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Brandi H vs. D F Jones Inc

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Fraud, intimidation, rufuse to hear me horrible customer service & lack of integrity

B. H. vs. D F Jones Inc - Fm Jones And Sons
485 Highway 99 N, Eugene, Oregon, 97402-2302, United States
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    • Claim #: 5598079
    • Amount Involved: 5,995.00
    • Filed On: Mar 03, 2022
    • Posted On: Mar 14, 2022
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      • Problem with a service
      • Problem with a product
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"I want to return the lemon to the used car lot DBA F.M. Jones & Sons. Dealer posted  on Car Guru with false information and pictures in the ad.  I had to make a payment over 3 days due to limit on my debit card. On 2/27/22 I had paid $4397.82 total out of $5905.53 which was over Kelly Blue Book especially when the car was only in fair to poor condition. I said I did not want to buy it anymore due to the tachometer that I had become aware of that was broken  It had no buyer's guide in the passenger window and major defects. I never had the car in my possession untill 2/28/22.  It stayed at the lot for 3 days while i drove my trade in without the title. The GM Bill Rogers refused to give me back the title to my trade in and refund my money.  I expressed multiple times to multiple people that I did not want to purchuse it anymore.  I even called the police to ask for their help because I was being intimidated and bullied into buying it. 2 days into having it in my possession the morning of 3/2/22 it would not turn on and said to check gauges.  I had notice the gas gauge had not moved at all and once I put gas in from a gas can it started.  I let the Bill know it was majorly faulty and wanted to return it.  He refused and told me to talk to his lawyer. Saying "there will be no return, I should call him everytime something went wrong"  NO BUYERS GUIDE WAS POSTED IN CAR OR DID I SEE ONE
I dont want to do business with them because the are fraudulent dishonest and horrible to customer.  I want to return the car and get my money back.  I paid out of my pocket no loan.
Inoperable Accessories were tachometer, analog gas gauge and digital gas gauge do not work."
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  • 02-24-2022 — Saw listing on car guru
  • 02-25-2022 — Went to used car lot and test drove car for 3 minutes
  • 02-25-2022 — made 1st payment of $1897.82
  • 02-26-2022 — made 2nd payment of $2500
  • 02-27-2022 — told the GM Bill Rogers I no longer wanted the car and wanted my title back to my trade in. He said" That is not happening"
  • 02-28-2022 — Bill Rogers called me and said he fixed the tachometer and to come get my car
  • 02-28-2022 — I felt forced into making the final payment of $1507.71
  • 02-27-2022 — Spoke with sales man Jeff Muin about charging me above kbb his reply was " yea we do that on all of our cars"
  • 02-27-2022 — Told Jeff Muin I wanted my money back and title back and did not want to do business with them anymore because they falsified the ad
  • 03-02-2022 — Car would not start, was alerted to check gauges
  • 03-02-2022 — figured out the gas gauges were not operable. I emailed that I wanted to return the car because of this problem
  • 03-03-2022 — Text Bill Rogers asking when was a good time for me come in and return the car. His response was "there will be no returning the car"
  • 03-03-2022 — Went to legal aid for help after GM Bill Rogers said he would no longer speak to me and I could talk to his lawyer
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and D F Jones Inc - Fm Jones And Sons Hide
  • Mar 07, 2022, Claiming party added:
  • March 6th 2022 the car will not start at all. I was stranded and had a mobil mechanic come do a scan. It reads the Crankshaft position sensor is broken along with the gas gauge. I have not even had this car a full week! Dealer refuses to speak with me because "Sugar goes a lot further than vinegar. I will tell you that" Quote made to me by Bill Rogers General Manager of F.M. Jones & Sons. What a pigheaded sexest thing to say!! I bet he would not say that to a man that had a complaint about the scam he pulled

  • Mar 10, 2022, Claiming party added:
  • 3/6/22-Buick would NOT turn on. OBDII reads crakshaft position sensor need to be replaced.OBDII reads Gas tank 89% full, analoge says 1/2 tank of gas & digital reads 18.9 gallons used(car tank only holds 18 gallons)Had to call an uber to take me home

  • Mar 10, 2022, Claiming party added:
  • I want to return the Buick and get a full refund

What Claimant Wants Hide
Message from Claimant: The gas gauge was on full when I drove of the lot. You are lying. I never cussed or yelled at you. I informed you in text and email before 72hrs of having the car in my possession that the gauges were not working. You told me sugar goes further the vinegar. Why wouldn't I be upset? You sold me a car in poor condition for over kbb for good condition. THERE WAS NO buyers guide anywhere on the car. You "fixed" the tachometer and with in less the 72 hours the car would not turn on. It has completely STOPED turning on with a code that the crank shaft position sensor is broken. Funny that that sensor has to do with the tachometer. You treated me horribly because I am a girl..You would never had said the things to a man you said to me. taking advantage of a single mom that had her tax return to buy a reliable car and you sold me a beater lemon... The only time I spoke to you on the phone was Sunday Febuary 27th when I no longer wanted the car because it was faulty and over priced and the ad had fake picture of the tachometer "working". I had not paid for it in full and you had the title to my trade in and told me "I was not getting my money refunded nor the title for my trade in back(which you made me drive rather then the car I was trying to purchase. That is because you knew it was faulty and if I would have driven it for those 3 days that would have been very obvious
1. Refund my money and take the car back Mar 29, 2022 $5,995.00
Cash total : $5,995.00
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Respondent's Counteroffer

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Offer History
Mar 03, 2022
Claimant's Terms of Settlement to D F Jones Inc - FM Jones and Sons
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  • Contributed Solution: by Alexandria White On 07-22-2022
    Claimant should take a look into the lemon law in your state because right now you only want what’s rightfully yours back if laws have been broken you can walk away with much more. I would advise the dealer to pay up
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  • Contributed Solution: by George Maxwell On 04-09-2022
    Under provision ORS 646.608(1)(t) it's a violation for a dealer to fail to affirmatively disclose “any known material defect or material nonconformity.” More...
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