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J.E. vs. Globe Life & Accident Ins Co

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J. E. vs. Globe Life & Accident Ins Co
204 N Robinson Ave Ste 300, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73102-7000, United States
Amount Involved: $6,000.00
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    • Claim #: 7342865
    • Amount Involved: 6,000.00
    • Filed On: Aug 03, 2017
    • Posted On: Aug 14, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Commercial / Other dispute
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company keeps trying to make me pay for something that I don't owe them. I had to cancel this policy. They said that they would send me $58.35 and they owe me much more than this. I've had this policy with them for over 3 years and I want them to pay me what's owe too me. They are trying to make me pay a payment for february/2015. I do not owe them any payments. I never missed not even one month of paying them. And I don't have to lie about what I'm saying it's the truth. They are the liars and robbing people for money and I am not paying them for their own mistakes. I have disputed with them about this subject time after, time and they keep telling me I missed a payment. This is nothing but, a lie and a crooked lie. I want you to help me recover the money that they owe me. I just got a letter from them recently, telling me that I missed a payment for July/2017 and I sent them a payment July 3, 2017. Please give me some feedback on this. People need to think about one day they have too leave money behind them."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Globe Life & Accident Ins Co Hide
  • Aug 03, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • The insurance policy that I had with Globe life and accident insurance company was for my grandson. The policy number is OO4D72657. The address that I sent my payment is: Globe Life and Accident Insurance Company
    P.O. Box 268937
    Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8937

    When I made a complaint against them before. No body never contacted me to resolve any problems. Instead they just kept harassing me about a payment that was paid in February. What they does is try and wait until, everything has settled down. Then they flare up again later on. They got angry with me because I filed a complaint against them but, it doesn't matter because I am through with those crooks as far as trying to do business with them again. They can hold all the beer they can eat because I am sick of them.

  • Aug 16, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • I don't know why people want tell the truth about anything. What happened in February of 2015. I increased the policy and not thinking that I had raised the policy. I sent the amount that I was already paying. I wrote a letter to you people apologizing and that I would send the small amount of three dollars and some change with the next payment. Instead of you trying to understand what I had written to you. You sent me a check telling me that I did not send the full amount and you couldn't except it. So, what I did. I went and purchased a money order to make up the difference and sent the check that you sent me back to you alone with the money order for the difference that I owed you. You got that check and the difference back from me.

    You got 2 payments in February from me. The one that I made the difference and at the end of February. I sent you a payment for March. You know that I am telling the truth but, you doesn't want to admit your wrong doings. I will tell you and everybody else. I believe in paying for what I owe. And if I felt that I owed you anything. I would have sent it to you. I don't think that I would be that stupid enough to make payments to you every consecutive month and skip a payment for February. I disputed with you about this issue and you are still trying to make a lie stick that I didn't pay you. I tell you what you can do if I'm wrong. Why don't you send people claim all the payments that I sent to you and let them see my payment history that I've made to you. Can you do this?

    That's all you have to do. This was your check that you sent me and I sent it back to you along with the difference and you know I did this. I don't know why you are trying too make it look like I didn't pay that payment and you know I did. And why you are at it. I want you to tell them why you wrote to me and said you did not get my payment for July of this year 2017 and you got it. Something else I want to know. Why would you be holding an outstanding check for me and the check belongs to you if you are talking about the check you sent in February of 2015. The last thing I want to say is that it was best that I dropped this policy because you have been playing games with me for a very long time.

    But, the game that I play is baseball and when I hit. I hit a home run. Now, on my behalf we don't have to play games anymore because I am through with you for good. So, I would like to say it politely. Please send me all the money that you owe me and it is more than $58.35. Thank you and god bless you. You can take people money from them without a problem. But, when it comes down to giving it back. You cannot do that. Too be honest I think you did this on purpose too make me drop that policy because you collected all the money that you wanted to get out of me.

  • Aug 16, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • I want you to tell me also, about this premium that you provided to me with a letter of explanation. If you sent it you must have been dreaming it. Because I didn't get it.

  • Aug 16, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • It seems to be a problem that these kind of things are happening all over the world now. These companies are pretending that they are not getting your payments in order for you to pay them more money. This needs to stop because what they are doing is ruining their own reputation and making their companies look bad. People are not going too go for this. Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't cost one cent to right but, when you do wrong you are creating all kind of problems to yourself and the greed for money is simply, not good because one thing for sure is when you leave here. Money cannot buy your life back. Everyone needs money to live but, there is a difference in using money to supply your needs abusing it. There is no need.

  • Aug 17, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • There is no excuse for this right is right and wrong is wrong. They are dead wrong and what they did. When I sent that check back to them with the difference that I owed them. They waited for about 5 months later and started telling me that I missed a payment for February and they did not explain nothing to me. When they started harassing me about the payment. I wrote them and told them I was going to file a complaint against them because I knew that I never missed a payment. They got beef with me when I filed the complaint and they have been messing with me ever since then. They started sending my statements dated for all difference dates. I brought it to their attention that I mailed the check and the difference back to them. They completely looked over what I said.

    Apparently, this is where they saw a crack that they could get through by pretending that they didn't get my payment. Now, if they didn't get that payment why did they wait for such a long period of time before contacting me about this payment? I called them up a man answered my call. I said to him if you have been getting all my payments. Why would I skip a payment for February?.

    I asked him. Does this make any since to you and you are looking at all the other payments that I have been sending you and sending them to you on time. He said no it doesn't make any sense and he told me he would fix the problem. Another 4 or 5 months goes by. Here they are starting the same thing over again. When people does things to me like this to me. They know that they a dead wrong. They just have a pick at me because of what I wrote and told them about that payment and that I was going to file a complaint against them for harassing me about this subject. Anybody that I do business with. They can tell you that I pay my bills. You know I'm really sorry about people being so greedy for money like this. I go out my way trying to pay my bills and get them paid on time and you are struggling so hard to be a good customer to them and they doesn't appreciate it but, you know I will tell you what I would like to do for people that doesn't appreciate you for being a good customer to them. I would like to spit some snuff spit in all of their faces.

  • Aug 21, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Do you really think you have me fooled by sending me a copy of this money order stub. I already have it and the reason why I have it is because of crooks like you. Why didn't you send me a copy of that check I sent back to you along with the money order stub I sent you for February/2015 would it be is because you are trying to still stick with your lies and hide something. That's exactly, what it look like you are doing to me. Show People Claim that outstanding check that you said you were sending me and a copy of that money order that I sent with it. The one for February that I'm speaking about.

    You got me wind up now and I am ready to let go. And I am not going to stop until, I get some satisfaction. You have been messing with me for some years now, and I kept looking over the things that you were doing to me but, now I am looking dead at it. Playing you dumb little dirty mind games. You can try using all your little psychotic stupidiness that you want to. But I am going to tell you one thing is that It doesn't work on me.

    And the reason why I kept looking over you is because you didn't know that I was Chucky. Remember, that little doll that says. "Hi, I'm chucky wanna play. Yes that's the little rascal that I 'm talking about. Now, I am chucky and I am ready to play. Just like you lied and played with me about a bill that you said I didn't pay. Although, you knew that bill was paid. You just had your intentions focused on me harassing me. Now, you got my perfect undivided attention.

    You told these people that I missed a February payment in 2015. What you said on that letter was that I didn't send you enough money and you was returning the payment back to me because you couldn't except, what I sent you. The way you said it. It sounded pretty nasty to me. For only 3 dollars and some change and you did not send me no letter of explanation. The explanation that you sent me was those games that you started playing with me. I want to know and I want everybody else to know why are you hiding that check and the difference of that payment I sent to you. It look like to me that you are hiding something. Are you? I know the reason why. You cashed it and pocketed it.

    This is the crack you saw that you thought you could get through. So, you made up this lie and said you didn't get my February/2015 payment and you know that you got it but, you were trying to get even with me because I complained on you. I can stand before any judge and I can tell them the truth and I can also, back it up because I got proof. Can you? I can take you back to law school if I want to but, right now I'm to angry to go back there.

    Tell People Claim why you waited 5 months before attaching a note to one of my statements telling me I had a past due charge. I already know you are going to tell a lie for February/2015. If I was with a company doing business. I would have contacted the customer right away about the issue. Instead, you started playing games mental mind games. Tell People claim why you were sending me statements dated a month behind and then, started sending 2 statements in the same month. Does this sound like someone missing a payment or, someone picking at you. Every time you did this I corrected it and made it the right month that I was paying it in. Get you lies straight. I want you too tell everybody why you did these things to me. And every lie that you tell I am going to contradict you. And the reason why is because I am not a liar. I believe in telling the truth whether it set me free or don't.

    The next thing I would like for you to do is tell everybody why you are holding and outstanding check for me every since February of 2015. This is the only one that you ever sent me. You are messing with chucky come on let's plaay. It's not about a payment I owe you. It's about me filing a complaint against you. You didn't like it and you have been messing with me every since the year of 2015. Legally, I'm going to say keep messing with me. I got you letter and lies today. They sent me a money order stub that I already have since 2015 now, I want you too do is prove that I'm a liar. You know what? I don't sit on my behind and tell lies on people and if you were doing your job properly. You wouldn't be doing either.

    I hate liars and I don't give a good ca- hoot how you feel about me because I don't need you love. You don't have none anyway. Because if you did have a heart. You wouldn't be doing the things that you are doing to people. You told people claim that you were sending a refund. I haven't seen one yet. Go ahead tell some more of you lies before I blow up in your face.

    I don't focused on skinning a poor man's hide. God's word say help the poor and needy not rob them for the little that they have. I am the type of person that believe in helping another person. If they fall I will try to help them get up. If they are hungry I will give them something to eat and if they are thirsty. I will give the a drink of water. Now, if you were thirsty. And if somebody would give you a drink I would like for you to fall asleep and don't wake up. Then, you wouldn't have to tell a lie on nobody else anymore and they definitely want have to harass anybody else. Things happen by mistake you know. You better have your lies very well put together before standing before a judge. If you think that you can scare me. Try it because I am sitting on ready waiting on you. Courts adjourned.

  • Aug 21, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Globe life and acc. ins co. sent me a letter today and their were no funds. Read what they wrote. This is what I'm telling you about them now. All they does is tell lies. They have no intentions of sending any funds but, I can assure you that there are more ways to skin a cat than just one. After, all they are working with the right company.

  • Aug 21, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • I want you to send me a copy of that check#2003220 and I want you to send me that money order stub that I sent you with it . Why are you sending me a money order stub for February/2015. This is the check that I sent back to you alone with that $3 and some change money order. You made this check out in my name and I sent it back to you alone with a money order for the difference I owed you and this you very well know. If you can dig up that money order stub. You can dig up that check now, dig up and send it to me.

    The next thing I want too know is why are you holding an check outstanding check and did not add it to my account like you was suppose to do or, why didn't you send the check back to me if this was so and it was your check that I mailed back to you alone with the difference. Why didn't you cash your own check and add it to my account. Can anybody see that something is wrong with this picture? People Claim can you see that something is wrong here?

    I will forward a copy of this letter to People Claim that you sent to me? I'm not looking for you to see what wrong with this picture. I want someone else to see it. This is the way you treat your customers by picking at them and sending them statements dated for a month behind if they missed a payment? Now, tell me what was your excuse for sending me a letter telling me I missed a payment for July and you know I did not miss it. I have that letter and I will forward it also.

    Next time come out of the white house but, come out of there being right. Because when you get me wrong. I am going to let you know it.

  • Aug 30, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • it looks as though to me is that you are not trying to refund my money back to me. What are you trying to do? Pay somebody to keep their mouth shut? well. mine is open. You stated that a new check was being reissued and will be sent to me with a check in the amount of $58.35 and that outstanding check was going to be reissued. That check has not reached my mailbox up until, this day because is not you intentions to send it. I want you to probe that I didn't send you that payment for February/2015.

    The next thing whoever, made up those figures that you sent me they made a real big mess for trying to hurry up and cover up your lies. Anybody, with common sense can see that this was a made up deal. I am asking you to prove that I did not pay you for February of 2015. And if don't refund my money. I have a lot of more work to do for you. Don't forget like you always do to send me that outstanding check or, if you don't want to send it to me. Send it to People Claim. If you can't prove that I didn't send you that February/2015. Everybody is going to know who you really are. I will be waiting for your prompt response for my refund and If you can't send it. I have a lot more work to do for you. You said that you refunded me a check on 2/17/15. Why didn't you tell them. I refunded the check back to you with the difference. Trying to make yourself look good right? You also, said that you was reissuing another check and the amount of $58.35. Where is it. I don't see it. It looks as though we are just beginning and I got a lot of more work to do.

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Compensation: Insurance Policy Aug 18, 2017 $3,000.00
2. Refund: Insurance Policy Aug 18, 2017 $3,000.00
Cash total : $6,014.99
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • "A letter of explanation is being sent to Ms. Evans today via regular mail. In February 2015, Ms. Evans submitted a premium in the amount of $18.40, which was not sufficient to pay the policy for one month due to a coverage increase that became effective 01/08/15. The premiums for this policy have been one month behind since February 2015. A premium history was provided to Ms. Evans with the letter of explanation.

    The insufficient premium was refunded to Ms. Evans on 02/17/15; however, that check is still outstanding. A new check is being reissued and will be sent to Ms. Evans with a check in the amount of $58.35, representing the full cash surrender value of the policy.

    Ms. Evans is not entitled to any compensation regarding this policy, other than the $18.40 refund and the $58.35 cash surrender value."

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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