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Dion Weisler and Enrique Lores should experience the Seven Circles of Hell that is HP Customer Service

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P. C. vs. Hp Hewlett Packard
1501 Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, California, 94304, United States
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    • Claim #: 1217045
    • Amount Involved: 1,829.98
    • Filed On: Jun 29, 2017
    • Posted On: Jul 10, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a product
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"In January 2017 we bought an HP OfficeJet 6954 for a satellite business office. It wouldn't be used often, so a serious heavy duty printer like the one in our main office was unnecessary. Nevertheless, it was essential to have one that worked when needed.
After just a few uses, the office staff had problems with the printer - entire lines and paragraphs were blurring. A staff member called HP and with tech support's help the problem was improved but not completely rectified. However, since the printer wasn't in use at all for several months no-one did anything further.
In June 2017 the printer was needed again. Major blurring and fading became a huge problem. Three levels of cleaning were needed for each 20-30 pages printed and the copier produced blurring as well. On Thursday June 22 we called HP and HP determined that the printer should be replaced under warranty. Because HP'S normal replacement process would take weeks, in the interests of time I provided my personal credit card information right away as security for return of the old printer and so that printer could be expedited with next day delivery at a cost of $27 - next day apparently meaning Monday June 26.
On Monday June 26 I waited for Fedex but the printer did not arrive. I ran the tracking information and discovered that the printer was en route, not for the verified shipping address, but for the billing address, several states away. At 11.35 AM I called HP and they determined that the fastest way to get a printer to me quickly was to have Fedex recall the printer and get it re-routed. I was ASSURED that the printer would be with me next day. I later checked the tracking number again and it showed that at 1.15 PM on Monday June 26, the printer was left at the front door of a vacant house.

As of the night of Wednesday June 29 when the cat sitter stopped by, it was STILL on the doorstep alerting burglars to an empty house. If the printer is stolen or rained on, it's most assuredly not my problem. If my home is burgled as a result of HP/Fedex's carelessness, that will become their problem.

On Tuesday June 27 the tracking info still hadn't been updated and I called HP back through its labyrinthine system. After another 50 minutes on the phone the supervisor hastily decided that yes, he could authorize a new shipment and again took my personal credit card number. I was promised that the printer would be sent out the next day and would arrive on Thursday.
On Wednesday I still hadn't received tracking info. I once again navigated HP's horrible Customer Disservice system and explained the situation to yet another HP rep, who said that they were waiting on a "Go" order from Fedex.

I will admit that I lost it here. When a customer support person loses it with another customer support person, it's like when a waiter doesn't leave a tip for another waiter - you know things are REALLY bad.

However, I was eventually again assured that the printer would arrive next day, which I now know was the rep trying to get me off the phone.
On Thursday June 29 I again waited at the office for the printer. Again it did not arrive.

Today I spent a further 48 minutes on the phone with HP, was given multiple stories about where the printer was, and eventually a supervisor gave me a Fedex tracking number showing that the printer would arrive...on Thursday July 6, a full week after it was expected. The supervisor explained that Fedex had overridden the expedite order.
Apparently Fedex is the boss of HP. According to HP, Fedex chose to deliver to the billing address instead of the shipping address, Fedex refused to recall the old package, Fedex decided not to deliver the new package as instructed.
The supervisor said he thought that it might have something to do with the July 4 holiday. This is the most bizarre explanation yet of HP's complete incompetence and lack of concern for business customers. He further suggested that I call Fedex - proposing yet another huge waste of my time. Fedex does not change deliveries on the instructions of the recipient, only the shipper.
We are a business. HP kept apologizing "for the inconvenience." It was inconvenient when the piece of junk HP printer we'd bought failed after very little use, but we get it, these things happen. We understood all that, we were OK with paying an expedite fee so that we could get the replacement faster.
However, it is a lot more than "inconvenient" when another business can't get its ducks in a row. It's a lot more than "inconvenient" when HP can't tell the difference between shipping and billing addresses - a routine issue. It's a lot more than "inconvenient" wasting expensive employee time using a system like the seven circles of Hell for multiple calls lasting some 50 minutes apiece. And being unable to print necessary business documents because HP is supposedly run by Fedex is not just "inconvenient," it's insane.

Update June 30
I finally found a different phone number for HP and after holding for 22 minutes, left a message - to be cheerily told that HP would get back to me "the next business day."
I then called Fedex and spoke to the advocate's office. Apparently HP NEVER ordered re-routing or pickup of the original package and HP does NOT have the ability to re-route on its account - its products have to be returned to HP. I just ordered pick-up of the package. You're welcome, HP!"
Reply Have a similar problem?
  • 06-22-2017 — HP took my credit card info to expedite replacement printer - guaranteed Monday arrival
  • 06-26-2017 — 11. 35 AM Discovered printer was en route for billing address. HP promised to reroute
  • 06-26-2017 — 1.15 printer left on doorstep of vacant building at billing address
  • 06-27-2017 — Supervisor agreed that Fedex had still not responded to call-back and agreed to expedite new printer
  • 06-29-2017 — Waited in office for printer. Did not arrive. Discovered that Fedex (?) had overridden expedite
What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
1. Replace: PRINTER - Jul 01, 2017 N/A
2. Apology: I want a written apology for the worst runaround ever Jul 14, 2017 N/A
3. Change of policy: Put in a direct line for people with an existing case number Jul 14, 2017 N/A
1. Compensation: Loss to business because of HP incompetence Jul 01, 2017 $1,000.00
2. Pay me for my time: 8 hours dealing with this nonsense Jul 14, 2017 $800.00
3. Copy claim to regulators Jul 01, 2017 $14.99
4. Pay for claim posting cost Jul 01, 2017 $14.99
5. Other – Physical delivery charges Jul 01, 2017 $4.99
Cash total : $1,834.97
Non-cash: 3 items
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from HP Hewlett Packard. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by Al Cannistra (120 points) — Arbitrator, Author, Publisher, Curator, Realtor®, Ceo Various Businesses
  • On: 07-16-2017
  • I understand the frustration - been there. But, sometimes things go crazy.

    A HUGE part of the problem is described in the claim:

    "After just a few uses, the office staff had problems with the printer - entire lines and paragraphs were blurring. A staff member called HP and with tech support's help the problem was improved but not completely rectified. However, since the printer wasn't in use at all for several months no-one did anything further."

    Why was the matter mot pursued then? Why wait until the next time the printer is need and a crisis ensues? 

    This is a very low end printer - reviews are not good. But had action been taken and resolved when the problem first surfaced,  perhaps none of what happened would have.

    If HP has not given you a new printer - the replacement - they should. That would be my recommendation.

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