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Poor travel services

J. M. vs. Worldwide Travel Services
Santa Clarita, California, United States
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    • Claim #: 1650177
    • Amount Involved: 4,000.00
    • Filed On: Sep 09, 2011
    • Posted On: Oct 10, 2011
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a service
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"My wife and I attended a Worldwide Travel Services (WWT) sales talk where they claimed one on one travel services with their travel agents here in Santa Clarita. They also claimed savings of up to 40% on hotels, condos, cruises etc. the cost was $6500 plus a yearly fee of $299. We paid the costs but when we went to plan trips we found that the "travel agents" were not competant and that they had a very limited array of hotels and condos and the savings very small if any. Our first request was for a one bedroom condo with an ocean view on the Kaanipali side of Maui. The agent said she would email us several to choose from but after a week with no response we went back to the office. We got another run around and then a call from an agent at their parent company, Travel Services, in Cherry Hill, NJ who said he would book the condo and the Valencia office would book the Rental car and air fare. We complained that we were told that we would get one on one service at the valencia office. They finally agreed and assigned us another agent in Valencia. She told us we should book the air ourselves because they could not save us anything on Air fare. We did and then were told by a supervisor that we should have had the whole trip booked as a package and would have saved a lot of money. She said that she would try to correct the situation but never even got back to us. We requested a refund of our money from WWT but they said that they never refund. They said that they knew that their staff was poorly trained but that they had fired several people and would give us a refund of $2500 and promised us better service. We finally agreed and were assigned another travel agent who said he would send us some choices that fit our request. After two weeks with no response we compalined again. They again appologized and said they would send us choices. They did but they were either condos on the other side of the island, or they were studios, or they were at a time we did not request even though we gave them the whole month of November. He finally sent us a condo we would accept, but when we searched Orbitz we found the same reservation for less money. We gave up on WWT and requested a refund of our money. They refused and told us that we could not sue them because we signed an arbitration agreement. Whether or not we get a refund of our money, we want to warn other travelers not to attend the sales meeting of these companies even though they offer you a free cruise for attending. If you do, do not believe the sales pitch because even their contract says that they are nort resposible for any promises of their salemen unless printed in the agreement. And never sign an arbitration agreement with anyone since it leaves you without any bargaining power. By the way, we never got our free cruise either. Live and Learn.
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What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Refund: Membership fee Sep 24, 2011 $4,000.00
Cash total : $4,000.00
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided

    "1. Mr. McConville has admitted he has no legitimate claim, and insteads, has stated he intends to use the internet to attack WWT as he has repeatedly refused to file an American Arbitration Association claim to have the matter resolved before a neutral trier of fact after presentation of his claim and WWT's defense. The cost to McConville would be $125 for AAA's services, which he would receive back, if victorious in this arbitration.

    2. Mr. McConville fails to disclose that he received a prior quote from WWT, but he intentionally did not submit a competitor's quote that was $126 less covering a different date, time and property in Hawaii, despite promising to do so under the contracts price guarantee clause. After the alleged "cheaper" trip, McConville complained to WWT about the lower price. WWT discovered he failed to comply with the price beat guarantee by withholding that competing quote, and failed to disclose that the "cheaper" quote did not include taxes, fees, and insurance, as the WWT quote contained. So, McConville's trip was actually more expensive than WWT's quote. When confronted with the facts, McConville was abusive to employees and threatened to improperly use the internet if he was given what he wanted.

    3. Regardless, to keep Mr. McConville happy, WWT paid for his entire Hawaiian trip. Despite no wrongdoing, WWT reimbursed McConville $2,400 or the entire cost of his trip.

    4. Thereafter, WWT assigned a 15 year experienced travel agent (Disney Travel trained), a Travel Services Manager, and the General Counsel of WWT to assure that McConville received preferred services, since it was clear McConville had another hidden agenda.

    5. Since that time, WWT has provided over 10 quotes to McConville, all of which provided discounts 10%-33% below publicly available rates, including a $578.76 savings on a 10 day Hollland America Cruise from NY to Canada, and multiple Hawaiian Vacations. All of these quotes were rejected by McConville because he could not find any way to argue he could find a lower price.

    6. The last trip is the one he claims to have found a better price and justifies his dissatisfaction. Specifically, WWT quoted a oceanfront 1 bed/bath in Maui with air, car and condo for 7 nights at $2,300, including all taxes, fees, and insurance. Rather than accept, and without notice to WWT, McConville booked at another condo location using WWT's air and car rental information. McConville claimed he obtained that booking at $2,242, so it was cheaper. Other than the fact the booking was at a different location, which materially effects pricing (since it was not as nice of property), and McConville did not submit for price beating under the contract, WWT investigated that booking and discovered that McConville did not including the tax, fees, and insurance, which all WWT's quotes include, and used a older, outdated and invalid quote. The actual price for his package on the day WWT quoted his above-mentioned $2,300 trip was $2,427, without the tax, fees, and insurance, which ran another $300. WWT processed the exact same package and quoted it to McConville at $2,131, including taxes, fees, and insurance, on the same day presented by McConville. Despite a savings of $600 or 28%, McConville rejected the quote, and allegedly kept the $600 more expensive trip.

    7. After being caught in his above misrepresenations, and WWT denying his demand for $4,000, McConville refused WWT's offer to send this matter to the American Arbitration Association (the USA's leading provider of alternative dispute resolution) for mediation or award, at WWT's expense. Instead, he renewed his threat that if his $4,000 refund was not processed immediately he would avail himself of the internet's usefullness as an attack weapon without need of proof or manner to enforce the rule of justice on the merits.

    8. In summary, Mr. McConville misrepresents the facts as a part of a campaign to defame WWT without having to provide documents or facts before a neutral trier of fact. Instead, he has overlooked his use of omission of material facts (i.e., comparing quotes from different locations, on different dates, and using different accommodation types), and his bad faith conduct (i.e., rejecting multiple quotes delivering deep savings, ignoring the tax/fee/insurance costs, using old/out of date quotes, and refusing to submit valid documentation for his claims of findings better rates, which turn out to be false).

    9. WWT provides exactly as it claims. WWT guarantees in its contract that it will beat any price by 5%. WWT's company policy is to beat it by 10%. WWT always refunds any and all commissions directly to the member. On out of network condos, hotel and rental cars, WWT averages saving its members 13-15%. In network condos average 27% to 40% savings, while hot week deal (travel on less than 60 days notice) deliver discounts at the 40-70% range. If a member has any dispute with WWT, it has the right to American Arbitration Association resolution, which is faster, cheaper and just as fair as the Court system.

    McConville has a hidden agenda other than the expressed reason that WWT failed to perform. He has received all the valuable benefits under the contract, high-quality/special attention services and unparalleled discounts in travel, but has chosen to invoke the blogsphere to air his complaints rather than seek review on the merits before the Courts, AAA and/or any other impartial trier of fact."

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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  • Comment: by PeopleClaim Admin PeopleClaim Admin — Online mediator
  • On: 10-25-2011
  • Claimant's response to worldwide travel services rejection of claim terms and comments
    1. I have not admitted that I have no legitimate claim, but only that I cannot take WWT to court because of the arbitration agreement. And I would be more than willing to go to arbitration if the cost is only $125 as they stated. I was told that it would cost $1000.
    2. If the refund of $2400 was paid “even though WWT had no wrongdoing,” as they state, then why do I have an email from them apologizing for the
    3. errors made by them and that they fired two people for being incompetent?
    4. When I agreed to give them one more chance to perform, I requested one week in a one bedroom condo on Kaanapali beach in Maui with an ocean view, plus a car and air. After two week and no response I inquired as to the status of my order. I received another apology email and a promise to go to upper management. When I finally received quotes they were all on the opposite side of the island in an area not too popular. I rejected them. I went into their office and explained in person what I wanted. A few days later I received a quote which I was ready to accept. Then I was told that it was for a studio, not a one bedroom. By this time I was pretty certain that I did not want WWT to be my travel agent in the future. They finally sent me a quote which matched my request, but when I searched the internet I found a better deal on Orbitz. And regardless of what they say, It was a cheaper deal at a better condo and was handled very professionally in 30 minutes. Why would anyone deal with WWT even if they did not charge the membership fee when they can get better, faster results on line.
    5. I have no other agenda but complete dissatisfaction with an incompetent company that is fleecing the public. I am not attacking them on the internet, but rather warning fellow travelers of their lousy product. And I will continue to do this until they refund my money.
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