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Susan Bradley vs. Advanced Real Estate Education/Success Path, 6465 S. 3000 E. Suite 203 Salt Lake City, Ut 84121. Telephone 888-987-4991

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Advanced Real Estate Education/Success Path charges exorbitant amount for real estate investing training

S. B. vs. Real Estate Elevated (Success Path, Advanced Real Estate Education, Flip Advantage) - Zurixx
2750 E Cottonwood Pkwy Ste 200 Cottonwood Heights UT 84121-7288, 9550 S Eastern Ave Ste 253, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123-8042, United States
    • Claimant Seeks: 1 non-monetary items.
    • Claim #: 3143374
    • Amount Involved: 5,000.00
    • Filed On: Nov 21, 2016
    • Posted On: Dec 02, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • "I just feel ripped off."
  • Notice: View public trial ‘The U.S. District Court has entered a preliminary injunction against Zurixx, LLC and its affiliates and appointed Holland & Hart LLP as the receiver for Zurixx and its related entities on November 1, 2019. For general information about the receivership, including answers to frequently asked questions, please see the receiver’s website at The website contains copies of the complaint filed by the Federal Trade Commission and the Utah Division of Consumer Protection and other documents, including the stipulated preliminary injunction that the court entered. The order is preliminary and the case is still pending. Additional Information about the Zurixx case and claims against Zurixx will be made available on the website when available; however, the case is still ongoing and it will be several months before claims information is available. All claimants should consider filing complaints with the FTC if they have not done so. Holland & Hart LLP will use the website as the main means of communicating with claimants and others, so please check it on a regular basis.’ In the event that Zurixx and its affiliates file bankruptcy, creditors are directed to the appropriate bankruptcy court to determine whether their claims have been discharged. Any postings covered by bankruptcy protection should be viewed solely as a business review and not as an attempt to recover assets that may be covered under bankruptcy proceedings.
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Statement of Claim
"I am unhappy with Advanced Real Estate Education/Success Path for refusing to refund my money after I let them know I did not want to take the training associated with the Diamond package or any of the other packages. I had not seen the 3 day cancellation policy because it was on the back of the contract, nor did they tell me about it or point it out to me. But I still asked for a full refund before training started. They had gotten me and others to sign up for credit cards to pay 41,297.00 for the Diamond package training in real estate investing, then max them out. 20,000.00 on one, and 5000.00 on another and 2500.00 as the down payment on the Usbank card I already had. One of the mentors named Lilly typed on to my application for Capital One that I had 10,000.00 in my bank account which was not true to qualify for the Capital One card. I had trusted her since she seemed like a trustworthy Success Path mentor. Still I was not able to come up with the full amount of 41,297.00 They had said this area including Bellingham, the area I am from, was a golden area for making alot of money in real estate. But after some research I found that homes for sale in Bellingham were scarce and that there was alot of competition already with lots of real estate agents and investors abounding in the area. I was no longer motivated to go into real estate investing which I had not even looked into before the Success Path drive to get lots of people to sign up with them to learn real estate investing. Capital One was able to get them to refund the 20,000.00 since the 3 day cancellation policy was on the back side of the contract and there was no proof that I had been shown, told about or seen the policy. Usbank was able to get Advanced Real Estate Education to refund the down payment because Advanced Real Estate was asked to meet in Arbitration but they opted to refund my credit card instead. That leaves the 5000.00 left on my Discover card for training I did not attend that I would like to see Advanced Real Estate Education refund back to that card for training not received or participated in and with documents to prove I was driving for Uber during the Boot Camp of the Diamond package training that they marked that I participated in on a list that they sent to Capital One and Discover to refute my dispute. Please refund my credit card the 5000.00 that is money I don't have but owe now on that credit card with interest accumulating. As a single low income mother this is another hard ship that I would greatly appreciate your help with."
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  • 03-01-2016 — Bellingham recruiting event
  • 03-11-2016 — Overview of Real Estate Investing Training packages
  • 03-13-2016 — Down paymentof 2500.00 for Diamond package
  • 03-18-2016 — Paymentof 20,000.00 from Capital One credit card
  • 03-23-2016 — Payment of 5000.00 from Discover credit card
  • 03-25-2016 — Informed mentor of desire to cancel
  • 03-26-2016 — Tried to call Success Path office to ask to cancel
  • 03-28-2016 — Made contact with Success Path office to ask for refund
  • 03-31-2016 — Diamond Package Boots on the Ground Training begins but is not attended
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Real Estate Elevated (Success Path, Advanced Real Estate Education, Flip Advantage) - Zurixx Hide
  • Dec 06, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • IF you will go ahead and send the 5,000.00 back to Discover we will see that your company is dealing fairly and that will be reflected in any postings about your company.

  • Dec 06, 2016, Claiming party added:
  • Not sure if you got the right information but I am requesting a full refund of the 5,000.00 put on my Discover card.

  • Feb 20, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • I would like to propose a new offer for Advanced Real Estate Education which is: Since I did attend the Private Three-Day Real Estate Investment Accelerator which cost me 1795.00,where I signed up for the Diamond Package I would like to ask if I could be refunded the remainder of the 5000.00 after they subtract the 1795.00. That seems a fair compromise to me.

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. Refund: Diamond package payment Dec 05, 2016 $5,000.00
2. Other – Copy claim to regulators Dec 05, 2016 $14.99
3. Other – Pay for claim posting cost Dec 05, 2016 $7.99
4. Other – Physical delivery charges Dec 05, 2016 $4.99
Cash total : $5,027.97
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Respondent's Counteroffer Hide
What By When How Much
1. None Dec 20, 2016 N/A
Non-cash: 1 items
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  • Comment: by Claimant On: 07-28-2017
  • I must point out that I made a mistake in how much was paid via credit card to Advanced Real Estate Education/Success Path. There was the initial 995.00 towards their Tax lein club on my USBank card plus the 1795.00 for the first meeting to hear about the Diamond package. After that another 2500.00 was put on my Usbank card as the downpayment for the Diamond Package, followed by 20,000.00 on Capital One credit card and another 5,000.00 on the Discover card. so that totals altogether 30,290.00 put on credit cards to  Advanced Real Estate Education/Success Path, rather than the 27,792.00 mistakenly calculated earlier. I had included copies of the contract when I initially signed up for help with People Claim in an attachment, but if need be I can send another copy if you don't have access to that one.
  • 3
  • Contributed Solution: by Peter D. Singh Jr. On 07-12-2017
    Plaintiff's proposals – (1) a full $5,000.00 refund or (2) a $3,205.00 refund accounting for attendance at the initial seminar/sign-up meeting valued at $1,795.00 – both sound grounded. More...
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  • Contributed Solution: by Ehsan Samavatian On 07-10-2017
    The primary value of a written contract is that it will keep you out of court. More...
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Is this a fair resolution?
  • Comment: by DeAnn Dutton — Online mediator
  • On: 05-17-2017
  • This person is not the only consumer that has been scammed out of thousands of dollars and if Advanced Real Estate Education (AREE) is not held accountable for their product/services then they will continue to scam consumers out of more money.
  • 2
  • Contributed Solution: by Claimant On 02-20-2017
    Hello i have a new proposal for resolution of my complaint with Advanced Real Estate Education. I think it would be fair since I did attend the Private Three Day Accelerator for 1795.00 from March 11-13, 2016 where I signed up for the Diamond Package More...
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Is this a fair resolution?
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  • Contributed Solution: by J Petaluma On 12-05-2016
    Claimant is owed a refund in full More...
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