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B.W. vs. Audio Savings, 600 Bayview Ave, Inwood, Ny 11096-1600

B. W. vs. Audio Savings
600 Bayview Ave, Inwood, New York, 11096-1600, United States
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    • Claim #: 1203723
    • Amount Involved: 163.92
    • Filed On: Oct 01, 2016
    • Posted On: Oct 23, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • Problem with a service
      • Problem with a product
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Hello BBB, I'm Brian Wilson. I bought 2 Rockville 1000 watt powered speakers from Audio Savings on E-bay. They are located at Inwood, NY. They were purchased on 9/2/2016 and delivered 9/9.2016. I had a performance on 9/10/2016. I'm 62 years old and have been playing music since the 1960's. I know how to hook up and operate speakers. We do it all the time. I tried hooking these speakers up for the performance and the power came on, but no sound came through the speakers. I have 7 witnesses to the fact. We worked on different scenerios and hook ups. We adjusted the controls the way the book said Nothing. I got frustrated and tired of working on it and pushed them aside, we never used them. Come the next week, I called Audio Savings and Explained I didn't like the speakers because they didn't work. The girl that answered the phone wouldn't give me packing slips but said to return them and they would refund shipping. I returned them because they didn't function period. E-bay is helping me get my money back. It is wrong that I should have to pay $163.92 for return shipping for an item that didn't work and was told I would get refunded. I feel scammed because they didn't work for me and now they say by some miracle they work for them and won't pay my shipping. This is wrong and taking advantage of people."
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  • 09-10-2016 — Rockville Speaker Return
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Audio Savings Hide
  • Oct 10, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • All of our calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes. I've listened back to this call to determine exactly what the customer indicated to us, as well as what we informed the customer of. The customer called us on 9/13, and indicated that they would like to return the speakers for exchange because they did not like the way they sounded. They indicated at this time that they would like to exchange them for Mackie speakers. As the customer simply did not care for the items that they purchased, all shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. Our customer service representative that answered the call authorized the customer's return, and informed the customer, "All you're going to have to do is just package it up, take it over to whatever shipping company you desire, send the item back to us, and cover the shipping costs. Once we get it, we'll go ahead and exchange for whatever it is that you would like." I've attached the recordings of this call, and this occurs at the 2 minute mark of the first recording. The customer was then placed on hold while the return was authorized and an email sent to the customer. The second half of the call consists solely of discussing possible exchange items. At no time did we indicate that we would reimburse the customer for their shipping fees, and at no time did the customer indicate that the speakers were defective. The speakers were returned to us, where they were thoroughly tested by our technical department before being relisted as open box items at a significant discount. The customer changed their mind about exchanging for different speakers, and so a refund was issued. As the items were returned in used condition, a 10% restocking fee was deducted from their refund, in addition to the cost of original outgoing shipping, as is outlined clearly in our return policies in all of our listings. Unfortunately, these deductions are not refundable, nor are the shipping costs that the customer incurred when sending the items back to us.

    Please let us know if any other information is required regarding this transaction. Thanks.

  • Oct 12, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • .

  • Oct 12, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • Brian, as I've stated in the information that I previously provided for your claim, we have listened back to the recording of the call that you placed to our customer service department. Those recordings are attached to the previous information that we provided as well, in case you'd like to listen back yourself. In this call, you indicated that you'd like to return the speakers that you purchased because you did not like the way they sounded, and that you'd like to exchange them for a pair of Mackies. At no point was any functional issue brought up by you, and there was no discussion whatsoever about the speakers being defective. As you simply did not care for the speakers that you purchased, any shipping costs are your responsibility. This was explained to you very clearly by our representative over the phone when she gave you return instructions. Her words to you as they appear on the recorded call are "All you're going to have to do is just package it up, take it over to whatever shipping company you desire, send the item back to us, and cover the shipping costs. Once we get it, we'll go ahead and exchange for whatever it is that you would like." You then went on to discuss your options for exchange items, and the matter of return shipping costs was not discussed again in any capacity. We did receive your returned speakers, our technical department ran them through rigorous testing, as is done on any customer return in order to resell the item as an open box. The speakers were found to be in perfect working order, and were then relisted as open box items at a significant discount. Because of this, a restocking fee was deducted from your refund, as is stated in our return policies in all of our listings. Everything I've explained thus far and everything that has occurred in regards to your return is standard return policy procedure across the board for any online retailer. Were there a defect or problem with the functionality of the speakers that you had purchased, our policy would have provided for a pre paid shipping label to be issued to you for the return of the goods that you purchased. As this was not your stated reason for returning the items, and they have in fact been tested and deemed to be in good working order, these shipping costs and restocking fee are not refundable. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes you, but no further refund will be issued.


  • Oct 12, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • You May or may not record your phone calls I have no way of knowing. I say that because your recollection of our conversation is not correct. I never stated that I didn't like the way they sounded because they never performed. When I called I asked the young lady Don't you want to know why I want to return the speakers? She said well uh I guess, I said they powered turned on but they never worked. She said I should send you packing slips for shipping. Then She said, go ahead and ship them and we will cover your shipping for something that doesn't work. My occupation is Corporate Field Sales, I understand what it means to have customers and to have customer service and to do what is right. Number one I never stated that I didn't like the sound because they didn't perform. If you have this it is fabricated by you. Number two, your employee told me she should send me a packing slip for item not working to ship the product back, but to go ahead and ship it and she would see that the shipping fees would be paid. Where is that recording or did you loose it? Number 3 you didn't fare very well with e-bay so you are taking it out on me. How many other people do you bully and get by with? You have your product, I have nothing, I sent it back to you and was told by your employer I would be reimbursed? So you are telling me Audio Savings word is no good! You won't pay me the $163.92 that was told me by your employee! Brian Wilson

  • Oct 13, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • Brian, I have no idea what you are talking about in regards to how we fared with eBay. There is nothing at all that we are "taking out" on you. Let me clarify something for you as well. You insist that our representative instructed you to ship the items back on your own dime and present us with the receipt for reimbursement. This is not something that ever happens under any circumstances. If we accept a return for a defective item or an item that is otherwise not as described, we issue a pre paid shipping label on our account. We ship a thousand packages a day, and so we have a premier Fedex account. Our rates for shipping significantly lower than what someone without a premier account would be charged. Having a customer pay out of pocket at a much higher rate and reimbursing them at this rate would not make sense at all, and it is not done. As you did not indicate anything at all about the speakers that you purchased having any issues with functionality and instead simply stated that you did not care for the sound quality, the cost of shipping was not offered to you in any capacity. Nothing has been fabricated at all by us in regards to your return. Further, the recordings of the call are actually attached to the claim as .WAV files, as stated previously. You are welcome to listen for yourself. I understand your frustration with the shipping fees that you incurred for your return, and in your statements for this claim, you state that you feel "ripped off." You purchased an extremely low cost speaker set and were not happy with the quality. In your call, you indicated that you wanted to exchange for Mackie speakers, which are a very high quality and high cost brand. The idea that you could go for a lower cost, "budget" item, try it out, then return it on our dime when it wasn't to your liking would in fact be ripping us off. We do not offer rentals, we offer items for sale. Lastly, it is clearly stated in the return policy in all of our listings, including the listing that you made your purchase from, that the customer is responsible for return shipping for this type of return, a 10% restocking fee if the item is returned in anything other than brand new, factory sealed condition, and the cost of original outgoing shipping.

    I'm sorry for your frustration, but we cannot issue any further refund to you at this time. Thanks.

  • Oct 13, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • I have 7 witnesses that I can get a motorized statement saying the same. Why would you say that I said I didn't like the sound. They never worked. I have read your response, and I at no time said that I didn't like the quality of the sound. Upon my second call your employee did say that she should send a prepaid shipping label for a non working item but it was too late. Go ahead and send it and Audio Savings would reimburse me. Like it or not that is what was said! Where is that recording? Did you conveniently loose that one? You guys are a rip off! How do I know the speakers work and if they do you didn't have to repair them?

  • Oct 13, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • You are very insulting, I truly wanted to exchange theses for the Mackies. But the way you treat your customers by sending them products that don't work to get them to spend more money in your store, then cheat them out of shipping, bullying them and treating them like dirt, doesn't get you repeat customers. You can lie all you want, that is all you are doing. You are not dealing with some young adolescent person, don't pay me my shipping $163.92, you may be unhappier about it than I. Brian Wilson

  • Oct 13, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • I'm sorry Brian, but this is beginning to devolve into personal attacks on your part. Your last sentence is some kind of vague threat, and this is completely unprofessional and unacceptable. No further refund will be issued, no further communication will had.


  • Oct 13, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • Thank you for your last response, I have received unprofessionslism at its fullest already. Like you said you control the upper hand, no issue will be allowed . I just want the public to know how you treat you paying customers after they don't comply with your game plan. After all, everyone likes a good true story!

  • Oct 13, 2016, Audio Savings (responding party) added:
  • We have represented our side of this dispute truthfully, accurately, and with professionalism. We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the shipping costs that you incurred to return the speakers that you did not care for, and we are confident that anyone who views the contents of this claim, including the attached recordings of the call, will see that we have not treated you unfairly at all, and rather that your demands are in fact unfair to our company.

    Best of luck in the future. Thanks.

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Compensation: UPS return shipping for non working speakers. Oct 18, 2016 $163.92
2. Other – Physical delivery charges Oct 18, 2016 $4.99
Cash total : $168.91
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided


This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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