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A. A. vs. Sprint (Headquarters)
6391 Sprint Pkwy, Overland Park, Kansas, 66013, United States
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    • Claim #: 2315231
    • Amount Involved: 530.00
    • Filed On: May 28, 2017
    • Posted On: Jun 08, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"I switched my mobile phone service from Verizon to Sprint in January 2017 because Sprint claimed to be able to cut my Verizon bill in half. I have exactly the same coverage wiith Sprint as I did with Verizon but am only saving about $10 a month. With Verizon, my monthly bill was about $120, at Sprint it is $110. They applied so many previously undisclosed fees, that my current bill is nowhere close to half of my Verizon bill. If they had been honest about the true amount of my bill after switching, I would have stayed with Verizon. Their customer service is way better and they actually try to help you resolve problems and they take responsibility for issues caused by an error on their part. Sprint not only tries its best to not help you, they refuse to accept responsibility for the errors they make and expect you to pay any additional costs incurred even though they were not your fault. I should be reimbursed for all the months that I have paid significantly more than half of my Verizon bill. If they promise to cut your bill in half, they should do that. Verizon didn't have a lot of undisclosed hidden fees when I signed up with them. My bill with Verizon was exactly what I expected it to be. I expected a few small fees and taxes with Sprint bringing the $60 (Half of my Verizon bill) payment up to maybe $70 or $75 - that I would have accepted without complaint. The $110 that I'm actualy paying is ridiculous though. I wouldn't have switched at all if I had known the total amount including all the additional fees and taxes.
Sprint also promised to pay the early termination fees that I would incur for leaving Verizon before my contract was up. It took a while to get my final bill from Verizon, so it was more than 30 days after switching before I was able to get it to Sprint. They said that they had to receive the bill within the first 30 days of signing up in order for that claim to be valid. I was never given a deadliine and I didn't see anything in the contract liike that either. So now I still owe Verizon about $250 in early termination fees. Again, I wouldn't have switched had I known Sprint was going to be so unreasonable and refuse to make good on their promise.
Also, because accidents do happen, I added insurance to both of my mobile phone lines. I know I added it to both because I had to go in under each number individually to mark the option for insurance. For whatever reason, Sprint only added insurance to one of my phones. Near the end of February, my husbands phone was broken and we tried to make a claim on it to get it fixed or replaced - the very reason we purchase insurance. That's when we found out that my phone was insured but his wasn't. After several phone calls and hours on the phone arguing with Sprint about how to correct this, we were basically told that there was nothing Sprint could do for us. They couldn't backdate the insurance, and even if they did, the phone had to show activity after the insurance was applied for insurance to cover the claim. Meaning that even if we paid January and February insurance premiums, the insurance would still show as being effective after the date of the claim. As angry as we were about the situation, we decided not to waste more time arguing about it and replaced the phone at our own expense. On my last conversation with Sprint customer service, the customer service rep asked me if I would like to have my husbands phone covered by insurance going forward. I told her that yes, of course I would and to please make it effective immediately. If something happened to his new phone, I wanted to make sure it was covered.
Today my husband lost his phone in a parking lot and it got run over. I called Sprint to make a claim. He doesn't normally go through phones this fast, but that's why I pay for insurance. Come to find out his phone is still not insured. The customer service representative directly lied to me in February about adding it. She said it was done before I got off the phone with her. It obviously wasn't. I contacted Sprint Customer Service again and explained what had happened in February, stressing how disappointed and angry I was with their customer service, pointing out that their representative had intentionally lied to me about adding insurance to my husbands device and letting them know that there was only one acceptable solution this time. I said the insurance needed to be added effective in February as I had been promised by the representative. I told them the exact date should be in their notes because I had argued with and spoken to so many people. I also said I didn't mind paying the back premiums, so long as the coverage was backdated. The representative I spoke with today apologized for the mess, gave me Asurion, the insurance company's, phone number and said I would need to talk to them to have the insurance backdated because the devices were more than 60 days old - but Asurion could go back up to 6 months.
I told the rep that that was fine, I could call them. I also asked her for a transcript of any notes taken in February to help me plead my case with Asurion since in this situation, Sprint was clearly at fault and had intentionally and directly lied to me by saying my husbands device was covered and she had put insurance on both devices, saying she took care of it before we hung up. I wish I remembered the name of the rep who lied to me, because she should be written up or sanctioned somehow. What she did was worse than bad customer service, it was malicious.
I told the rep all of this and more tonight, remaining calm and professional in spite of my anger. She kind of trailed off though and just quit responding, so other than giving me the number for Asurion, I don't know if anything was resolved, what they are going to do next, or even if I'll get a copy of the February call notes that I requested. Tomorrow, I'm going directly to a Sprint store to see if they can be of more help and I'm calling Asurion. My husband and I should not have to cover the purchase of a replacement phone regardless of how this situation is resolved. Sprint provided not just bad, but malicious customer service and if Asurion won't cover the claim, Sprint should be responsible for replacing my husbands phone.
I don't know how much you can help, but malicious customer service like this has to be reported or it just happens to more people. Btw, as soon as my contract is up, unless Sprint's conduct voided the contract and I'll be gone sooner, I'm finding a new phone service provider. I've never been so angry, dissatisfied and intentionally abused by a company before and I'm happy to spread the word. Is something like this a breach of contract on Sprint's behalf? If it is, I would rather move to a different phone service provider than have them replace a phone. My husband and I would both be so much happier in the long run."
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1. Immediate termination of my contract with Sprint with no charges for early termination fees Sep 10, 2017 N/A
1. Refund: Overpayment of bill Sep 10, 2017 $280.00
2. Payment of Verizon early termination fees Sep 10, 2017 $250.00
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  • Comment: by Claimant On: 08-26-2017
  • I wanted to add to my complaint as well.  I switched from Verizon to Sprint because they claimed that they would cut my monthly bill in half. After switching, I'm saving about $10. My verizon bill ran about $120, my Sprint bill is about $110. I did not add anything to my service - it is the same data, minutes and text message allowance I had with Verizon.  Their fees, which they do not tell you about until you receive your bill, are what made my bill almost as high as my Verizon bill.  Isn't it false advertising to make a claim like that?  I'm not saving even close to half of my Verizon bill.  Honestly, with the issues we've had and the poor customer service we've received since switching, I wish I had stayed with Verizon.  They had decent customer service and at least tried to help you when you had a problem.  They also took responsibility for their own errors.  That kind of service is worth an extra $10 a month.  With fees, I expected to pay about $75 a month with Sprint.  They aren't even close!  They shouldn't be able to get away with that kind of false advertising!
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