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United Airlines disrespects my pregnant wife and puts our unborn child in danger

M. L. vs. United Airlines, Inc.
PO Box 06649, Chicago, Illinois, 60606-0649, United States
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    • Claim #: 6007608
    • Amount Involved: 1,569.60
    • Filed On: Jan 29, 2016
    • Posted On: Feb 09, 2016
    • Complaint(s):
      • Bad business practices
      • Problem with a service
      • Customer service runarounds
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"This is the document I sent to United Airlines:

The following letter details the disrespect that my 7 month pregnant wife, 2 year old daughter and myself were forced to endure thanks to incompetence and lack of professionalism at United Airlines.
- El Paso to Houston -
Flight UA3356 January 15th 2016 ELP to IAH Departure: 5:31pm Arrival: 8:25pm
- Houston to Managua -
Flight UA1714 January 15th 2016 IAH to MGA Departure: 9:05pm Arrival:12:25am
Confirmation: FBXMH3
Ticket: 0167708456099 (Lacayo, Daniela Alessandra)
Ticket: 0167708456100 (Lacayo Baez, Marcelo Jose)
Ticket: 0167708456101 (Lacayo Cerulli, Anna Caterina)


1) UA had “crew issues” —though none of the two supervisors I spoke with knew even simple details about the matter, our original flight was delayed. I spoke to the on site UA person who seemed "too busy" to help us --at the El Paso airport which is not very busy at all. Since she was not helpful, I asked for the On Site Supervisor for the El Paso Airport.

2) The UA On Site Supervisor for the El Paso Airport [KELBY, Employee ID #N083764], decides that “their is nothing I can help you with; let UA at Houston know about needing help to catch your Houston flight”. UA supervisor at El Paso states that “UA at El Paso does not communicate to UA at Houston”. He actually repeats this sentence several times. To me this is inherently wrong and unprofessional and speaks very poorly about what is going on with UA. Because of this poor response to our obvious needs I took the matter into my on hands and called UA customer service.

3) I preemptively called UA’s customer service representative [Mary, who I called at 5:12pm] in an attempt to set us up on a new flight in case we missed our connecting flight from Houston to Managua, Nicaragua. The customer service representative offered me what we later learned to be a nonexistent flight from Delta Airlines which would have landed at our final destination (Managua, Nicaragua). She said Delta would leave at 10:23pm from Houston toward Atlanta. Would land at Atlanta at 1210am. We would then take a flight from Atlanta to Managua leaving at 0117am and arriving at 4am in Managua, Nicaragua. We accepted this offer, yet she set us up on a different flight which we did not select: AA1044 16JAN16 IAH MIA then AA2243 16JAN16 MIA MGA.

4) Kelby the UA supervisor at El Paso Airport did send a message to Houston letting them know that we needed help to arrive at our next gate: a car or at least a wheelchair. He also explained that a 7-month pregnant lady and a 2 year old child were traveling.

5) Upon arrival at Houston the UA representative at our arrival gate (GATE B26) was unwilling to help us and had no clue who we were and that we needed help. She was not waiting for us or ready to help us. All she knew was that we would be coming late. So nothing was prepared for us, not even a wheelchair. I don't have her name but she was blond and about in her 40's - 50's. She even failed at pointing the way to getting to our next flight. I wish I would have asked for her employee ID, since she was rude and unapologetic.

Your UA staff refused to help us get to our gate, despite the fact that any other airline would have rushed to help a 7-month pregnant lady and a 2 year old child who needed assistance to get to their next flight. This left us unprotected and was disrespectful and unprofessional. I found myself having to rush --while carrying my daughter-- from gate B26 to gate E9 (later on changed to gate E8). On the way there I asked for help and was given help (car ride to the train then to the gate). My wife had to do the same, but I asked her not to run, for the sake of our unborn child. Ask me if UA helped her get to the gate at all? AT ALL. UA despite having this information, refused to help us.

6) I was the first to arrive at our departure gate (which was changed to gate E8). It was 9:10 pm. The UA representative at the gate [Mariana, who refused to give her employee ID] was harsh and defensive. She did not seem to care to help us but instead to demonstrate that she was right in saying i was late. The truth is, if UA would have helped my pregnant wife and my 2 year old get to our flight we may have arrived on time. Despite my arrival being at 9:10 pm and the flight leaving at 9:05 pm, the lady insisted that from her standpoint we were late and nothing else mattered. I let her know about our situation. I asked her if somebody from our arrival gate B26 (the blond UA representative) had contacted her (like I asked this blond lady to do) to let her know that we were rushing towards the gate. This second UA representative refused to tell us this information, instead she insisted: “even if I was contacted, we would not have waited for you”. At this point, seeing that UA was in fault for not helping us get to our flight on time and for not even contacting each other about the delay --which was YOUR fault to begin with-- I asked to speak to the supervisor.

7) Mariana refused to bring the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport and instead rudely asked "why do you want him?". I explained to her that we were not helped and that I was traveling with my 7-month pregnant wife and my 2 year old daughter and that having to ask why I would wish to speak with the supervisor, under these circumstances, was very rude and unprofessional, specially being defensive like she was.

8) At this point I asked Mariana for her employee ID and she refused it. Again, it was 9:10 to 9:15pm at gate E8.

9) The UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport [called Otto but who refused to disclose his employee ID] finally arrived. He was by far the WORST part of our experience with United Airlines and a disgrace that he is in a supervisory role. He first refused to speak to me, rudely stating that he would first and foremost speak to Mariana the employee and only afterwards consider speaking with me.

10) When Otto, the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport finally turned to me, one of the first things I ask for was his employee ID and the supervisor refused to give it to me, and insisted that he was not required to give it to me. I told him that I would find out if this was true. At this point he turned to me and said "don't you threaten me because I will stop helping you immediately!". He obviously made up that I was threatening him since my statement was NOT a threat. I found this disturbingly unprofessional.

11) I explained the entire situation to him and at that time, my wife arrived in a car. When Otto UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport sees my wife arrive, he makes fun of wife stating "not even your wife arrived on time, and she came here with a car!". This not only was disrespectful, it was rude and the highest level of unprofessionalism I have witnessed. I told him that what he just had said was incredibly wrong, that my wife arrived in a car not because UA helped her get to the gate, but because she yelled for a car to stop and give her a ride. I told him that making fun of our situation was awful specially knowing that my wife was putting our child at risk and all of this situation occurred as a result of UA unprofessionalism. He did not apologize for making him of my wife

12) At this point Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport stated that we would have to be rebooked. They initially pointed us towards a customer service kiosk. Again I found this be rude and disrespectful. After I complained, Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport, said that he would do us "the favor" of setting us up from where we were at, gate E8. I guess they were not planning on even doing that for us unless I complained!
During this time we told Mariana about the Delta flight we were meant to be set up for. Mariana was unable to find the flight. I then called UA Customer Service at 9:33pm and spoke to Rose, who confirmed that the Delta flight was not real. This confirmed the first error your UA Customer Service Agent (Mary) made at 5:12 pm when my family and I were still at El Paso.
Mariana finally set us up for:
American Airlines flight 1044 leaving on January 16th 2016 from Houston to Miami. Departure 5:15am, Arrival 0837am
followed by
American Airlines flight 2243 leaving on January 16th 2016 from Miami to Managua. Departure 9:55am, Arrival 1146am

But we already had CONFIRMED flights with UA! And indeed more than one UA flight was AVAILABLE, one of them leaving that same night! But Otto refused to allow us on that flight. Knowing well that, with confirmed tickets, UA is obligated to set us up on the next available flight. Specially under these circumstances! (the delay being UA's fault, the disrespect and unprofessionalism that we were forced to endure, and finally the fact that UA was mistreating a 7-month old pregnant lady and a 2 year old child). But Otto ignored this completely and refused to let us board on the next available flight. Instead they sent us with American Airlines.

13) I told Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport that what had happened was wrong and the way UA treated us was incredibly wrong and that we should be compensated. He only offered to give us hotel vouchers and meal vouchers and three US$100 dollar vouchers.

14) Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport at this time lied about the hotel he was sending us to. He stated that the hotel he was sending us to was an “exclusive hotel” where “only special customers are sent” [Hilton Airport North, 12 minutes away from the airport]. At the Hilton Airport North I learned that more than 30 people were staying in the hotel sent from United Airlines and that this kind of movement of people was common place. Obviously Otto has no concerns with lying even about the smallest things.

15) It was 9:50pm at this time and I told Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport that, based on the flight Mariana set us up for, my 7-month pregnant wife and 2 year old daughter would be forced to sleep a maximum of 3 hours and that he should at least give us taxi vouchers so we could get to the airport on time. He refused to give us taxi cab tickets so that we could come to the airport in the morning. However, I eventually convinced him (making my conversation with him now about 30-40 minutes long). However, he specifically states “I am giving you nothing more”. How dare he! Really? This is the way he treats my pregnant wife and child and myself? What kind of a monster is this person?

16) I then insisted Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport give us taxi vouchers so that we can leave the airport and arrive at the hotel. I specifically tell him that I don’t think it is appropriate to send a 2 year old child and a 7 month pregnant woman on a shuttle from the airport at 10pm, only to arrive at around 11 pm, have dinner and go to sleep by midnight, only to have to wake up at 3 am to arrive to the airport again the following morning to take our next flight. To this whole thing, this horrible, unprofessional, vulgar and disrespectful man answered “I am giving you no more because UA counts every cent I spend”. In other words, you basically trained your supervisor to avoid helping a 7 month pregnant woman and her 2 year old daughter, under this circumstances and at this time of night. We had to take the shuttle and the shuttle drove around the airport, picking people up, then drove around Houston dropping people off at different hotels. We arrived to the hotel just before 11pm.

17) The kind of disrespect, unprofessionalism, outright lack of kindness and common sense that Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport displayed against a 7 month old pregnant lady and her 2 year old daughter, left me speechless.

18) The following morning we took our American Airlines flight to Miami then to Managua. However, our bags were left behind. For three days we were left without bags, my 2 year old daughter and 7-month pregnant wife without their clothing. You may want to blame American Airlines for this, but I know and you know, that this was all United Airlines' fault for not taking care of us. None of this would have happened if we were helped to the gate in the first place. And even if we missed that flight, none of this would have happened if UA would have placed us on their next available flight, a United Airlines' flight, not an American Airlines' flight!

19) Me and my family feel deeply offended by the disrespectful, unprofessional and inept behaviors we encountered. We demand an apology from United Airlines.

20) We would like to reconsider replacing Otto the UA On Site Supervisor for the IAH airport who is not only a liar, but disrespectful unprofessional and lacking common sense

21) We want all of the one we spend for these flights with United Airlines to be fully refunded.

I will go ahead and make this document available on your Facebook and twitter accounts and I will be calling and mailing you very soon.

I hope you fulfill what we are asking for.

Best, Marcelo"
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1. Refund: UA Ticket 0167708456099 Feb 29, 2016 $543.50
2. Refund: UA Ticket 0167708456100 Feb 29, 2016 $543.50
3. Refund: UA Ticket 0167708456101 Feb 29, 2016 $482.60
Cash total : $1,569.60
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