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Dawn Mahoney vs. Tri-County Lexus

D. M. vs. Tri-County Lexus
700 US-46, Little Falls, New Jersey, 07424, United States
Amount Involved: $8,655.00
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    • Claim #: 1361167
    • Amount Involved: 8,655.00
    • Filed On: Jul 22, 2021
    • Posted On: Aug 02, 2021
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"My name is Dawn Mahoney and as an 11 year Lexus customer I'm contacting Lexus Corporate as a last resort due to an ongoing issue regarding Lexus and North Jersey Collision Auto body shop. On December 23, 2020 I leased a 2021 Lexus ES250 and 27 days later on January 19, 2021 I was involved in an accident. I was rear ended and was assigned no fault and all claims initially went through the other driver's insurance. Now, my medical claims are being handled by both Progressive and State Farm. A payment was issued to North Jersey Collision by State Farm in the amount of $24,460.50. I was offered a rental car reimbursement from State Farm in the amount of $166.96. Bob from North Jersey Collision issued me an overpayment check in the amount of $1,500.00 to be used towards a rental vehicle. That payment covered me for the first 26 days of my car being repaired.

Today is July 22, 2021 and my vehicle is somehow still being repaired at North Jersey Collision. After 6.5 months of going back and forth with the shop, Lexus, Progressive, and State Farm, I have no choice but to escalate this matter. This document will serve as a written timeline outlining the headaches, mistreatment, discrimination, sexism and overall despicable "customer service" displayed by Lexus. It's very obvious I don't matter to Lexus but my monthly $618.00 lease payment does. Since 2012 I've been a faithful, lifetime Lexus customer. By the end of this statement, that will sound like a bad joke. Lexus will never get another dollar from me.

I sustained multiple injuries in the accident but as per my lease agreement, I was told to notify Lexus immediately to set up a tow. The accident occurred 1.2 miles from my house so Officer Dudek was able to safely follow me to my residence where I was able to park and call Lexus. As per representative Manny at Tri-County Lexus I was told because I "chose" to call Lexus Roadside Assistance instead of the Lexus dealership, Lexus cannot help me. Manny then corrected himself and stated the agent I spoke with should have transferred the call to the dealership and had it towed there. Manny also asked why the car wasn't totaled out as if I'm supposed to have an answer to an asinine question like that. This conversation happened in person 6 full months after the accident. I've chosen to escalate this situation due to how sinister the entire situation has been. I signed a Lease agreement to borrow a vehicle for 3 years from Lexus. I've had to cough up $618 every month along with 6+ months of alternate transportation expenses. As an 11 years and 7 months Lexus customer, I wasn't even offered a loaner.

I was advised to escalate this matter due to all of the ongoing/settled discrimation issues women face as employees and customers at Lexus. There's no need to map out all of the money Lexus threw out in lawsuits but doing the right thing in this matter would’ve been a lot less costly to your bottom line. It's no secret how Lexus treats their female employees, but I foolishly expected more as a paying customer. Funny enough, one of the many phone calls was with an agent Rebecca and one of her first questions was, "Mrs.Mahoney, where is your loaner vehicle?".  She couldn't believe I was never even offered one after confirming I was without my car for 4 +months at the time. Lexus Roadside Assistance apparently towed my vehicle to an auto body shop not contracted with Lexus and therefore Lexus' hands are tied. That call was on a recorded line and I was never given a say in where my car was being sent for repair. Today marks 6 months and as per the auto body shop, my car might be fully repaired by September 2021. By then, I will have paid Lexus $5,562 in monthly payments along with the initial amount of $9,696.00 due at signing for a car I drove for 27 days total from 12/23/20 to 01/19/21. This amount totals to $15,258 for the 27 days my car was in my possession.

One thing I need to point out is the handy little Lexus app Manny installed on my phone that notifies me every time my vehicle is touched/moved. Lexus sent my vehicle to a shop that's been more than neglectful. The only time I'm given an update is when I reach out to the shop and I've been lied to every single month. My car will be ready "in 3 weeks" from mid May. I know exactly why I'm being treated the way I am and it's time to pay. My choice to never patronize Lexus in the future isn't good enough. I am not going to stop and have the means to take this as far as I need to. I'd also like to add on top of the discrimination and blatent sexism I'm facing, I've been harrassed by your warranty department since March 2021. Imagine after everything I'm currently going through being accused of not keeping up with scheduled maintenance. Being that I've been a faithful Lexus customer since 2012, you can check my scheduled maintenance history and immediately apologize. Instead of Lexus offering me a loaner to retain a customer, you instead choose to threaten me about the warranty on a car I haven't driven since January 19th. These calls are at least once a week nonstop and I stopped picking up for my mental health. Enough calls were placed and notes supposedly made on my profile to inform staff that the vehicle hasn't been in my possession since January. I had absolutely no say in where my car was towed and Lexus is going to be held accountable. All these calls were placed on Lexus' recorded lines.

I used to work overnight but due to this situation, I was forced to quit my job. My shift was 11 pm to 7 am so catching a ride wasn't really an option after a while. Working on the frontline during a pandemic as a Pharmacist for a Long Term Care facility, I was forced to rely on Uber/Lyft/Public Transportation. I can't confirm whether or not my positive Covid diagnosis was due to ride sharing, but I managed to stay Covid-free while relying on my own transportation. To say that I'm disappointed would be an understatement, as this ongoing situation is shining a light on all the unfair discriminatory business practices associated with Lexus. In this climate, this really could’ve been avoided. Bare minimum, if I'm paying to borrow a car I should have access to a car. I've spoken with enough reps at Lexus to know parts/service is where the real money is made. I could've been offered a loaner without really affecting your bottom line but no, Lexus can't afford it. Nobody has been able to tell me why I wasn't offered one but fortunately that's not my job to figure out why. Just a brief reminder that because of this situation, I lost my job! I understand accidents happen but this mistreatment feels intentional, hurtful and downright ugly. All I wanted was to be treated fairly. Those days are over. "
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What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Damages: lease reimbursement Aug 06, 2021 $5,655.00
2. Recovery of Losses: lyft/uber Aug 06, 2021 $2,500.00
3. Monetary items with amounts to be determined: wages lost Aug 06, 2021 TBD*
4. apology Aug 06, 2021 $500.00
5. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Aug 06, 2021 $14.99
Cash total : $8,669.99*
*Amount shown is not final: total will increase when pending amount(s) are known and entered.
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Respondent's Counteroffer

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  • Contributed Solution: by Julia J On 08-27-2021
    The insurance company of the person who hit you needs to pay for a new lease car from TriCounty Lexus. File a complaint about the incompetent repair shop with your AG.
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  • Contributed Solution: by George Maxwell On 08-03-2021
    Lexus and North Jersey Collision should be ashamed of a jaw dropping 7-9 month repair time with no loaner while you make expensive lease payments. The NJ Insurance Commissioner and the NJ Attorney General should determine whether sexism is a factor. More...
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