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My Claim vs. Rvh Amber, Llc And Lee Holdings And Management Assumed By Apartment Management Consultants Amc, Llc's

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J. J. vs. Rvh Amber, Llc And Lee Holdings And Management Assumed By Apartment Management Consultants Amc, Llc's
21C Orinda Way #142, Orinda, California, 94563, United States
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    • Claimant Seeks: 2 non-monetary items.
    • Claim #: 1238669
    • Amount Involved: 27,229.98
    • Filed On: Nov 28, 2017
    • Posted On: Jan 09, 2018
    • Complaint(s):
      • Property damage or loss
      • Unfulfilled promises
      • Violation of privacy
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Statement of Claim
  • 08-23-2016 — New Ownership; RVH Amber, LLC and Lee Holdings and management assumed by Apartment Management Consultants AMC, LLC's
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Rvh Amber, Llc And Lee Holdings And Management Assumed By Apartment Management Consultants Amc, Llc's Hide
  • Nov 28, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • November 27, 2017


    Can you give me an update as to when I might actually, one day receive my $200 emotional support animal (pet) deposit refunded in the form of company check instead of credit? It's been so, so many months of all your company agents dragging it hard, wouldn't you agree?

    There were no stipulations 3 months ago. But now you requiring me to reapply for my apartment that I have lived in for almost 6 years now. Then to raise my rents again, twice this year totaling $320 (as you would only offer me a 6-months lease at re-signing and my neighbors received a 12-month lease option), with your continued attempt of "constructive evict" against me.

    *Too, my "STOLEN VEHICLE" with management(AMC, LLC's), Roysha Taylor's authorization of Vehicle Embezzlement and towing my car from an accessible parking spot without notice, reasonable accommodations or cause; and nothing specifically stated within the lease supporting or justifying such violations or enforcement's; granting me in court abilities for recover two to three times (figure starts $2500.) of damages assessed by fraudulent tow and storage fees, not including penalties and fines for violations of California Vehicle Codes 22658.(a)(2) and Civil Code section 3070.

    You will need to explain all this to me very slowly and completely, and all in writing is preferable.

    Please reference your email and voicemail communications
    - from Roysha Taylor & Shi Torres, Amber Grove, Sacramento, Ca
    (AMC, LLC ) examples below:
    Amber Grove Apts. (Via GoogleVoice message transcription):
    (916) 971-0859
    Nov 9, 4:36 PM
    Hi, John. This is shy calling from the Amber Grove Apartments. I'm calling because we really need you to sign that revised lease agreement for your pet charges cuz I know everything got changed. So if you can give me a call at 916-970-1859 and see what we can set up that would be great.
    -Shi Torres

    Amber Grove Manager
    To:'J spec5618'
    Aug 17 at 4:01 PM
    Hi John,

    We will refund the $200 deposit and the $90 that you were charged for pet rent. We will need to revise your lease, so when will be a good day for you to come by the office.
    -Roysha Taylor

    You should be looking for women who you already have, that will easily back stab, cheat and lie. I dont measure up in those areas. SO I'm going to have to decline this award; and make sure it goes to the WOMAN who really deserves IT.

    A woman so low that she would resort to starting rumors that would destroy a persons reputation. For no other reason then, HEY, just for the fun of it.

    So come on everyone, lets put em together, for RIDICULOUS IDIOT:

    ROYSHA DHEER-TAYLOR the lowest, of the lowest and my personal choice for Worst Business Woman of the Year!!!

    Additionally are there any reasons, I have not received further responds on YELP nor the personal emails I sent to you, and to the top of the tier of your corporation?

    It is urgent that you respond to me, Ms. Torres.

    John Johnson

  • Apr 25, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • Mr. Kevin Harris,

    I am disputing EVERYTHING in the form of the written word in your conjured and manufactured stories of threats or anything else jabbered. And extreme object to this conflict of interest you appear to be engaged in. I must ask, do you often with the assistance of a client fully orchestrate random allegations in lieu of the standard practice of law in courtrooms?

    As a courtesy, I am informing you these correspondences will be promptly posted on a multitude of the website, social media, legal referral sites i.e. AVVO, Twitter, Facebook, and Yelp. Also, I am forwarding this to the Department of Justice and FBI and more. I believe this simply to be the makings of blackmail, cohesion, and above all, very dirty tricks by idiot twits. Those are resentful towards me because ALL their “unlawful” constructive eviction attempts by putting the squeeze on me. All other attacks have all failed each and every time, and they will continue to fail with or without these ill-conceived plans of approach and attack.

    SO before you distort and re-rewrite the narrative completely, deal with this first-- I will be requiring access to ANY and ALL records involved you’ve insinuated to have or have access to. As well as, an inventory list of said items, immediately. So I may conduct my own separate investigation. These you indicated are all in your possession or accessible or for the purposes of representing AMC.

    And that you are threatening me with and attempting to blast at me, loosely basing your and AMC’s desperately, vicious, and preposterously manufactured manipulation to use as all-out ASSULT / PERSONAL AFFRONT / SLANDEROUS / CHARACTER ASSASSINATION / COHESION.

    Either you know about this conspiracy to do me harm, and you do have knowledge of or you are directly involved. It would ultimately be helpful to your side while a DFEH Investigation is in progress. And you are looking to intimidate and bully me on the side.

    I am going to be VERY clear and inform you about the situation that I KNOW OF, that you have presented me, just ONCE! And the highly suspicious sudden materialization of such a convoluted pile of shit-narratives I have ever heard. I am not in any way in conflict with any of my neighbors; I don’t even know them or what they look like. I’ve lived here for over 6-years with no major incident such as you described. Someone you know is clearly misunderstanding or misrepresenting. And I don’t know what any of you “think” you mean. Obviously, like anyone who’s been falsely alleged to be involved and accused of much more. But its fine the are established pieces of shits.

    I refuse to allow you or to participate with anyone, so as to just implant me with some different historical background (including medical), which is HIGHLY improbable where we are now or who I always am. And now you know.

    I DO NOT EVER THREATEN PEOPLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I will, however, simply expose their unlawful maneuvers on all social sites and beyond. I believe this is all contrived by AMC, LLC and presumably you. This is just one of multiple deviously underhanded BS maneuvers they perform daily. AMC is all nothing but a bunch of scoundrels. And you or nobody will ever presume to just walk into my life and not only infer but hurl dangerous accusations.

    As we all know double-edged swords are very dangerous.

    As far as my behavior is concerned, it is nothing at all for you or anyone to address. I have been horrifically harassed and discriminated against for over 4-years now at Amber Grove, by Amber Grove since the twit managers always do nothing, except sit and sit a lot more.

    So, NO you do not get to have it ALL your way and control how I react, respond or a god damn thing I say as a result. You do not get to abuse and silence, you only get 1 choice. I am an adult and I know very well how to conduct myself, follow rules and laws without being told. So please do not engage in such activity or conversation with me ever. This was all too is excessively overstated and conjured simply to attack my character and I will not allow nor tolerate it for a moment, ever!

    Your ultimate goal is to Re-Brand me, in a way that holds all the strings, and are caviler about it. Now I’ll have to protect myself in many more known and unknown ways, in order to NOT fall into the marsh-pit you are angling to set up for me. And will Live - YouTube any ambush of forced interactions or allegations. Once everyone reads thought this LAST carnival freak show being inflicted upon me by AMC. Now, since they had zero to go on against me even before what I was recently mentioning.

    Do you truly believe you can just suddenly invade, my life, and decide you all JUST get to have full autonomy and to completely make unilateral decisions like your all little DICTATORS? AMC’s Management is light years past inferring like crazy, and accusing me of being out of control and outside in the Apartments I live in is FALSE. But you both refuse to tell me or offer any sort of tangible evidence. And what they intend to before, neither to continue accusing me of nor tell me anything helpful or factual.

    AMC, LLC. has nothing to go on when it comes to me, and the most disturbing is how they actively pursued nothing to conjure something up. They just skittered right around that and made SHIT UP, so EASY not to follow laws or rules, yet hide by diving behind pretending to be the victim chew toy!

    But, I’m not and you will not make appearing as such, so have fun and good luck with that!

    However, since they all certainly interacted with me as they more than perceived it, it was recognized. This disability is known, familiarly and been discussed at times. Moreover, California does not require me to re-produce nor for you to annually request. These ignored issues have submitted as long ago as last September 2017. Thus, AMC is always prompt and requiring countless follow-ups until they are ready and decided to lawfully cooperate and operate. I’m very realistic because I know they will never achieve operations, residing anywhere in the realm of being on the UP and UP.

    Whereas ALL of my requests were all paperwork related, policies, procedures. Or when the manager decided to “withhold” items, services, and repairs from me, and even like say a LEASE RENEWAL? Since I am already known to and familiar enough with all who’d need to know. My doctor doesn’t freely divulge my medical information without a sufficient or valid necessity, besides you already received his letter during the renewal before last.

    THIS is my true history NOT THIS CRAP you and AMC, LLC are flinging at me! This is the best examples of NO MERIT COMPLAINTS, just for the sake of simply being addressed. By comprising the accusations and reason you feel it be linked somehow. Although AMC, LLC continues to give me plenty of reasons and merit-based complains (and separate retaliation complaints to keep you busy obeying the Law) for the DFEH. Once I know the true depth and outcome of the investigation, by then AMC will have provided me a mountain of complaints and violations to file against them through the rest of this year and comprising 2019.

    What other documents do you suppose you’ll need? In an effort to issue my outstanding, very tardy Pet Deposit refunds? Depending on what you need and what the reality truly is. Otherwise, I’d imagine my doctor would be unable to supply this additional document or proof, as it’s not legally required nor to re-request. Due to already submitting the amounts of information legally required by the State of California, twice. And AMC has 2-separate letters from 2-different doctors. That should cover your requirements. Besides, you’d want to focus this approach for you’re of bigger ticket items and proof of the disability that may need to be supplied in those cases.

    Starting with first to become aware of me at AMC was;
    · Sophia Guerrero, Northern CA Regional; than
    · Roysha Dheer-Taylor, Property Manager; and now
    · Shi Torres, Property Manager a while after.

    Whereas the other day AMC attorney was concerned about the neighbors that Roysha and Shi refused to address and resolve. No one was worried when I was being DISTURBED by neighbors. I sure as hell didn’t have an AMC attorney assigned to not a damn thing to assist me with local complaints. But then again, those managers only show favoritism to certain pet-tenants of theirs.

    You stated and alleged that I am interfering with management’s daily functions. In other words, requesting repairs; asking questions and requiring an answer instead of the standardized brush off and then they never call you back. Or can you please supply the valid reasons you may have been referring to?

    With a story, they are conjuring, constructing and writing as “I type”. They allege I am guessing (since they don’t give details all vagueness), managers and attorney suddenly pulled this one out of each other’s ass.

    Alleging, that I have somehow wandered around out-side randomly and THREATENING PEOPLE. Oh, and AMC too (which are the biggest victim producers of them all), is what their attorney just informed me of. The most fraudulently, brazen, asinine manipulative maneuvers.

    I’ll urge you to formally withdraw your demands, accusations, and unlawful harassing FINAL WARNING notice given to me. Where is the 1st & 2nd Notices, before leaping to final Jeopardy! I have never received any sort of notices during the 6-years of my tenancy at Amber Grove. Nor the two years after the AMC, LLC acquisition. If not, perhaps litigation may compel you.


What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
1. Change of policy: Complete responses to questions; Reasonable Accommodation in allowing Lease Re-Renewal 12-31-17 Dec 21, 2017 N/A
2. Information: Reasonable Accommodations and inclusion, in AMC Resident Retention Program. Dec 21, 2017 N/A
1. Compensation: 3 Home Invasions PEN §602.5. (a) Every person other than a public officer or employee acting within the course and scope of his or her employment in performance of a duty imposed by law, who enters or remains in any noncommercial dwelling house, apartment, or other residential place without consent of the owner, his or her agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor. (b) Every person other than a public officer or an employee acting within the course and scope of his employment in performance of a duty imposed by law, who, without the consent of the owner, his or her agent, or the person in lawful possession thereof, enters or remains in any noncommercial dwelling house, apartment, or other residential place while a resident, or another person authorized to be in the dwelling, is present at any time during the course of the incident is guilty of aggravated trespass punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year or by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment…. PEN §602.8. (a) Any person who without the written permission of the landowner, the owner’s agent, or the person in lawful possession of the land, willfully enters any lands under cultivation or enclosed by fence, belonging to, or occupied by, another, or who willfully enters upon uncultivated or unenclosed lands where signs forbidding trespass are displayed at intervals not less than three to the mile along all exterior boundaries and at all roads and trails entering the lands, is guilty of a public offense. define the trespass as entry and refusal to leave without the consent of the owner “or the person in lawful possession” appears to suggest that whoever is in lawful possession is the one whose consent is required, and where the landlord has rented the possession, the landlord has the money but not the right to possession. Dec 21, 2017 $10,000.00
2. Damages: management, with Roysha Taylor’s authorizing of Vehicle Embezzlement and towing my car from an accessible parking spot without notice, reasonable accommodations or cause; and nothing specifically stated within the lease supporting or justifying such violations or enforcement's; granting me in court abilities for recover two to three times (figure starts $2500.) of damages assessed by fraudulent tow and storage fees, not including penalties and fines for violations of California Vehicle Codes 22658.(a)(2) and Civil Code section 3070. Dec 21, 2017 $10,000.00
3. Recovery of Losses: Rental Vehicle 06-22-17 to present Feb 21, 2018 $7,000.00
4. Refund: Pet Deposit Feb 21, 2018 $200.00
5. Copy claim to regulators Dec 21, 2017 $14.99
6. Pay for claim posting cost Dec 21, 2017 $14.99
7. Other – Physical delivery charges Dec 21, 2017 $16.98
Cash total : $27,246.96
Non-cash: 2 items
  • 0
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Sophie Blythe commented
Sophie Blythe (Comment):
"What apartment complex is this?"
 (4 years ago)
Awaiting response from Rvh Amber, Llc ...
Claimant dislikes
Claimant: ():
"To Sophie Blythe -

It is called Amber Grove Apartments ( in Sacramento, CA.
They are one, well two of the most obstinate corporations. One owns the property - RVH Amber, LLC, And Lee Holdings And Management; the other AMC, LLC. ( manages it POORLY, shamefully & 100% unlawfully!

They blatantly chose, because to them it's all in a day's work, to ignore CA State Laws such as; Fair Housing, Tenants Rights, Disability Rights, and CA Vehicle Code Laws, among others. I have major complaints filed with the DFEH and was escalated to a deep and thorough CA Civil Rights Violations Investigation.

Upon completion of their investigation, I will then file my own monstrous, and Jurassic-Park-Sized Lawsuit to match exactly what AMC, LLC carelessly and "greedily" does to their tenants, (since they're also an Investment company). For the people that have already fallen victim to their twisted and crooked, rattlesnake tactics and constant multiple unlawful "eviction" attempts.

Just like they did to me for ALL of 2017, but I survived with assistance from my legal team, I was "forced" to retain and because I am smart. In addition, to PeopleClaim and other tactics and strategies I developed, I forced them to supply me the NEW lease renewal, in December they decided to withhold to ride out the year and make me homeless a couple months back around Christmas.

I also intend to facilitate a Class Action in order to give their victims a vocal platform and to seek their own compensation for losses and damages already suffered. Please pass the word and warn others about this property while they own it. But if you hear the name AMC, LLC. - "snort" out of fear, and run far in the opposite direction, as they are a multi-state corporation destroying lives nationwide!"
 (4 years ago)

Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from RVH Amber, LLC And Lee Holdings And Management Assumed By Apartment Management Consultants Amc, Llc's. This claim will remain posted until resolved
Offer History
Dec 01, 2017
Claimant's Terms of Settlement to RVH Amber, LLC And Lee Holdings And Management Assumed By Apartment Management Consultants Amc, Llc's
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