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frustrated customer vs. Chytil Concrete

D. S. vs. Chytil Concrete - 724-531-0383
21 Zaccarino Ln, Cecil, Pennsylvania, 15321-1178, United States
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Complaint(s): Problem with a service
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"We hired Adam Chytil of Chytil concrete on July 20th 2018 to replace our front porch, sidewallk and steps. He said he didnt want a deposit because it was such a small job but that he wanted paid in cash. We were a little leary of the cash payment but after reading all the reviews and seeing the bbb rating as very good we decided to go ahead.

He told me he would come tuesday the 24th to tear out the old concrete that we were on the top of his list for tear out rain or shine. He did tear it out but did not prepare it for concrete ( gravel, rebar). He said he would come the next day, weds the 25th to prepare it for the concrete.

I got a text from him weds morning saying he didnt go to prepare it because hes not getting the concrete until late day so he was just going to prepare it before the concrete comes on thursday.. He said thursday looked good as far as weather. Text me to say they werent bringing the concrete. He said if they get a bigger job then the small jobs like ours get bumped. He said they told him sat the 28th for sure. He said they told him 100% sure for saturday.

When I got home from work he still wasnt there so I text him. He said he was sitting in his house just waiting. He said he called at 6, 8 and 10 and they just keep telling him that they will call if something opens up. He said the owner of the concrete company was on vacation and the lady running it is clueless. He said he has dealt with Donaldson Concrete for 16+ years and never had this issue before. He said the lady running it was going to call the owner and have him call him.

He then text me to say the owner never called him so he will have to go pick up the concrete on monday morning in his dumptruck. He said it will be done on Monday if he has to build a tent over the whole area to protect from the rain. Of course it rained on Monday the 30th so he delayed it again. Finally after getting very upset about all the delays and having a ripped up sidewalk/porch for so long, he text and said they were coming Saturday August 4th and needed my address again to give to the concrete company.

They did come and I took pictures of them doing the work. He had them pour the concrete into a wheel barrow and wheeled it through the grass to the sidewalk. He dumped one load in the grass by the street, I know it was an accident, but we are still cleaning up that mess and have dead grass there still. I just didnt understand why he didnt have them put the chute to the sidewalk, and by the look on the concrete truck drivers face I dont think he understood that either. But they got it poured and the truck left. They then started to do the finish work. When he took out the forms he told us he misjudged the top step and didnt make it as wide as it was before. He told my husband if he had another block from the wall that he would cut it and sink it in so the dirt from the wall doesnt come out when it rains. He also had part of the edge on the top step come off. He tried to fix it but said hed come back and put some kind of finish on it because he didnt like how it looked.

Also I pointed out that the front of the porch looked very messy and there was a hole. He said we could just put mulch up to that point but we told him we dont put mulch that high and that we got the porch replaced because there was a hole across the front and we dont want another hole. He said thats fine when he comes back to do the touch ups he will fill that in and we will not see a hole.

They finished up and he said he would be back to do the touch ups but could we please pay him. Against my better judgement we paid him in cash. Big mistake! I text him on friday august 17th asking him when he was going to come do the touch ups. He said he had us on his schedule for tuesday the 21st of august. He said that he was doing touch ups all day that day. I sent him pictures of what needed fixed. A few days after they poured the concrete it rained hard and some hail. We noticed after the rain that a piece of the edge of the sidewalk up by the porch chipped off. I sent that picture to him as well. Never came, said it was because of the weather but it was sunny all day. Text him again, he said tuesday again, supposed to be 87. If he got done pouring his other job early on Friday hed run over, would only take him 30 minutes to touch up. Did not show on Friday. Text on tuesday the 28th but did not get an answer. Text again on tuesday the 4th and again on the 6th. No answer. So I decided to call him and see if he'd answer the phone. He did answer but was very nasty. Told me he just got home that morning from being out of the country for 10 days. I told him we were still waiting for the touch ups and he swore and said that they were supposed to come while he was gone. I told him they did not and he said he would check into it and call me back. Never called back so I text again on thursday the 13th and finally got an answer but again very nasty. He said "Holy hell I just got home from vacation I have been in Turks and Caicos for 3 weeks".

I reminded him that I just talked with him at the beginning of the week and he told me he just got home from 10 days oversees. How could he have been gone for 3 weeks? I also reminded him that he said he would call me back and never did. He responded on friday september 14th and said he would be by next week. Sorry about the delay. Have a nice weekend. I text him friday september 21st and gave him my address in case he forgot where we were. He has not responded. It has been over a month since it was poured. I think we've been more than patient and I'm tired of fighting to get this job done correctly. I have pictures and all the text messages."
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  • Oct 07, 2018, Claiming party added:
  • These are some of the pictures of what he feels is finished work.

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There has been no response to this claim from Chytil Concrete - 724-531-0383. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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