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Irene Tsoi vs. American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc.

Stress out by bad business, American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc., please help!

I. T. vs. American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc.
17051 Green Dr, City Of Industry, California, 91745-1812, United States
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    • Claim #: 2030133
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    • Filed On: Mar 11, 2016
    • Posted On: Mar 22, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • Problem with a product
      • "I just feel ripped off."
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Advertised that cabinets was made in the U.S.A. Found out later that cabinets are made in China, only assembled in Industry, CA

I purchased over $10,000 worth of kitchen cabinets at American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc.
in 2014. Colors of the cabinets are mismatch, some cabinets are light orange color and some are antique white. Paint on the cabinets starting cracking within 1 year and lot more after 1 year. The alignment of the cabinet's doors are misaligned and expect you to correct it. Some soft-close drawers won't close all the way in on one side. These are just some of the flaws of their cabinets. I have problem with their engineered hardwood flooring too.

They will not care to solve the problems after they got all my money. They ignored all my emails request to solve all problems and honor warranty. Bad customer service in a bad business."
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  • Mar 11, 2016, American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc. (responding party) added:
  • Irene purchased the kitchen from AHKP and had an unprofessional installers, who has no experience to install her kitchen. The installer caused all the scratches , dents and cracks. AHKP even send their professional installers to help her resolve and adjust all the doors at NO CHARGE. AHKP allows her to made several changes and picked up several new doors to her liking. She filed small claimed against AHKP twice (in Feb 2015 & Feb 2016) and both time, the Superior Court of Northeast District rejected her claim. The Court twice entered judgement in favor of AHKP. Her claim had no merit. After the 1st judgement, AHKP gracefully allowed to come to the the warehouse and allowed her to selected more doors that she wanted at NO CHARGE. AHKP also noticed that she uses Scotchbite to scrub the face of the cabinet doors which caused different variation of colors. With the sloppy installation job and the mistreating of the cabinets, the warranty against manufacturers defect is voided. AHKP did their best to take care of her complaints over the last two years. We gave free installation services, doors replacements, touch up paints and two judgements against her claims and still she continues to file claim on AHKP.

  • Mar 11, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • AHKP are now trying to use as many excuses as they can to make them look better and feel better and I will easily dispute all of their responds. First dispute, the unprofessional installer they claim is my father who has been in the construction and contractor business for over 25 years. Second dispute, AHKP did all the doors assembly and there were flaws from day 1 of delivery to my house even before my father touch the cabinets. You can easily tell the problems of the cabinet's doors were not done by a person, the problems came straight from the manufacturing. I got to exchange a few new doors with AHKP after ton of emailing and begging and the new doors have the same problems. Now go ahead and try to blame that on the unprofessional installer, which he never even touch. AHKP tried to change the different color doors, but couldn't find any that match the rest of the cabinets so they had to repaint them and after the repaint, the smoothness of the paint was rough and still not same color. Third, I did mentioned on this's case that I lost the small claim court because due to my first time filing a small claim court that I didn't know I can bring the big cabinet's doors to the court and only show the judge the photos on the iphone and the case was lost due to no evidence. The second time I lost the small claim court case and this time I brought the evidence with me was because the first case is final and I can not repeal on the same problem. It is a shame they tried to use the excuse of me using Scotch-brite as a defense because it was only a sponge and the major problem here is the color of a few cabinet's doors and frame and panel are light orange and the rest of the cabinet's doors are antique white. How do I change color of cabinets with a sponge? The problems existed on day 1 without anyone touching the cabinets and their customer service was horrible. I had to call, email, text, come down to the warehouse over and over without any real help or any effort to solve the real problems. They just ignored me over and over and think I will go away eventually. God and Buddha know the truth and I will not rest until I get what I paid for!

  • Mar 22, 2016, American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc. (responding party) added:
  • If the "professional" installer with that kind of experience, why he does not know how to install crown molding and tall pantry? The decision of the Superior Court is final and we do not owed to her. You are putting ads on Craiglists using our company information and defaming us. If you do not crease immediately, we will take actions.

  • Mar 22, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • You are just embarrassing yourself with trying to protect yourself by using the same excuse of the word "professional" installer and trying to look good in the eyes of God. Do you how many DIY people install their own kitchen for the very first time? So just because they are not professional installer that means the cabinets are different colors and the paint on the cabinets start cracking. First, you gave the wrong size to the crown molding and we have to come back to get the correct size. Second, you did not include the small long pieces to connect the crown moldings to the cabinets when you delivered and again we have to come back to purchase them. Third, if you blame the problems on the cabinets because of the not professional installer, why would you need to send your employee to my house and he spend half day to correct so many problems by just painting over the flaws. I also have my rights to tell my story and experience to the world. It is call, "Freedom of Speech." The small court case I filed was for money compensation and I lost due to didn't bring evidence. You still have to honor your warranty on the product, it doesn't mean you are free from your obligation. Please see below everyone so you know what happen from day 1.

    There were problems from day 1 that the kitchen cabinets were delivered on Jan. 29, 2014. No one reply to my emails and phone calls for whole 2 weeks until I called personally to the office and demanded to speak to someone since Raquel, the saleslady didn't return my requests. The kitchen's island design was all wrong and the design doesn't make sense/ugly. The wall cabinets you gave to built the kitchen island does not have the footings for it to stand. Had to wait for Noel to come down to my house and showed prove of the wrong design. The claim of "Made in the USA" from the ad and representative was misleading. Everything was made in China and only put together in California. The two pantries didn't come with the bottom box toekicks and was told by Chin, the installation manager that I could build it myself. I paid for 96” tall pantries, not 92”. Few of the cabinet's plywood boxes were bend and/or one side is higher than the other side. All the two doors cabinets has huge gap between the doors and it took you guys few weeks to resolve after I didn't accept the manipulation of Chin placing a piece of small wood between the hinges. I requested to return and refund, but you guys want 25% restocking fee which was unfair when it was your cabinets that has problems. During the time of our disagreement on the discount of the cabinets, which the cabinets were being stored in the middle of my family room for months, my 3rd child got injured on his right eye from bumping into a corner of the wood. During the time we waited to resolve the situation, my family had to eat out for almost 3 months because we didn't have a kitchen to use. Your customer service was poor and extremely slow after full payment was collected. I had to repeatedly beg to return my calls, emails, and/or texts to resolve situation.

    After you given us the 10% discount for the slow respond delay service, you told me to just install the cabinets and promised all problems and flaws will be taken care of. That was far from the truth! Empty promises of getting an answer from next day or two becomes weeks and then months. I had to again repeatedly beg to fix the problems or reply with an answer. From the beginning, an employee of your came with a few doors to replace and those didn't work out because no glass on them. So the only doors you guys only replaced were one set of pantry doors ending up not fitting into the same old hinges and color were more orange tone and sizes was smaller and shorter than the same pantry that was installed next to it. I than came down to the warehouse after waiting and waiting with no real action taken and tried to replace 9 major problem doors. Again waiting with no action taken, I came down to the warehouse and saw my old 9 major problem doors were just sitting at the same place where I left them 2 months ago. Another two doors that were replaced because the colors are really deep orange and in their replacements were another two new lighter orange color doors (still not the match of the antique color from other doors). Another door was replaced because the wood was split inside. Another front drawer face was replaced because a piece of wood on the corner was missing from the inside. And last the spice rack front was also replaced because two linings were missing. All in all, only 5 doors were actually replaced only once and problem still exit. Now there are even damages to the frame where the doors keep removing and installing so now the holes are too large to support the doors.

    Keep in mind my dad had to add the spice rack’s stand because you guys build it too short. Cabinet's doors repeatedly have to remove and hinges has to move with the replacement doors to make them fit are all labor work that your flaw doors caused. You guys even build the rolling drawers for the pantry on the wrong one and had to remove and install to the correct pantry. Now the kitchen's cabinets have two tone color doors and some doors has cracked paints, toekicks and veneer panels are different colors from the cabinets, air pop on the pantry, pantry's doors sizes are smaller than the other, 3 drawers that doesn’t completely shut close in, and most doors are not align evenly are not part of the antique look you are using to make an excuses for.

What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
1. Replace: Replace all defective cabinet's doors and frame. Mar 26, 2016 N/A
2. Complete project: Replace all defective products. Mar 26, 2016 N/A
1. Other – Copy claim to regulators Mar 26, 2016 $14.99
2. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Mar 26, 2016 $7.99
3. Other – Physical delivery charges Mar 26, 2016 $2.99
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Cash total : $25.97
Non-cash: 2 items
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from American Home & Kitchen Products, Inc.. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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