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My Claim vs. Credit One - Decision One Debt Relief

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T. B. vs. Credit One - Decision One Debt Relief
7633 E 63rd Pl Ste 300, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74133-1202, United States
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Statement of Claim
"On January 6th 2017, we hired decision one to take care of a creditor we could no longer pay. Decision entered us into an agreement letting us know that there would be an up front fee of 1293.91. this would be their fee for taking care of this matter for us. Ryan K. and Ashley S. told my husband and myself on several different occasions this would be the only fee. They also told us along with several different employees that what ever was left over would be refunded to us with interest. They told us to pay in our monthly payments of 914.73 every month and in October they would start negotiations. They also said that this creditor could not hit our credit . The creditor did hit our credit because no one contacted them. It's already December and credit one had not contacted this creditor. Credit one said they couldn't do anything about this!! Now, the creditor is calling us still because credit one hasn't contacted them yet. They asked us to forward all correspondence to them, we did and still no contact. We contacted the creditor and gave them all the information, they still couldn't get a hold of them so we contacted credit one to contact them. This went on for at least a month. We payed in all of our monthly payments and guess what....they want more money. Now they have 24% fee we have to pay. We paid in14,376.71 and they finally negotiated our creditor down to 6300.00. we owe them money??? Credit one has lied to us from day one. When we looked at their website they had an A plus rating with the BBB. This was another thing Ryan and Ashley pointed out to us , again and again. I looked u their website again they have an F rating and they are not a member of the BBB. I never would have given them my business. I want my money back. I could have saved 4000.00 dollars or better and not had my name sent the credit bureau as bad credit. This was all a lie. Everything was scripted to get us to pay in the money and we are not the only ones you have done this to. There are several people out there with the same complaint."
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Credit One - Decision One Debt Relief Hide
  • Apr 27, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • i sent in writing that we did not accept your offer. you promised money back and now the debt is not settled. the company you said you settled with is still contacting us. decision one here you go again with your lies. We are trying for a class action suit against your company. either way your company will be exposed.

  • Apr 27, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • I just cant believe how nonchalant your company is. we did not okay the offer to our creditor and we still haven't received our money back. we sent correspondence the same day so you couldn't just do what you wanted. so mr. john Sandoval, I am not going away. there are a lot more people out there you did this to. I will not rest until your company is exposed.

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Damages: interest May 02, 2018 $2,100.00
2. Refund: money paid in May 02, 2018 $14,376.71
3. Other – Copy claim to regulators May 02, 2018 $14.99
4. Other – Pay for claim posting cost May 02, 2018 $14.99
5. Other – Physical delivery charges May 02, 2018 $4.99
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Claimant invites Credit One - Decision One Debt Relief to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
Cash total : $16,511.68
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
The claimant's settlement terms were rejected with the following explanation:
  • I disagree with the explanation / grounds provided

    "This only debt was settled for $6,500 on 4/05/18 and our services have been rendered. This client is now graduated successfully from our program and client is non responsive to this good news we wish you all the best."

This claim will remain posted until resolved.

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  • Contributed Solution: by Sophie Blythe On 05-14-2018
    Credit One - Decision One's response does not inspire confidence in them as a professional firm - very poor literacy skills - and George Maxwell is exactly right about the FTC rules. I would suggest that the claimant break down exactly what was paid and when. We need to know how much the original debt was, what it was settled for and when it was paid (dates of all payments) and what the total fee paid to Credit One - Decision One was. If the debt was paid off in one go on 4/5/18 and all monies paid in previously by the claimant were retained as payments to Credit One - Decision One, then it's unlikely that the company's actions are legal. I recommend that the claimant contact the banking regulator in his or her state immediately.
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  • Contributed Solution: by George Maxwell On 05-08-2018
    Debt Relief companies are not permitted to charge upfront fees More...
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