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K. G. vs. Time Share Trade Ins
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"TSTI has had all of the necessary paper work and funds from us to complete the trade in of a Blue Green time share property on a Grand Crowne time share for about a year and have not done so. If the transfer out of names is not completed before 11-1-2012 we will be obligated to pay another years dues, etc. before Blue Green will allow the transfer to take place -- even if all of the paper work is finally approved.
I have called TSTI on many occasions and I have got no where. HELP!"
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Time Share Trade Ins Hide
  • Dec 06, 2012, () added:
  • We did respond to this issue through the only mechanism we could find on Nov 29, 2012. If you will check your "file a complaint" tab you will see what we wrote. We understood from Mr. Godfrey that he was withdrawing his complaint as this transfer was finally completed by Blue Green Resort Corporation. Below I am pasting the information previously submitted.

    It is our regret that Mr. Godfrey was experiencing trouble with the transaction he entered into with Grand Crowne Resort, an independent third party company not affiliated with Time Share Trade-Ins, LLC. (TSTI) It was alledged in his complaint that “They rarely act timely” referring to the processing time frame that occurred during this transfer completed by Time Share Trade Ins, LLC. Further, we would like to address the last statement, “They have had all of the necessary paper work to complete this transfer since 11-17-2011 or shortly there after.”

    Time Share Trade-Ins, LLC (TSTI) is well respected in this industry and we strive to fulfill our obligations to both clients and resorts. We attempt to remain vigilant of time frames establihed by corresponding resorts in relation to maintenance fees and other fee assessment in conjuction with the trades/sales so as to minimize financial impact on our extended clients the sellers.

    As with any real estate transaction, there are certain steps that must be taken between the parties involved, the buyer, the seller, the closing company, the counties in which the property resides, etc. We make every attempt to maintain a tight time frame to convenience our clients but requiring other companies, occassionally the clients themselves, to provide paperwork in a timely fashion is outside our control, occassionally extenuating the circumstances. Sometimes it is unavoidable. It appears time frames may have created most of the issues that the client refers to in her complaint.

    Enclosed we have provided dated documentation to support the following:

    1) Keith W. Godfrey signed TSTI contracts with Grand Crowne Resort 11-17-11
    2) TSTI received contracts from Grand Crowne Resort 12-5-11
    3) Received the Internal Resort Fee* Invoice 12-6-11
    4) Original deed to Transfer Ownership received 6-21-12
    5) Submitted request for transfer to Blue Green Corporation 7-5-12
    6) Letter, instructions & documents returned from Blue Green Corporation 7-11-12
    7) Request for new check issued to Boca Raton Title Company* 7/11/12
    8) Resubmitted documents with new check to Boca Raton Title Company 7-25-12
    9) Blue Green Corporation acceptance & notification of title transfer 11-20-12
    10) Notification of transfer sent to Mr. Godfrey 11-20-12

    *Original recorded deed is required to issue new title; Internal Resort Fee is required by Blue Green Corporation to transfer ownership; a “preferred” title company Blue Green Corporation contracted with mid-year for all transfers

    Several things occurred during the request/receipt/transfer of informaton.

    a) 13 business days expired prior to TSTI receiving notification of contract through
    Grand Crowne Resort.
    b) Six months expired prior to Mr. Godfrey submitting the origninal recorded deed as requested in the contract he signed on 11-17-11
    c) Rejection and redirection letter was received from Blue Green Corporation notifying us that all transfers now must be submitted through their “preferred” title company 7-11-12
    d) Title company requiring a newly dated check issued to them with resubmittal of transfer request
    e) Paper work & processing time frame between Boca Raton Title Company and Blue Green Corporation 7-11-12 to 11-20-12

    Mr. Godfrey was incorrect in his statement “They have had all of the necessary paper work to complete this transfer since 11-17-2011 or shortly there after.” We could not prepare the new deed to transfer ownership without possession of the original recorded deed as directed and required in our contract he signed on 11-17-11. Six months expired prior to his submission of that document.

    Unfortunately, there is no exact or guaranteed time frame that exists in the processing of required paperwork to transfer a title on a time share property. Even without the introduction of the additioal “preferred” title company by Blue Green Corporation, time elements vary from resort to resort and as a result of client’s actions or lack thereof. There was no intentional delay of processing this transfer on the part of Time Share Trade Ins, LLC.

    We empathize with Mr. Godfrey and understand his frustration as to the length of time it took to complete this transfer. However, we responded within a reasonable business time frame from delivery of documents and fees to submittal to Blue Green Corporation and/or their “preferred” title company. Delays within or between those organizations was totally outside our control. Therefore it is our position that this was a slanderous complaint and completely without value.

    Even though the consumer has withdrawn his complaint due to notification from TSTI that the transfer was completed, in light of the above disclosures, we respectfully request that our company be removed from this complaint; that if it is currently posted that it be removed along with any indication of it’s existence; and our good name restored as expeditiously as possible.

    Thank you for your review and your cooperation in this matter.

    With the aforementioned response and the fact that the property is transferred from Mr. Godfrey's name through the cooperation of Blue Green Resort Corporation, all references to this complaint should be pulled and should not be viewed publicly. If it is, we will post complaints against this site for unfair business practices.

What Claimant Wants Hide
Just make me happy!
Claimant invites Time Share Trade Ins to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Time Share Trade Ins. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by ourjunkstuff — Online mediator
  • On: 01-15-2014
  • TSTI is big on showing how it isn't their fault but they exhibit no interest in making sure things are done in an expeditious manner, blaming the time share owner and everyone else when they have the power to make things happen and save the former owner additional costs and fees. Of course that saves TSTI from having to pay them.
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