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My Claim vs. Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County

R. L. vs. Housing Commission Of Anne Arundel County
P.O. Box 817, 7477 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 21061-3504, United States
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    • Claim #: 5702495
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    • Filed On: Oct 31, 2017
    • Posted On: Dec 12, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Discrimination
      • Violation of privacy
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Some of the people at my apertment Bldg. been harassing me, stake out, for about four 4 yrs. I have reported every week and months. But nothing happens. Some time I am afrad of my life.
I have called police many times and I have reported to the manager of Apt. They have change the manegers from one apt. to other. But no Ans. I think, this is abuse of power and violation of my many wright( 1,2,14 amendments).
Month ago end of 09/2017. And 10/31/2017 6.30 pm. staclking me. why ?
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  • 11-01-2015 — 11/03/2017 11/15/2017
Additional Communication Between Claimant and Housing Commission Of Anne Arundel County Hide
  • Nov 09, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Oct. end of the month. there were many people. I was coming from workout. They stage me near my back door with dog. One big woman came to attack me, I ran to my apt. Sec. time , I open my back door, she attack me again. 3rd. time, Arnie call me out to fight with all their people. This time I call police and manager and told them, what happened and I am afread of life. I have call police hundrads of time. I do not know what police and manager told them. Plice told me stay in the room.

  • Nov 09, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • I have 100,s of police calls and reports to managers for 4 yrs. We can some infos. from ACC police and HCAAC managers and asst. managers. And firest week of Nov. 2017. I went to pay my rent, he and she were standing. I drop my rent at window of office. I went Giant store and cash dipot, where I buy my MO. They fellowed me all way to Broklen where I buy my MO. I call the police and report what happened.

  • Nov 10, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • 4 yrs. I have been abused by people of the Apt. I think they have bigger org.out side the Apt. who telling them what to do. Because Police reports, Apt. managers reports did not work and did not stop at all. HCAAC and most Apt. people know about it.
    1, These people had gas me at TV room and Comp. room maney times.
    2, They played witchcraft and voo doo on me. many days I could not sleep because of it.
    3, they pinch my rectum time and time again while I try to sleep. But I can not sleep. Next morning I become week and tired. This went on many years. I have gone to Dr. and told them about it. two yrs. and now. This happen to me on 11/9/ about 8pm.

  • Nov 10, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • After all what happened to me. I got heart attack two yrs. ago. I went to B&W hospital in Glen Burnie. I have talked to Dr. and nurse about me. Now I am with Mercey H.

  • Nov 12, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • 11/11/17 Sunday, I pray the Lord for me, for our Countries,for our Leaders and Leaders of free World President who is in Asian trip.
    Few yrs. ago, Arnie cut the Iron fence his side. So he can come to my glass window watch me what I do or, any things I do. He was and is peeping Tom. My window 5 by 5. When he come out from his room or, back door. He is in my property. And he can see every things what I am doing or, more. This went on long time.
    I told many, many times to Blacks, Whites and Woman, gays, non gays and other that I am not gay and I am not looking any one for me. I am 68 yrs. and I am not working, I am not rich. But they don,t get. They do not understand my english. For long time, I told them, mind your business, I mind my business. Yes means yes, No means No. But they do not care or, did not get it. I used to go to lunch at the cafe. I stop going to cafe about 2 yrs.( no more free food).
    They are Blacks, Whites others are doing intentionally to harm me and my life.
    Last month Black man from apt. harassing form his bike. He followed me where ever I went. When ever I come and go. He is there. They all know what time I come in and Go. We have camera all over the Apt. There may be camera in my room and listening device. Plus people from left, right and above. I thing, this are all criminal act.

  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • This note to Owner- HCAAC and Lisa Roberts, I am talking to laws, I may have case or, I may not have case. With good faith, give me the best offer and move from this Apt. (Owner and HCAAC) when you can. Please email me or, wright me a note. Thank you very much. Rlama120

  • Nov 16, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • TThere are combination of abused and assault on me within 4 yrs. Harassment, fading, pinching my rectum stack out, sex- Harassment, may be Camera and listening divide I'm room. Plus people been coming to all the time. Why these people doing this. I am good people. I have been nice to all them. These all people knows what's going on. They all know who are doing it, why they are doing. Ernie, Jack, Linda, Liners, Joe, Tom, D, and more from Burwood apt. They are more, ask Jack he knows more.
    They all know what I do , what I eat and what time go.

  • Nov 16, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • HCAAC MANAGER, OWNERS AND LISA ROBERTS, There are combination of abused and assault on me within 4 yrs. Harassment, fellowing, playing voo doo, pinching my rectum many yrs., stack out, sex-harassment many people in this Apt.
    they are Arnie, Jack, Linda, Lenored, Joe, Tom, and more to come. And few from other apt. next door. All managers and asst. managers know what I reported. Mos maintenance man know whats going. People going in and out in my apt. all the times. I do not no who the are doing.Grop of people know, what I eat, what I am doing in my room, what time I go and what time I come home. They know all.(I am not Greedy. Give me the best offer you can). I want to talk to Owner and Lisa Roberts. How we can work this out. My new # 443-651-9566 Please give me call or, I will you in office. Thank you.

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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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