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My Claim vs. Great Expression Dental Centers

S. B. vs. Great Expression Dental Centers - Headquarters
29777 Telegraph Rd Ste 3000, Southfield, Michigan, 48034-7634, United States
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"It was an unfortunate occasion that I penned a response to the communication I received from Dr. Jennifer Mazzarella, who is an orthodontist currently servicing patients at Great Expressions located at 17301 NW 27th Ave, Miami Gardens, FL 33056. After multiple well-documented and formal complaints against Dr. Mazzarella’s negligence specific to my treatment plan, she forwarded a Termination of Dentist/Patient Relationship notification to me dated March 18, 2021.

While it may very well be in my best interest to sever Dr. Mazzarella as my attending orthodontist, I must inject that she is the only professional at this center for which I have had to lodge grievances against for what appears to be inept and inadequate dental care.

For nearly 30 years, the professional staff (with the exception of Dr. Mazzarella) at the location identified above has meticulously and effectively cared for my dental health needs. Dr. Tessa Scott and her predecessors have all demonstrated exemplary skills in managing and optimizing care for my dental health. The hygienists have likewise have shown superb skills when performing preventative dental cleaning and/or other services. My documented visits and various procedures obtained at this site will serve to substantiate my nearly three decades of visits. While many people have hesitancies about visiting the dentist, this event has always been a delight for me because of the cordial and competent professionals employed at this location. I have NEVER had a problem at this center until I made the now-regrettable decision to seek service from Dr. Mazzarella for reasons of alignment.

The correspondence of which I am in receipt signed by Dr. Mazzarella has numerous inconsistencies, which seem to be an effort to veil her neglect and inadequate service relevant to my treatment. Dr. Mazarella noted that this termination effort was being undertaken because I had not adhered to her direction, including securing the Covid 19 vaccine and/or obtaining approval from my doctor for a periodontal examination prior to advancing my orthodontic treatment.

This is fabricated jargon, which does not suffice to conceal her insufficient performance as an orthodontist. Her gross mischaracterization of a conversational exchange that never occurred calls into question her ethical and professional integrity. I must attest that three days prior to receiving the letter of termination from Dr. Mazzarella, I made a formal complaint against her to Great Expressions. Because she failed to provide professional level care, I felt the need to make her inaction known to others at varying levels of management. Thus, the initiation of the complaint process. The recent complaint will substantiate that I elaborated upon my circumstance as I had done in prior complaints and explained my concern about the interruption of my treatment plan by Dr. Mazzarella. Because of the availability of technology, there was never a need to waive my treatment. Therefore, I received the termination letter because of my complaints against her, not because of the contrived dialogue she created.

Before my most recent complaint against Dr. Mazzarella, I made several others through the People Complaint Platform. These complaints are documented proof of my unrelenting perseverance to obtain services and her denial of same. Hence, Dr. Mazzarella terminated treatment for me because of the prior and subsequent complaints I leveled against her. Her fictional insertions into the letter are not and cannot be validated. In a previous complaint that was submitted by People Complaint, I specified how I tried endlessly to obtain a virtual appointment, as my age and underlying condition placed me at high risk for unmasking during a visit. I was able to finally obtain a virtual visit, but only after my complaint.

I did keep an office visit with Dr. Mazzarella at the onset of the pandemic. When I was seated for my visit, another female patient was also seated unmasked in close proximity. It was very uncomfortable to realize that a deadly virus with an aerosol-type of impact could conceivably circulate in an environment where individuals are maskless. My own risk factors helped me realize that my particular circumstance warranted virtual visits for the current time.

In a previous complaint against her, I stipulated that her negligence of my treatment plan had the proclivity to seriously complicate and jeopardize my overall dental care. My grievances against Dr. Mazzarella are all well-documented and will serve as conclusive evidence of my ongoing efforts to receive needed dental care from her. She withheld subsequent sets of Invisalign, which prevented continuity in my treatment plan. I am greatly distressed by her inactions to seriously consider my dental needs. My treatment has not flowed seamlessly; thus, her errors have tremendously harmed me.

Dr. Mazzarella strongly encouraged me to locate another orthodontist to care for my needs, which may be a satisfactory solution; however, it seems that she also attempted to severe my association with Dr. Tessa Scott and the hygienists who have pedantically attended my dental needs for years, and for whom I have NO complaints. Dr. Scott and the other professionals are worthy of the highest commendation awarded by Great Expressions. I will seek a position from the Great Expressions Corporate Office to ascertain if Dr. Mazzarella indeed has the authority and jurisdiction to terminate my patient relationship with professionals at the center other than herself. The legal ramifications of Dr. Mazzarella’s termination letter depicts a breach of contract. While I have satisfied all expense for my treatment plan, Dr. Mazzarella has now failed to render the services for which I paid.

The manufactured statements made by Dr. Mazzarella in her correspondence are fruitless to detach her from her responsibility and the seriousness of her missteps in my treatment. The well-documented complaints I have previously and recently lodged against her will serve to dis-credit the false narratives she inputted in her letter.

By requiring that I locate another orthodontist does not in any way excuse Dr. Mazzarella’s lack of sensible dental care. While I know that there are many competent orthodontists who would have the qualifications and the expertise to rectify the harm done by Dr. Mazzarella, it is nevertheless incumbent upon her to assume liability for her errors. If requiring that I visit another dentist is in actuality a tactical move to erase her accountability, it is seedless and non-productive. She derailed my treatment plan when she rejected my request to allow consistency with the regularly established routine. Dr. Mazzarella cannot escape the charge of dereliction of duty regarding my treatment plan and given such should answer for her flawed workmanship.

Respectfully yours,
Dr. Sandi Bush, Ph. D. cc: American Dental Association Great Expression Corporate Office People Complaint Employee/ patient files
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