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T.B. vs. Adi Moving And Storage Llc

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T. B. vs. Adi (Ardi) Moving & Storage Llc By National Wide Moving Llc - (410) 563 1900
DOT# 2938673 MC # 993430, 200 Cork Ln Apt 204, Reisterstown, Maryland, 21136-3435, United States
    • Status: In Negotiation
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    • Claimant Seeks: 4 non-monetary items.
    • Claim #: 1423795
    • Amount Involved: 20,588.00
    • Filed On: Jun 22, 2017
    • Posted On: Sep 07, 2017
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a service
      • Overcharge or billing error
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"DO NOT GO WITH THEM!!!! THEY ARE SCAMS/SWINDLERES/RIPOFFS! TO A DISGUSTING LEVEL!! READ BELOW TO SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTACHE AND FINANCIAL RIP OFF!!!! This review is for ADI at the above address. They seem to be one and the same as national wide moving, the address is the same and they did give some sorry story about why the name changed, now I know why!!! OMGod!!!!! This company is a total rip off company!!!! They somehow saw i was looking for movers, contacted me so i said great, he offered to come over that day, since we were in a rush we said sure come over. We had a reputable company coming Monday to give an estimate but they convinced us they were a good company! They stole our rights to look for a good moving company by lying to us!!! He came over, took "some" pictures, came up with an estimate, gave us what we thought was a was fairly reasonable but then charged us triple the amount!!!! They are disgusting!! They convinced us to cancel the packing help we had scheduled telling us they pack for us with their full service package with we took. We had to help 8 hours of packing because they only had 3 people show up out of 4 plus it became obvious they were not going to finish anytime soon so we worked to the point our backs were killing us! thought was fairly reasonable but then when they took half of our stuff, but then they took half of our stuff, charged us tripple the amount!!!! They are disgusting!!!! They convinced us to cancel the packing help we had scheduled telling us they could pack for us w/their full service package which we took. We had to help them w/8 hours of packing becuase they only had 3 people show up out of 4 plus it became obvious they were not going to finish anytime soon so we helped to the point our backs were killing us!!! They left at 1am and still only did half!! They were suppose to finish 9am to 9pm, they showed up at 1pm and left at 1am, charging us $6638 ,vs the 3750 estimated for the entire move!, and that was only the stuff they loaded! Another $3,000 for the balance!!!
They said they would provide all suppplies, they ended up having to use our boxes, our bubble wrap, and our tape!!!!! Radu assured us over and over it would fit on a 26 foot truck, even when i asked him repeatedly are you sure, he assured me!!!! He told us it might cost more or less by about $300 depending on cubic feet. Not $5000 or $6K more! I’m so upset I can’t do the math right, regardless, we are talking thousands!! And after he left, so called taking pictures, he sent a quote, and 50% of the stuff was missing! i had to spend 3 hours on the phone, missing our going away church group party, with him looking at it seems like 7 diff quotes to make sure all was on there! IIIIII had to remember everything!!!! Not him, thank God I did do that cause they would have charged $20K!!!!!! Also, i told him he was not accounting for enough boxes repeatedly! He assured me it was enough each time! I asked him if he wanted to look at the shed, he said no!!! but I made sure the items were on the list!!!!! This is how they scam you! immediatley to cause them the pain they have caused us and many others! Stealing our valuable things!!! Shame on them!!!! And worse!!!!! Please, please!!! cause them to complete our move for something close to what they estimated initially or cause them to allow us to hire real movers, pick up our stuff from them and the stuff from our house and refund us the $1900 we gave them in cash and the $50 on charge to “secure them” on friday, for i sure didn't trust giving them my credit card information by 1am and seeing the inflated charges but wanted to keep my end of the bargan by paying half of what we agreed to in case something legal happened. And, here we are. Clealry I prefer not to use them but they have our stuff so I may be stuck with them even if they do reduce the price to something reasonalb, which we offered to pay but not $9K+!!! Sooooooo upset!!!!!!!!!! Radu said all supplies were included, they had to use our bubble wrap, our boxes, and our tape! Becauswe were going to do it ourselves we had the supplies, they convinced us to return our supplies for they would supply it all but we didn’t have a chance yet so then what would have happened??? We never moved interstate or hiered movers like this, always moved ourselves (my husbands first move, I moved around a few times more), but this was HORRIBLE!! A LIVING NIGHTMARE. Yes we were maybe naïve but they convinced us to trust them! They should not be allowed to get away with this!! We even bought them pizza, gave them energy drinks, muffins soda, to be nice during the day! Who knew how horrible they really are!!! I know, church and hope you will ### don’t go together but I am soooooo hurt!! I will repent later but meanwhile pray God will take vengenacne on them if they don’t do the right thing and stop these scam practices!!!! Fire Radu and get a real estimator who is competent or shut them down for they are all scammers! The moving dept did work hard and they were nice but I didn’t tip them due the inflated cost. But we also worked hard along side them!!! WE told them they should quit there jobs for they are working too hard to have to put up with upset customers because management is fucking over the customers!! They didn’t tell us about the 6% credit card fee at the time he came over, we saw that in the “contract” , fine they split that with us, in the beginning had to split another fee since they didn’t tell us up front, but we are talking $150, we still ate another like $400 in addition to below!"
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What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
3. Change of policy: BE HONEST!!!! AND FORTH COMING, NOT DECEITFUL AND A LIAR! Jun 23, 2017 N/A
4. Information: BE HONEST Jul 07, 2017 N/A
1. Compensation: THE COST YOU ARE FRAUDULENTLY CHARGING US Jun 23, 2017 $9,000.00
2. Damages: PEACE OF MIND, REST OF JOB Jun 23, 2017 $1,000.00
3. Recovery of Losses: GIVE US BACK OUR STUFF! Jun 23, 2017 $6,638.00
4. Refund: CASH WE PAID Jun 23, 2017 $1,900.00
5. Credit: THE MONEY YOU TOOK TO HOOK US Jun 23, 2017 $50.00
6. Pay me for my time: 3 HOURS PLUS ALL THIS PAIN AND SUFFERING! Jun 23, 2017 $2,000.00
7. Monetary items with amounts to be determined: HOW DO YOU LIKE IT WHEN THINGS ARE INFLATED? Jun 23, 2017 TBD*
8. Other – Copy claim to regulators Jun 23, 2017 $14.99
9. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Jun 23, 2017 $14.99
10. Other – Physical delivery charges Jun 23, 2017 $4.99
Just make me happy!
Claimant invites ADI (ARDI) Moving & Storage LLC by National Wide Moving LLC - (410) 563 1900 to make a fair offer to resolve this complaint.
Cash total : $20,622.97*
Non-cash: 4 items
*Amount shown is not final: total will increase when pending amount(s) are known and entered.
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from ADI (ARDI) Moving & Storage LLC by National Wide Moving LLC - (410) 563 1900. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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  • Comment: by Respondent On: 09-15-2017
  • Hello dear people.

    we have the contract and is here is totally wrong. We already had accepted a deal.

    we never ever tried to charge over $20k. And to be more clarified that was not even $10k.

    Tina B. contacted a local lawyer and we have all the conversations on the e-mail.

    Total amount charge was discounted. Tina B. said that she is a military woman and we offered military discount but Tina B. never ever showed us any retired or current military license.

    And by the way the rest of $190.00 she had to pay, she did not, Tina just left. And we gave her a really good deal because Tina B. Said the will take all the bad and not truth reviews will be removed from all the websites. We have this coversation with Tina's lawyer on the e-mail as well. 

    The reason why Tina B had to pay more is because Tina did not show all the rooms which had to be moved. To be more clarified was 2 rooms which estimator did not see at all.

    We gave her a very reasonable price which was $3.29 per cubic foot and that had to be from Maryland to Alabama ( all the packing supplies and service was included in that price). And again that was because Tina B said that she is a military woman. If anyone will contact any professional moving companies in Maryland probably no one will do a move for this price.

    And  about the damages, there couldn't be any damages because Tina B when came to take her staff back with other movers to load uhaul truck we checked everything with Tina and her husband , and there was no damages.

    After Tina took the staff back that was driven not by our drivers. That means we have no ideas how the staff was loaded, how the trucks were driven and how the staff was unloaded as well.

    And for info we have the contract (original)

    For estimate we did we never overcharge more than 10% ( if there is the same items) which it is by the law. But there were more boxes and many more items which total made the estimate to increase.

    Adi moving and storage never ever asked customers for moving help. The reason why we are coming to the customers is to do the moving. And if customer insist to help loading or pack their own items, we can not say "no". It's customer 's belongings and they are the residents of the home. 

    In the same time we refused to give anymore service for Tina B and not Tina B is in our softaware blacklisted as "non moving customer" and it can not be cleared. Because our agent/estimator was insultated, offenses and also was not working several weeks after because Mrs Tina B, said that she want him to die. Yes that is not a joke, and we have this conversation with the Tina's lawyer as well.

    At to the end we hope that Tina is doing well and we do not want anything from Burton's family.

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  • Contributed Solution: by Ehsan Samavatian On 09-15-2017
    They should refund the money that they overcharged you and pay for damages and wasted time. They breached the contract in different ways. Solving this case is possible with mediation, but litigation works better if they don't respond.
If you are a party to this claim, click here.
Is this a fair resolution?
  • Comment: by Jay Eichorn (80 points) — Online mediator
  • On: 09-14-2017
  • This case is kind of hard to follow, with all the detail.  It would help all of us who are trying to help resolve it if the claimant would add a timeline so we could follow the sequence of events more clearly.  This site does offer a tool that organizes events by date, if you have the dates.
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  • Contributed Solution: by Gerry Goldstein On 09-14-2017
    ADI moving needs to respond and propose a fair settlement with the claimant. To me a fair settlement is recovery of overcharges and losses.
If you are a party to this claim, click here.
Is this a fair resolution?
  • 2
  • Contributed Solution: by Jim Wicks On 09-14-2017
    ADI should finish the move at the agreed-on price, refund any amounts charged in excess of that, and return any belongings of the claimant that were not part of the move.
If you are a party to this claim, click here.
Is this a fair resolution?
  • Question: by Ehsan Samavatian (2318 points) — What We Hope Ever To Do With Ease, We Must Learn First To Do With Diligence.
  • On: 09-14-2017
  • Did they give you the price after estimation and before moving?

    Did you argue about 6% when you saw it in the contract?

  • Question: by Gerry Goldstein (141 points) — I Help People Recover Damages And Negotiate Settlements To All Kinds Of Problems.
  • On: 09-14-2017
  • In order to help resolve this case I'd ask the claimant to better organize their issues.  I understand you're upset and perhaps rightully so, but could you list in bullets each specific item where you were materially damaged?  
    for example

    1) lost items - add the major items and approximate value.
    2) over charge- what you were promised and what they actually charged
    3) packing supplies- what they promised and what you had to provide.

    Thanks. I look forward with helping with this case once its formatted and documented more clearly.
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