid as I could not explain anymore as I am a teacher and had students I told her I was going to call her later. After school I called her and asked her if she had my account if it had any notations as she said NO, I just started working and they said to call and collect from you. I told her to go see why I had not paid and she said she did not know anything just that she was tolkd to call me and demand payment. On December 9th Enrique the collector came and I guess he thought he was going to pick up my stuff. As soon as I started with my story he remembered me and I told him I would start making payments. On Monday 12-17 I called to make a payment and they accepted the payment. Later on I got 3 calls from the automated system that is was urgent for me to call. I called and the girlstated that the automated system was out of order. Today, 12-18 again I got 2 calls so I called and spoke with Enrique and he stated that I had to pay the account in full or I had to go to the store and sign a contract. I told him I would never step foot in that store again. If I bought the furntiure with a promotion of no interest on the purchase. Now after 9 months they are still giving me problems if not one thing it is another, The fact is the people runing the office do not know how to function correctly or they do not know what they are doing. Like I told my saleman I can afford to just be giving out copies of my check as it contains other personal information. What happened to the first one I left and the one that I emailed to the office clerk. My other 2 account are fine I am paying without any problems. As a matter of fact I tried called John Falvy, the owner to explain what is going on with the office. He never answered any of my calls nor did he returned my messages I left him. Three friends that have bought furniture there warned me not to do business with them because I was going to regret their service, man how I wish I would have listed. The saleman was very friendly and helpful sorry I can't say that about the office, credit, collections department. As I remind them I fulfilled my obligation as far as the credit requirement were. They are the ones that failed to fulfill their duties and now they want to make me the bad guy. They want a contract and charge me interest because they did not do their job correctly. I want the owner to know what kind of job his office staff is doing and how badly they behave."
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1. Apology: I want an apology and write off my balance off due to their fault Jan 02, 2013 N/A
Just make me happy!
Claimant invites New Deal Furniture credit department, sales, managers to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from New Deal Furniture credit department, sales, managers. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by Alan — Online mediator
  • On: 01-09-2013
  • Or just send them a copy/link to your claim here. I understand you probably don't need to spend a lot more time on this since they- the collections people seems pretty disorganized. Jennifer is correct in that you have certain rights under the unfair collections act and they may be in violation, but its hard to say without knowing more details. It sounds like you have done the best you can to comply with your obligations given that the lamp was damaged etc.

    Good luck
  • Comment: by Jennifer Sheehy — Online mediator
  • On: 01-05-2013
  • Because it seems from your claim that you may have been referred to some form of collections department or company in regards to a bill that you believed your had some form of financing or payment arrangement on, perhaps a letter written to all of the parties involved (the furniture company in general and all the departments you have dealt with, if it is a separate collections company, etc.) will assist you in this situation. You had rights under various federal debt collection laws. Here, you should write a certified letter, indicating the information you have laid out here, and requesting information and validation of the financing you applied for.
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