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S.L. vs. Marco Kozlowski

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Guru of Fraud Marco Kozlowski

S. L. vs. Marco Kozlowski
710 Thompson Ave, Maitland, Florida, 32751-5321, United States
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    • Claim #: 5052719
    • Amount Involved: 50,000.00
    • Filed On: Aug 29, 2017
    • Posted On: Sep 09, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • "I just feel ripped off."
      • Bad business practices
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"In mid-2015, I decided to work with Marco Kozlowski after attending his boot camp and joined his silver package, which cost me around to $25,000. After joining, I had a hard time getting the mentoring that I paid for from his coaches/mentors for long periods and when I would get someone they would change frequently and would disappear. I tried to get in touch with Marco but he did not respond.

In June 2016, I again met up with Marco in Toronto during another one of his seminars and expressed our displeasure and he came up with a sob story saying of how he was targeted by the media and all his consultants and partners all bailed on him and that he would keep to his promise and work with me directly which never happened. Instead he put me in touch with another of his coaches who too left as Marco owed him money.

I was interested in investing Assisted Living facilities (ALFs), so I approached Marco again that I were seeking an ALF expert to mentor me and and he stated that he is an ALF expert and would help me out if I could commit to paying him for 3 months in an email dated September 27, 2016. On October 4, 2016 Marco again contacted me repeating that if I work with him, I would earn enough revenue to cover his fees. He also stated that he has a private lender who can fund our deals and we have to bring zero money down to the table. We later found out he has no idea on how an ALF operates or has any idea on the licencing requirements and due diligence that is required to acquire an existing ALF. He even had no idea on how to structure contracts for purchasing an ALF which caused me more monetary expenses when I used his so called accurate contracts to acquire ALFs.

I paid Marco the 4 months of mentoring but I did not receive any revenue from any of his mentoring services. Part of his mentoring included me to come to his Success Reflex classes at his home in Maitland, FL where it would be like a boot camp and I would walk away with some great deals. I did attend his Success Reflex twice hoping to make some revenue but nothing came through from them and these trip costs me more money. I became suspicious as it didn’t make sense why I was losing out on all my offers after the price has been agreed on and the contract is being written and sent to be reviewed by Mr Kozlowski when finally, it came to our attention through an agent that he was going behind our backs and acquiring the deals I had worked so hard on putting together after investing more than 10 hours a day on researching, calling and negotiating deals and to find out they were being stolen by the same person who is supposed to assist me in acquiring them and secured them for himself with other students whom were ready to partner with him and receive 1/3rd of the profits is NOT fair.

Once this came to my attention and I questioned his ethics, all of a sudden, I was banned from all of his mentoring, forums, webcasts and Facebook groups. As of now I know of 3 deals (with proof) that I was working on that he acquired with other student. God only knows how many more he has stolen from me and partnered with other students from his inner circle behind my back.

I feel I have been targeted by Marco Kozlowski who used me to acquire good investment deals for himself and his inner circle. I also feel that that he committed fraud by promising me guaranteed deals by making me pay for his consulting fees for his mentoring services and providing me with false information that he is an expert in Assisted Living Facility (ALF) business. Even his promises of getting deals with zero down are all bogus.

Based on the all this I have found more information on his Fraudulent behaviour and is targeting people from Canada, UK and Australia. I would like to get this sum back and at the same time make people cautious or avoid doing business with this person. Here are some websites exposing his fraudulent behaviour
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Marco Kozlowski Hide
  • Aug 29, 2017, Marco Kozlowski (responding party) added:
  • This is not a real claim. Marco Kozlowski never received a dollar from this customer. His affiliated companies however did. This is an attempt to smear Marco's reputation over their lack of effort.

    Asking Marco Mozlowski to be responsible even though he did all the work is rediculous.

    Marco Kozlowski did deliver ALL services to Him. Asking for a refund after products are delivierd.... he attended ALL events. Received ALL the information promised. No refund can or will be offered to him. This is a typical case of blaming others for their own lack of commitment.

    Each individual is responsible for their own results. I have 4 months of audio recordings with each session had with this customer. He was given 4 months for the price of 2 to help their financial situation, allowed to come to 2 private events, 3 group events and access to all materials.

    if they took responsibility for their own actions. They would see results.

  • Aug 29, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Typical response from a fraud. Not his first fraud case and defiantly won't be his last. Dealt only with Marco Kozlowski and no one else. Calling 10 hrs of work a day lack of effort and commitment just shows these persons true nature.
    All recordings and email of stealing deals will be sent to the media in US, Canada, UK and Australia and other regulatory authorities if money is not refunded.

  • Sep 03, 2017, Marco Kozlowski (responding party) added:
  • I’m a fraud? - in the few months we worked together here are the properties you put under contract....let me refresh your short memory

    Over Millions in assets for pennies on the dollar - I gave you access to financing - even co-signed your financing when you weren’t approved…. but you were too greedy to give up a % of the deal - you wanted all the deal - without bringing anything more to the table - investors were ready- you were not….

    Two (yes 2) incredibly profitable assisted living facilities in Port Orange that i personally did due diligence on for you

    A mobile Home park in Ripley Tn that you chose to pass on - despite it being a 22 cap

    an apartment complex in Arkansas that another student wanted to buy from you, but you were greedy to take it - you left the seller in a bind for months - your contract expired so another student out of Vancouver went direct too the seller to close because you didn’t do what you promised.

    And finally a monster profitable deal in Port St. Lucie, FL that was over 30% return that I also went with you to check out…

    Blaming others is always the easy way out - I did my part - I have all email chains, all the contracts and all the recordings to support my participation and passionate commitment in your success - what happens after you do it "your way" is your business - not mine. take responsibility for your actions - like grown ups do.

    I only wish you good luck and good fortune to you and your family.

  • Sep 04, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Read the claim again and you will get your answers in it. Your deal stealing tactics was busted by your so called Vancouver student. This was not the only asset that was stolen from us where you were directly involved.
    You are a sweet talking crook with no ethics who needs to be exposed in media so no one else falls into your trap again. As soon as this complaint is made public it will be sent to all- don't think by banning me on Facebook you can silence our grievance. Please do not respond to me again unless you plan on refunding our money back to us.

  • Sep 04, 2017, Marco Kozlowski (responding party) added:
  • Funny how facts now make you call ME names....

    Rohit Chand out of Vancouver - you know he's real, you negotiated with each other...LOL and were at the same events....

    Your negativity and name calling other students that bust their a$$ that don't expect to "get rich quick" by doing nothing got you banned from my Facebook groups - you created that on yourself - Just like now... you trying to discredit me over your lack of action and negativity....makes YOU look bad - not me...very sad - for you.

    Again, I wish you and your family great success... might be easier if you start with a positive attitude though...

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Refund: Silver Package Jul 01, 2015 $25,000.00
2. Refund: Mentoring Fees Oct 10, 2016 $20,000.00
3. Refund: Sucess Reflex expenses Feb 03, 2017 $5,000.00
4. Other – Copy claim to regulators Jul 01, 2015 $14.99
5. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Jul 01, 2015 $14.99
6. Other – Physical delivery charges Jul 01, 2015 $4.99
Cash total : $50,034.97
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Marco Kozlowski. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Contributed Solution: by lawrence mauga On 01-19-2019
    I feel the same... that it just feels like I’ve been ripped off. Except in my case you cannot say that I didn’t work hard for this.. I wanted this more than anything and I committed 100%. I worked 3-10hrs a day following the process for a straight 6 weeks prior to success reflex because I believed the testimonials and the system. I had 2x deals in the pipeline within the first 3weeks (4 in total) of Joining the program (before the success reflex) and he helped get past the second stage with live calls. Then because of his lack in communication with me and my lack of understanding they ALL fell over. He does a good job at making me feel as tho it was all my fault- accepted this as the student although confused because I was only following the process. That and then he also says not to rush it?? Had I not gone through a bad run in my business (I wanted the platinum but was unable to pay the upgrade in time) I would probably be here complaining that I had lost $100k and not $50k. Marco is amazing at what he does. He knows exactly what to say in any situation when it comes to dealing with clients. He has the psychological part DOWN. He teaches us to be someone else- have an alter ego & speak like we are the shark with deep pockets, which was hard for me during and after the success reflex having a transparent and upfront personality. . I have since forgotten everything I had learnt (which was no where near the level that could help me get deals across the line) and recently I was trying to get to another success reflex so that I could kickstart my success.. but no response by him on WhatsApp or Facebook and the care factor for me as one of his clients I feel has gone because I am not a platinum member- but still $50k ($65k AUD) surely deserves some respect and a simple response to a message? I think the ultimate solution looking forward is to protect or provide a clearer picture for any future potential students. If he were to disclose the success rate of all students he has and has had. No one likes to lose money but to know that the deals he posts online and brags about are few and far between because it’s deceptive... just because one of your students has closed a “massive” deal within months of joining ($80k per month... WOW.. awesome!!) doesn’t mean there aren’t MANY others keeping the dream and hope alive, being persistent yet still have not got a deal?? Why wouldn’t you commit to people (like me) who need more help and help us get that first deal before we burn out? Just like there will be a limited number of All Blacks or Roger Federers of the world, the same goes for anyone who embarks on Marcos programs. Be careful when it comes to any kind recovery because he has all his bases covered in his contracts. He made the statement once “I love it when I get sued”. That kind of person knows what the deal is before any contracts are signed. I trusted him and believed wholeheartedly that our purposes and values were aligned but he is just another “friend” who has taken money from be without the return and has a real love for more and more money. I love and will forever value the lessons I have learnt by not having the successes hoped for in this program- I have come to the understanding that anyone that has the secret formula for wealth creation with “none of your own money” (which is a sell on words because everyone who has ever made a deal with him has had to fork out $100’s-$1000’s extra for the unknowns, but his psychological stab at you is that “it’s minimal compared to what the deal is worth” and can make you feel in, wouldn’t reveal it without a significant return on the education component of that process which in reality has a success rate of his students which I believe is very minimal. Anyways, those are my thoughts and if it can help one person understand what they are really getting before getting into as a student of Marcos and are willing to try and become a part of the 3% or the more likely 97% of which many still are being persistent (because no one wants to be perceived as a failure) then I have done my part!!
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  • Contributed Solution: by J Petaluma On 09-13-2017
    Refund 75% of costs paid by claimant, unless... More...
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  • Contributed Solution: by Jim Wicks On 09-13-2017
    Kozlowski should respond with an offer. More...
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  • Contributed Solution: by Irene Gomez On 09-12-2017
    Full refund and possibly damages for lost business oppunities and fair compensation for your services in sourcing deals for Mr. Kozlowski. More...
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