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Psych Abuse Victim vs. Isaiah Wattenberg Chase

A. W. vs. Isaiah Chase
111 Smith Ranch Road, San Rafael, California, 94903, United States
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    • Claim #: 5635516
    • Amount Involved: 34.97
    • Filed On: Oct 24, 2021
    • Posted On: Dec 10, 2022
    • Complaint(s):
      • Denial of Care
      • Negligence
      • Failure to Communicate with Patient or Patient’s Relatives
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"This is a complaint regarding Isaiah Chase, MD, psychiatrist at Kaiser San Rafael Medical Center. Dr. Chase, over the course of many months in his care, was negligent and emotionally abusive following a denial of psychiatric care and wrongful involuntary hospitalization.  In May of 2020, and the weeks prior, I asked Dr. Chase to help advocate for me to get residential psychiatric treatment, something I had been desperate to get covered by Kaiser. He proceeded to defer to other colleagues, and after I was denied coverage twice, he attempted to dissuade me from pursuing higher levels of care even further during a phone appointment. He also was, as far as I can recall, part of a cohort of clinicians who pledged to meet and determine how I could access a higher level of care, and to make a plan for this. Less than a week later, my therapist at the time, Lindsey Hockridge, filed a false police report that resulted in my forced incarceration in the emergency room at Kaiser San Rafael. Dr. Chase's colleagues, Chelsea Sloane Carroll and Kerry Savola-Levin, made countless false and misleading statements in my medical records in order to seclude me in the hospital against my will. Though my medical records suggest that Dr. Chase was being updated in real-time about the circumstances of the hospitalization as they unfolded, never once did he appear to advocate on my behalf. Instead, I was imprisoned for days without hearing from him; it's very possible that he made no attempts at all to explain my history, as someone very familiar with me, and help fix this disastrous situation.  Dr. Chase was well aware that I did not, thoughout my history, meet criteria for a 5150 hold. Dr. Chase was well aware that I was intent on being an active participant in my treatment and did not require force or coercion to understand that I needed help. Dr. Chase knew well that I had no specific plan or intent to end my life, yet to this day, I have no evidence to suggest that he communicated this to his colleagues. As far as I know, he sat back and watched it happen. The hospitalization wrecked me. I was never the same after that. Kaiser is notorious for providing inadequate and delayed care, and consequently it took 3 weeks after my discharge to get an appointment with Dr. Chase. He began the appointment appearing to act aloof, asking me why I had made the appointment. This felt unspeakably callous and insensitive; it was clear that I wasn't the one who made the appointment, and he knew (or should have known) exactly what it was about. I explained to Dr. Chase that I was afraid that if I did not attend the appointment, he would proceed to incarcerate me again for non-compliance. He scoffed, all but mocking me for having this concern, even though it had actually happened less than a month prior. He made no attempt to adjust any existing medications, instead prescribing me pills for sleep, and because I was taking my benzo prescription 3 times a day (as prescribed) due to PTSD symptoms, went to the effort to add "use sparingly" on my prescription (or something with the same meaning). He implied (I cannot speak to his intent but I can speak to his impact) that I was abusing my prescriptions while in the throes of panic and trauma. That I needed a reminder to not abuse my medication, even though I have aboslutely no history of substance abuse.  With a follow-up appoitnment scheduled for approximately five weeks from this one, and given his refusal to discuss his involvement in my abuse in the hospital, I discovered that Dr. Chase was no longer willing to provide a bare minimum standard of care, from my perspective. I was left with no other option but to pay out of pocket for another psychiatrist that would actually do his job. without being unbearably defensive about the facts surrounding my incarceration. However, after a few months, the cost became unsustainable, and I had to return to Dr. Chase's care. He refused, over and over, to discuss or even acknowledge my trauma and anger from the fact that he did not appear to advocate for me. He used to say that he didn't have the time to hear it, or my appointment was not the right occasion to bring it up. He also implied, repeatedly, that I was traumatized because I was incompetent at Dialectical Behavior Therapy (something I have participated in for many years, cumulatively), and needed to go to a class to relearn all of the skills. There is no evidence to suggest that repeating DBT treatment courses several times leads to a reduction in the symtoms of my diagnoses. Even more egregious, Dr. Chase never assured me that he would echo my reports of abuse and misconduct, on the part of his colleagues, to his management. It is possible that he heard me disclosing this abuse, and never reported it as he should have. Over time, I began to realize that I required more advanced treatment than I was currently receiving. I asked for a referral to receive ketamine treatment. Dr. Chase blew this off multiple times, and toward the end of my policy in late 2020, told me that he lacked any time to see me for an appointment. The best he did was a 10- or 15-minute phone call, in non-compliance with mental health parity laws in California. He instead continued to essentially manipulate me into taking lithium to treat my symptoms, even though he knew I had both thyroid and kidney problems (both of which can sometimes be exacerbated by lithium use). For over a year, I told him I did not think it would be healthy to take it, and for over a year, he kept pushing it.  Dr. Chase's betrayal was profound, life-changing, and simply unbelievable after my abuse. His gaslighting was persistent, calculated, and devastating. I will never forget his silence and complicity in what happened to me. I write this complaint in the service of other people who may find themselves in my position and/or his care, to warn others about what Isaiah Wattenberg Chase is capable of. Based on my experience, he can watch you get your civil rights away without saying a word to stop it. As is the case with all accounts of my abuse, I make the following statements using educated guesses, my own opinions and experiences, true facts, and approximations of facts. I pledge to modify my accounts if I learn that I am mistaken with respect to specific details, in order to continue to tell the truth about what happened to me. My goal is to help and warn others. I will not stop until I have justice for my trauma. "
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What Claimant Wants Hide
What By When How Much
1. Apology: Apology and written statement confirming that the 5150 was illegitimate and false Nov 08, 2021 N/A
1. Damages: General damages for trauma, and out of pocket costs for medication management Nov 08, 2021 $0.00
2. Copy claim to regulators Nov 08, 2021 $14.99
3. Pay for claim posting cost Nov 08, 2021 $14.99
4. Physical delivery charges Nov 08, 2021 $4.99
Cash total : $34.97
Non-cash: 1 items
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