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Marsha J vs. Ecommerce Quality Adds/Holman Enterprises

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M. J. vs. Ecommerce Marketing Solutions Llc - Ecommerce Quality Ads - Holman's Enterprises, Investments & Associates Llc - (800) 245-1742
221 E Indianola Ave Phoenix AZ 85012-2002 - Undeliverable, 500 W Indian School Rd Phoenix, Az, 85013-3209 - Undeliverable, 24 W Camelback Rd Ste A453 Phoenix - Undeliverable, Arizona, 85013, United States
Amount Involved: $30,000.00
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"This is what happened to me that cost me nearly 30,000.00 ..

When I got the return letter from attorney general office of Arizona, I was told the added name was Holman enterprises.

I called the cell number that I had for Morgan davis just last night and someone answered said she just got the phone 2 months ago and did not know this person but has been getting a lot of calls for Morgan.

Ecommerce quality ads solutions

This all started in July of 2017

Got a call from Diane Moore: 800-245-1742 or 602 682 7199 she described the offer:

- I will have two websites set up:,

- Access to “back office” the area that will tell me what my sites are doing.

- Check 298 499.00

- check your site weekly

Online marketing is giving 12 stores as a promotion

A passive income

- 12 streams of income 7%

- apparel store 1%

- auto store 7%

- bookstore

- computer store

- fragrance/beauty

- outdoor recreation

- grocery and gourmet foods delivery 1%

- home/garden

- jewelry

- pet supply

- vitamin/diet stuff

- electronics

Traveler website Amazon 1%

- orbitz


- cruise 4%

- car rental


Then they sent emails to tell me how to walk through my sites (which to this day 10/28/17) does not work Amber Lee customer service

Then I spoke with Russell Bennett in Marketing sales

800 245 1742 602 595 9233

Russell offered the search engines they would put my sites on top of:

- Google 1.6 billion views

- Bing 400 million

- Yahoo 300 million

- ASK 245 million

- AOL 125 million

These search engines optimize interest by using “spiders” that target visitors who actively use

Russell stated that with a 25000 investment I would be getting 12.5% back on my money: 3125.00/month

Then he started asking where I could pull money from and he would “waive” another 20,000 package that would make my monthly 6250.00/month (17%) and “I have done this for 15 years, I know what I am talking about”

His financial person who helped me get a loan by offering up a lender or two, took my routing numbers and ssn so she could pull money when I told her it was available was Morgan Davis. Her personal number was given to me: 602 595 9185,,, office number – personal cell 623 349 2462 where I snap shot and sent my license and financial info, corporate number (she said she got cause she was starting up new sites for the company) 602 448 1207.

I have checks that I received due to my loans coming due (as Morgan stated they did not want clients to have to pay their loans out of their own pockets) One was 1000.00 September 2 2017. The next month I received 831.31 that would not go through because they had already used the check number. So called Morgan she had a new one issued, which did go through.

At some time in September, Russell became unavailable due to : several people who answered his line said he had collapsed- heart-stress. Morgan took over his area. Spoke with Diane Moore who reaffirmed this but Morgan was not available.

I have print outs of financial transfers and a document sent from this company.

Morgan used when I sent items to her.

Commerce back office emails, my business venture, files see below:

Hello, this is Imani with customer service. I am emailing you the information regarding your sites and back office log in information. So the first thing is your websites;

your amazon site is:

your travel site is:

Now how you keep track of your commissions is through your Back Office. First, go to the web address www.amazonbackoffice.c om Once there you are going to see multiple colored boxes. The one you want to click on is labeled "Commissions Junction" and it is a GREEN box. Once you click on it you will be redirected to your affiliate back office. Once there, on the top right hand side it should have a log in button

Your email for back office: mjacobs@ecommercemarketingsolutions.c om

Password: Manager!1

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 1-800-245-1742

Thank you!

E-commerce Quality Ads
500 W. Indian School
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Toll Free: 800-245-1742
FAX: 602-248-8006


Customer Service
Jul 7 at 11:16 AM

Welcome to the E-Commerce Family! Attached is your invoice and important information regarding your websites. You will be receiving a phone call from one of our Customer Service Representatives to walk you through your Amazon Back Office, as well as answering any questions you may have regarding your new websites. A Priority Mail Welcome Packet has been mailed to you with important forms enclosed, including your W-9 and log-in information. Please note, if you wish to send your W-9 to us for processing, we kindly ask that you do NOT change the provided temporary password for your Amazon Back Office until we complete your tax registration.

E-commerce Quality Ads
500 W. Indian School
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Toll Free: 800-245-1742
FAX: 602-248-8006

Email: custservicemarketingads@gmail. com

Download all attachments as a zip file

Marsha Jacobs

Dec 6 at 7:38 AM

I am writing as I was ordering christmas off amazon and when my account pulled up to order, someone else number was in it. So here is the issue.

I spoke with a Russel Bennet, Bob Thomas, Diane Moore, Morgan Davis invested 28000.00 and got 3 checks, one of which did not go through but was reissued. My total so far on this business venture I have gotten a return of 1831,00 since July. I want to know what is happening as the last time I spoke to customer service a young man told me they were moving and all the empowerment posters were down and he didn’t know what was happening. Russel no longer works there due some financial issues, Bob Thomas moved back to his original company but this company said he was random drug tested, Diane Moore was setting up the new location, Morgan Davis who always took time for me is now in the wind with none of the 3 phone numbers she gave me having room in the message or ever getting a return call. I have all my documentation from day one if you need to see. It has all the money exchanged the banks that show it was taken out. I have not received a check in 2 months.

I need someone to get in contact with me as I am ready to contact AGO. I gave all my savings and took out a loan to finance this and now I am sinking…

Will someone please contact me. I do have a timeframe on this for your response.

Marsha Jacobs


I did speak with a prior employee of the company just last night. He stated they had moved 5 0r 6 miles from where he worked with them and was questioning why they did not use their real names. He did say that a Wendell (first or last?) was a real piece of work and a reason he left. This is the information I felt you should see, If you need more do not hesitate to contact me.

Marsha Jacobs 217-246-7003 (leave a message if I do not answer)

Thank you.
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  • 07-04-2017 — phone calls started
What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Refund: investment put in minus the 1831.00 they paid me. Mar 15, 2018 $30,000.00
2. Other – Copy claim to regulators Mar 15, 2018 $14.99
3. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Mar 15, 2018 $14.99
4. Other – Physical delivery charges Mar 15, 2018 $4.99
Just make me happy!
Claimant invites Ecommerce Marketing Solutions Llc - Ecommerce Quality Ads - Holman's Enterprises, Investments & Associates Llc - (800) 245-1742 to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
Cash total : $30,034.97
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Ecommerce Marketing Solutions Llc - Ecommerce Quality Ads - Holman's Enterprises, Investments & Associates Llc - (800) 245-1742. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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