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Deborah Todd vs. Capital One Bank, Wilmington, De

$15,000 of Federally Insured monies stolen from hospitalized Deborah A. Todd while Capital One Bank sits back and lets happen without any notification!

D. T. vs. Capital One Financial Corporation
1680 Capital One Dr, Mclean, Virginia, 22102-3491, United States
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"[THIS IS LETTER I SENT TO "CONSUMER FINANCE BUREAU"] which gave me another denial from Capital One.
March 7, 2017 
RE:  Deborah A. Todd
I was admitted to Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital on January 9, 2017 and was approximately 5-7 days from my release when I phoned my bank, Capital One, to find out the balance on my checking account.  It was to my surprise that my account was short or almost depleted when it told me I had approximately $3,300.00 left in it.  The last time I had checked, approximately the beginning of January, and had not made any other transactions, it had been in the $18,000.00s.  I did not know when the paramedics took me away on the 9th of January that I had pneumonia.  I had been very sick and had not known.
I immediately talked with a representative, only to find out that my checking bank “card” had been used on a daily basis since January 4th or 5th, 2017 till the present (1/25/17) at that time.  I have attached a copy of the December and January bank statements with highlighted transactions that were not made by me, as I was hospitalized at this time… the whole time!   After two (2) days an officer finally arrived at the hospital and got on the phone with my bank, Capital One.  He wrote down every transaction that had been made from my card for that period of usage, a copy of report  attached (1.)   
What I don’t understand is why the bank did not call once to notify me, leave a message, call the person I had on my account for emergency, etc.  They could have nipped this in the bud.  I’ve never abused my card this way… $900 – over $1,000 a day.  Absolutely Not!  I had never taken large amounts out like these except for my rent time and that would be around $600. 
Finally, there was an investigator from Capital One assigned to my claims.  His name is Keith Pyle and can be reached at 302.255.3712 or thru Claims at 866.536.9023.  He has been giving me every reason possible to not give me reimbursement for my money.   NO one else has my pin# aside from myself and I have never written it down.  This money was my life savings and I’ve had it in the bank since I received it several years ago and have NOT touched it. 
1.  There are also two (2) police reports.  One taken while I was in the hospital, where the officer got on the phone with the bank and took down every transaction that was made within the time frame my card was used.  This took a very long time as you can see from the copies I have made of my bank statements.  He took down names of the parties that also live where I reside, but I need to let you know that my door had a padlock or master key lock on my bedroom.   The two parties that live there are known drug associates of the neighborhood and I believe that they or he, Michael Traverse are the main culprits in my demise.  The second (2nd) police report, a copy included,  was for the time I went back to retrieve my personal items, about a week after I was discharged, I found my bedroom door busted open, the lock was gone, my room ransacked.   After going thru my room, I realized clothes, from coats to socks, expensive and non-expensive jewelry, coats, a tv, cd player, cds, food, and to top it all off… my snake was gone.   My credit cards, including my bank card was gone.   They were in my top dresser drawer.  I’m thinking that my bank card had been taken on and off before I went into the hospital with them knowing how sick I was, and now it was permanently gone.
I have a problem with the 2nd police report.  Keith Pyle from the bank said that the officer wrote that I didn’t want fingerprints taken.  Well, that is not true.  The officer told us that it would make no sense to have them taken because there had been so many people in and out.  The guys that live there, Michael Travers and Jim Liber had told the officer that other guys from the neighborhood had been coming over and were in and out of my room but they knew nothing of anything stolen, but in the same breath, Jim Liber said he had been in there to feed my snake and to show the owner of the house my snake.  I don’t know why the officer didn’t lock him up right there and then.   The detective assigned to this case, detective Banker never once talked to either one of these guys.  He always said they weren’t home.  Michael has a history and an extremely long criminal report of thefts, drugs, etc.
I’m sorry that this info is so long, but it’s been a mess from the very beginning and it seems that aside from the bank giving me a hard way to go, the detectives drug their heels and told me that WalMart only keeps videotapes for a week.   There were other places also and he didn’t mention those.   This has now  been turned over to another detective, a detective West.  Her number is 410.396.2400, Check & Fraud Division.  I’ve been trying to contact her for over a week now, and she has yet to return my call.  It was the same with the last detective Banker.
Well, my case has not been closed by the bank, but my money has.  So, I’ve been told thru many phone calls that I need to write this letter to you.  I don’t know where else to turn.  I feel like I’ve been down many alleys and have come up with nothing, meaning $0.00 return in my bank account.  Can you help me please?
Please feel free to contact me at 410.908.9625 with any questions or comments.  I know there is more information about this, but at the moment, I am drawing a blank.
Thanking you now for your time and consideration in this matter.  Have a great day!
Deborah A. Todd
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  • 01-04-2017 — Started using my card
  • 01-25-2017 — Called bank from hospital to get balance and found out I was $15,000 short only to find out my card had been used on a daily basis
Additional Communication Between Claimant and Capital One Financial Corporation Hide
  • Apr 29, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • The detective, Detective West from the NE Division of the Balto City Police Dept is back on the case but will not return any of my calls. I have been calling every other day for two weeks. She did call the bank investigator, Keith Pyle but not me. I found out that Michael Travers and Jim Liber is still living at the house and my old landlord can not give me any real reason why. At least I know where they are. Deborah Todd

  • May 03, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • ACapitol One's bank president's ass't called me today to let me know that they are not going to change their mind on finding me responsible for my card usage. I told her that I will not stop fighting this until the end, even if I have to picket the bank. I have now invited attorneys into this, and will be calling some of the places, i.e. WalMart, Giant that my card was used to see if I, myself can recover any footage. The detective, West on this case is now searching into places where she can find footage also. She has returned my call along with the bank investigator, Keith Pyle. He is also awaiting return info from Detective West.dd your information here

  • May 03, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Capitol One's bank president's ass't called me today to let me know that they are not going to change their mind on finding me responsible for my card usage. I told her that I will not stop fighting this until the end, even if I have to picket the bank. I have now invited attorneys into this, and will be calling some of the places, i.e. WalMart, Giant that my card was used to see if I, myself can recover any footage. The detective, West on this case is now searching into places where she can find footage also. She has returned my call along with the bank investigator, Keith Pyle. He is also awaiting return info from Detective West.

  • May 29, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Detective West:

    I have not heard back from you no matter which way I have contacted you recently. The last I heard of anything, was from Keith Pyle, Investigator for Capital One that called to tell me he had to get back to you in an email. Why tell me and not just do? That was two weeks ago. I keep getting put in the hospital and feel I have to start all over again, once I get out. This is not fair.

    I thought a lot about all of this my last stay, a lot about my pin number. Trying to put this together and had forgotten about this happening. Very simple I thought of, but this is what happens when you've trusted someone. The house that I rented, stayed in, the same as this Michael Travers that I am putting blame on, is owned either by Leo Chernyakhovsky, or his father Otto. They both run Paradise PAMDC-PRP, 7902 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236. There is another Paradise, also located on Belair Road in Baltimore, MD 21206. Their website is PAMDC-PRP Home Page

    PAMDC-PRP Home Page

    Having this information, Leo C. collected rent always on the first of each month, from me anyway. I did not belong to either one of these programs, thank God. Michael T. and Jim Liber (the other resident) did. I won't characterize the degree of illnesses, however, I would not have belonged. I wouldn't have wanted to either, considering what I saw and heard of these places. I do remember on two (2) occasions not having the cash on hand for my rent, because I had not gotten to my bank previously Leo C. took me to the Bank of Baltimore on Frankford Ave. and Belair Rds. Instead of me going up to the ATM window outside the bank, Leo C. took me thru the drive-thru as I gave him my pin-number to retrieve my cash for rent. At these times I believed and trusted in Leo C. It was only until he moved Michael T. and Jim L. in, basically around the same time that I made Leo C. aware of the drug and theft problems and he refused, even though he said he was taking care of the situations, that I realized he wanted them there for the money. If they did not attend the Paradise program, then he would not get reimbursed from the government for these men. My understanding is that Leo C. and Michael T. have known each other for approximately nine (9) years and and had knowledge of his thieving, his dealings with the law, his violent temper and of course his medical problems, including his schizophrenia to mention the least. I know that this is hearsay, but Leo C. is suppose to know of Jim L.'s use of marijuana on the property of Paradise. When I was released out of the hospital on 1/25/17, of course I had no intention of moving back to the house, Leo had informed me that Jim L. was to be out of the residence within two (2) weeks and Michael T. by 2/15/17. The house had been so poorly taken care of after these two and others off the streets got ahold of it that he was going to rehab the whole house. He had already been fined over $1,000.00 for trash and damages by the City of Baltimore. As of 5/25/17 both men were in the house. I confronted Leo C. and he said it was because of legal problems he ran into. I don't believe it. I believe that somehow or another he is involved and I don't mind sharing my opinion. He will know as of tomorrow.

    I found out his other houses were infested with bed bugs and he asked the tenants to be quiet about it. I am already collecting information about this and am going to contact someone regarding community care, i.e. Jane Miller. I will see where this goes.
    I'm not sure if I told you that Capitol One's presidents' (one of them) assistant or secretary called me several weeks ago to inform me that they were not changing their mind. Do they think I keep moving with this only to be shut down? Even though it is what's happening.

    So now I'm believing that all of those complaints made to Leo C. were overlooked or not looked at at all and it wasn't just my house, it was other houses too ... all for the money!!!

    Detective West, thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter. This is truly breaking my heart. Please call me with any questions or comments you may have. 410.908.9625. Hope you're having a good day!


    Deborah Todd

  • May 29, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • (Owner of address in discussion below)
    Leo Chernyakhovsky CPRP
    Program Director
    Paradise AMDC (PAMDC)
    5613-17 Belair Road
    Baltimore, MD 21206
    443-938-4401 Cell
    410-483-4444 Office/ 410-483-4443 fax

  • May 29, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Just because you call with a threat of "Not" backing down, well neither am I backing down. I refuse to throw my $15,000.00 away when my monies are supposed to be federally insured and my bank is supposed to have an eye on my account! Just who do you think you are?

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Claimant invites Capital One Financial Corporation to make a fair offer.
1. Other – Pay for claim posting cost May 08, 2017 $14.99
Cash total : TBD
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  • Contributed Solution: by Claimant On 05-14-2017
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  • Contributed Solution: by Claimant On 05-14-2017
    My approximate $15,000.00 (my life savings) should be returned to me. More...
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