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James F vs. Okaloosa County Jail

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Unprofessional and unjust misconduct by the Okaloosa county jail

J. F. vs. Okaloosa County Jail
1200 E James Lee Blvd, Crestview, Florida, 32539, United States
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Complaint(s): Personal injury
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Denied medical attention along with other constitutional rights. Assaulted by inmate, that i did nothing to provoke this incident in anyway. Or deserve what came after this incident. that guards only intervened after i regained footing. Before the incident other inmates made statments that the guards if they didnt like one for different reasons. Would suggest to imates what they would like to happen to individuals they had a problem with even bring a particular inmate into the dorm. I no its hard to prove this i strongly believe this happen in myb paticular circumstances. As my entrance into the facility was not received well. This due to the fact i was innocent of the crime that unfortunately i was charged with.

And after three years of many civil rights and liberties all 8 false arrest that followed this initial arrest. And the reckless investigations that were taken place two years leading up to this bogus arrest that contributed my perminant disabilities. As not mention above while under assault this inmate trying to pick me up to throw me off over the railings of the second floor teir. After the gaurds finally do come in to discharge this out match altercation where i received the worst end of. Was taking and interrogated or at least thats what it felt like. Threaten with new charges. And after this i was moved to the medical part of the jail and seated on a bench. This is where i became dizzy and fell into the floor from exhaustion only to find myself under a malicious and verbally angry rookie guard that snatched me so forcibly and violently snatched me so hard could literally feel my muscles in my neck tearing. Along with the most pain i ever felt in my life. And after requesting the head nurse to take pictures and document my injuries that she denied to do. The report that is not accurate and the only report that has been received todate after many request from numerous individuals on my behalf including treating physicians that went egnored and continued to get egnored. After filing numerous reports and many doctors visits that are currently receiving treatment for this corrections facilitie continues to make excuses. And denial of any negligence that solid evidence shows. To substantiate and confirm the claims made are undualtered and true."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Okaloosa County Jail Hide
  • May 06, 2020, Okaloosa County Jail (responding party) added:
  • The Okaloosa County Department of Corrections first received complaints of this nature in October of 2018. At that time, an in-depth inquiry was conducted. Those results were summarized and given to the complainant in October of 2018. Those findings were as follows:

    Mr. Feagin,

    I hope this mailing finds you well.

    I probed into your statements alleging wrongdoing by the Okaloosa County Department of Corrections, only. Your statements to us have also contained allegations against parties and agencies we have no operational influence over. I am unable to assist you effectively with those matters. I have forwarded your statements to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office’s Office of Professional Standards. Someone from their office will be in contact with you.

    I reviewed various forms of documentation, to include information archived in our jail management system; documents retrieved from off-site Medical archives; security camera archives; archived Inmate Request Forms; Disciplinary Reports; and other various sources of information that could give me insight into what happened the day of your inmate affray and your post-altercation treatment more than three years ago. My findings are as follows:

    According to a Disciplinary Report and its associated supplements, on August 16, 2015, our staff noticed you and another inmate fighting in Delta Pod during the feeding of the lunch meal. A call for assistance was communicated over our radio system, and several staff members of varying ranks responded to separate and restrain you and the other inmate. The officer who placed you in wrist restraints turned you over to an officer from a different work assignment who arrived on the scene after other staff members took control and terminated the fight. This officer escorted you to Medical.

    During the Medical evaluation, Medical staff made the determination to rehouse you to the Medical Housing Unit (MHU) to ensure routine checks could be conducted by medical professionals.

    An entry in the medical records made prior to rehousing you in Medical Housing states you were “yelling obscenities at staff,” that your vital signs were up, and that you were complaining of head and neck pain. Additionally, you stated the “other inmate jumped on [you] over a phone card.” Your medical record provides no entries indicating you voiced a belief that a staff member caused any of your injuries.

    Supplemental Reports to the Disciplinary Report indicate before housing you in Medical, the officer who initially escorted you to Medical escorted you back to Delta Pod so you could gather your own personal property. This courtesy is not common, and suggests a high level of rapport and cooperation between you and this officer.

    While housed in Medical, various Medical staff conducted routine checks on your condition until you were cleared for rehousing on August 18th of 2015. Dr. Delgado also saw you during this time, and he ordered an X-ray of your facial bones. You were released from our custody before our X-ray tech could fill this order.

    During the intake screening of your next incarceration with us (less than 2 months later), correctional staff and medical staff noted no mobility impairments, and report you denied being on any medications or having any ongoing medical problems. This would have been a good opportunity to report any injury you believed resulted from the mistreatment of staff in an earlier incarceration.

    I discovered three inmate request forms submitted by you during your incarceration of October, 2015. One of them requested answers about your charges and court date, and the other two were regarding your commissary account. There are no inmate request forms from you requesting any type of follow-up care for injuries sustained in your earlier incarceration. There were no inmate request forms or nurse sick-call forms from you requesting Dr. Delgado’s order for X-rays be filled.

    Your records do not include any reports of you stating you suffered injury caused by the actions of staff. All of our staff, as well as all of our contracted staff, are highly motivated to report any statement by an inmate indicating they were injured by one of our staff members. Let me be clear here: If any officer or medical staff member received a report from you that you were injured by a staff member, and they then failed to report that statement, the penalties could be severe - they could even lose their job and/or be held criminally liable. Yet, I am unable to find any such report, in any of the documented encounters conducted by numerous medical professionals and correctional professionals.

    The first instance I can find of you claiming any mistreatment by staff of the Okaloosa County Department of Corrections is three years later - in October of 2018, which I am responding to now. I truly regret you did not bring your complaint forward sooner, as it would have enabled us to speak with all staff mentioned in the reports. Some of the Medical and Security staff named in the documents I reviewed no longer work with us.

    There is not enough evidence to sustain an accusation that a violation of our policy or law occurred in the handling of this incident. This appears to be either a misunderstanding or a disagreement regarding the application of law or departmental policy, and I am hereby closing my inquiry.

    I wish you the best,

    Lt. Travis L. Huisken, MPA, CPM
    Inspector, Professional Standards
    Okaloosa County Department of Corrections
    1200 East James Lee Blvd.
    Crestview, Florida 32539
    Office: (850) 689-4678
    Fax: (850) 689-5090

    Please note: Due to Florida's very broad public records laws, most written communications to or from County employees regarding County business are public records, available to the public and media upon request. Therefore, this written e-mail communication, including your e-mail address, may be subject to public disclosure.

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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Okaloosa County Jail. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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