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J vs. Maui Humane Society

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J. K. vs. Maui Humane Society
PO Box 1047, Pu'unene, Hawaii, 96784, United States
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Maui humane society sent my yelllow lab, named Ziggy to be adopted after being there for 9 days, and each day my ex boyfriend who was listed as legal owner by Ziggys microchip , Maui humane society refused to give the dog to him as well as several other of my friends. Not to mention Maui humane society was well aware of what was going on and they also knew My Dog Ziggy and well, they failed to give a release form to my layers or anyone of my friends that came there to get Ziggy. By law the dog should of been released to my ex boyfriend who is listed as the legal owner by Ziggys microchip.

I contacted the Maui humane society spoke with Bridget who I was informed handles situations like mine and was fully aware the dog had a loving home and family. I had spoke to her, who informed me Ziggy was sent to Oregon to a foster family, she also informed me to be on stand by and wait for her call back regarding the information for me to fly to Oregon to get Ziggy back . She informed me she would call me back immediately no later then the next day with this craziness information. I never heard back from her until 7 days later after contacting the Maui humane society and being hung up on telling me they have no information also telling me now this Bridget person who handles these situations now is out of the office and cannot be reached, I continue to call I was hung up on several different times, or sent directly to her voice mail. She finally contacted me back and rudely says to me plans change, Your dog has been adopted by a family in Oregon, and hangs up on me. I call back again she of course is not available I leave her a message, now she contacts me days later speaks to me rudely again telling me I cannot tell you ANYTHING about Ziggy , how is this possible I say, I am his owner I just had him tagged to me weeks earlier when Maui humane society could not find Ziggy in their system!! Ziggy was also just there in April and was neutered at Maui humane society. Now he’s nowhere in your system. Now when Ziggy was brought to Maui humane society in June when they had nothing about him in their system. They made me regersister and pay to have mace him tagged again.

Now need I remind you Ziggy was brought into the Maui humane society with his collar, which had his surfboard tag with his name and my phone number along with his tag from the state of Hawaii he also came in with. Matching leash as well as his harness. My dog is NOT to EVER be pulled by the neck only by his harness!! Maui humane society was well aware of this!! Also Ziggy is my service dog!!! That day after waiting over an hour for them to find Ziggy, nothing could have prepared me for the condition he was in, the girl had a flimsy piece of ribbon like material tied EXTREMELY tight around his neck he was gasping for air he did not have his collar on his leash and the most important NO HARNESS! Which Maui humane society knew he ALWAYS had his harness on and was NEVER to be pullled by the neck! I ask where is my dogs harness where is his collar and matching leash they no nothing the girl that brought him out to me turns around and goes on the back for over 30 minutes while poor Ziggy is gasping for air his tongue is hanging out and pulling me to get out of there!!! The girl eventually comes back and says here I found this, it was his harness, ok great where is his collar with his tags and matching leash??? She says she does not know. So I buy a collar as well as Leash and water bowl from the Maui humane society I take Ziggy outside who immediately goes to the bathroom Luke he had not gone or been taking out in days he IMMEDIATLY drinks the whole bowl of water so fast and a second bowl of water that I know my Ziggy and this in my eyes SCREAMS ABUSE, NEGLECT and I can go on and on.

I have a story regarding Ziggy and I. I would hope someone could take the time to read . I will be emailing it in the next minute. I think what Maui humane society did to my dog what they put me through as well as my ex boyfriend who they would not give Ziggy to as I said before my ex was listed by Ziggys microchip as the legal owner!!! If you have any questions please DO NOT hesitate to call me 808-799-0782, thank you Jaclyn Kasunic"
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  • Apr 22, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • 808-877-3680 Maui human society

  • Apr 22, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • Maui Human Society is WELL AWARE OF what they did was completely wrong in so so so many ways . And I want every single animal lover in this world to see this and read my story , Hoping that the Maui human society NEVER does this again! The way I was treated by them hung up on , avoided, not to mention Bridget who is in charge of pet Adoptions for Maui human society was well aware of my situation. The first time I had spoken to her she had informed me to be on stand by waiting for her call back telling me all the information I needed to travel to Oregon to get my dog back . A week had passed she had never called me back with the information she had said she would be finding out I’m order for me to get Ziggy back . She avoided my calls all week , aswell as every single person I spoke with when calling trying to get in touch with Bridget who now is on vacation and each time I would call either they would not give me any information in regards to my dog , they also would hang up on me , or connect me directly to Bridget’s voice mail . Who eventually called me back to very rudely say your dog is gone he has been adopted. Goodbye. I called her back a couple days later for her to rudely tell me the only way I will ever get any documentation on MY dog is having a lawyer subpoena all documents on my dog!!

  • May 08, 2020, Maui Humane Society (responding party) added:
  • No response is being provided since the complainant has already hired an attorney who has subpoenaed our records.

  • May 31, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • I had NO OTHER CHOICE then to hire an attorney!!!!! I will get my dog back!!! What Bridget did at Maui Human Society is terrible!!! All the lies she told me!!!!

  • Jun 14, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • Maui human society needs to make this right !! Who knows how many other people have had this happened to them . Bridget is the one who who handles pet adoptions and she did nothing but completely lie to me !! The first day I had called Maui human society and finally she returned my phone call hours later to inform me to me on stand by and that my yellow lab Ziggy was in Oregon, she then informed me she would be in contact with me the next day to let me all of the details, well I never heard back from her , I had called every single day asking to speak to her and i was given nothing but the run around, not to mention was treated extremely rude either they would immediately cut me off in the middle of speaking to them and hang up on me, I would call back and every time was transferred to her VM!! I also was told she was out of the office on vacation. The next day Bridget finally returns my phone call to rudely tell me , plans changed , your dog has been adopted by a family , I was so shocked I could not even believe this , I started asking her questions and she very rudely says to me I’m done speaking to you , your dog has been adopted. I then told her I needed all of my dogs records, she very rudely says to me , Then hire an attorney and have your attorney supeona them and then she hung up on me. I called back the next day to speak to her supervisor and they informed she is the supervisor and she is on vacation for the next week and once again I was hung up on. Within an hour of thst phone call I hired an attorney, who called Maui human society to speak with her , he left her a vm , and not even 15 minutes later returned his call!!! My attorney supeoned MY dogs records which they had records going back from April when Ziggy was neutered there, they had several other records, and My attorney received a response from Maui human society’s lawyer stating that they only have one record n the dog name Ziggy and thst he was flown to the mainland to Oregon. Another complete lie ,I have several documents from Maui human society. And there lawyer comes back saying they have no other documentation or records in regards to my dog. I want Maui human society to stop lying, I want this Bridget who is the supervisor so she says , and who was also 100% responsible for putting my dog up for adoption, had him flown to the mainland, when I had every single day for 7 days my friends and my ex who is registered as Ziggys legal owner, and Ziggy is regeristerd by his microchip through pet link and Maui human society would not release the dog to him after several attempts Maui human society had him escorted off of there property that was the same day not even an hour later Ziggy was flown to Oregon human society, this is completely illegal what they have done and they need to make this right , Bottom line my dog was put up for adoption completely illegally, not to mention by law the dog should have been released to my ex , being the legal owner and Maui human society new this they also had the paperwork that listed Ziggys Microchip was charged indeed registered to my ex. I want answers, I want to know WHY the dog was not released to my ex , I also want to know who took it upon themselves to send my dog to Oregon human society, I want answers, and I will not stop until I get them , I demand the return of my dog , and I will continue to have my attorney continue this case , I will not stop until my dog is returned!! I find it very interesting that Maui human society has nothing to say in response to this case other then they informed me to hire an attorney and why is that?? Everything in regards to what they did is completely illegal in not just one aspect but several!

  • Jun 27, 2020, Claiming party added:

  • My story

  • Dec 27, 2020, Claiming party added:
  • Maui human society needs to return my dog immediately after they put my dog up for an illegal adoption and I have all records exposing Maui human society and all the laws they have broken!! I have no problem going forward with this and exposing everyone at Maui human society that is involved in this. This is pure corruption at its finest!! I will not let this go!!!

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  • Contributed Solution: by George Maxwell On 06-25-2020
    Maui Humane Society should not have adopted out a known microchipped dog to another family despite your efforts to retrieve him, and should return the dog at its own expense More...
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