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My Claim vs. Pettis - Missouri Department Of Social Services 65301


V. M. vs. Pettis - Missouri Department Of Social Services 65301
808 Westwood Ave, Sedalia, Missouri, 65301-2182, United States
Amount Involved: $7,000,000.00
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    • Claim #: 5881007
    • Amount Involved: 7,000,000.00
    • Filed On: Oct 18, 2017
    • Posted On: Oct 29, 2017
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Statement of Claim
Claimant says:
"Still hospitalized after giving birth to our son and quite upset and bewildered by what I was being put through & treated like while very sensitive & even tender from the childbirth trauma, I found myself under attack by this Division. First, it was the in-house Ukrainian sounding psychiatrist sent by hospital staff who had falsely misinterpreted my spouses' belongings placed on the doorknob outside my room at the end of visiting hours. They viewed my intentions to avoid further problems with them as "marital problems". I tried explaining that to no avail. There was also a nurse who raided my in-room locker when I was in the bathroom, thinking I was out or wouldn't realize. I watched her through a slightly opened bathroom door as she pawed my things, bringing a bag out into the light enough to see better. I remember asking her what she thought she was doing & was told she was looking for a gun or maybe drugs or something. I was somewhat shocked at this. No harm done actually - just another incident to add to the already long list of complaints against that hospital and staff, which I have not located online. It instead is mainly talk kept on the QT... people in fear in this great country of ours to speak out on issues that "THE CRIMINAL REGIME" might find out about & end your life or manufacture cases against you to steal your kids. That county had been notorious for that & mostly denied. Once I got online in 1997 I began finding scores of things against other State and County Agencies such as that. It's widespread. I've read stories & watched videos that reminded me so much of our own story in parts that it could have been mistaken for ours! It's almost as if they used the same script or outline to gain the very same results. They are known to Fabricate, Doctor, Alter, Manufacture files & entire cases. This incident is about 3 such Social Workers who were sent in response to the psychiatrist mentioned above. I knew little to none about that Agency prior to all this. The rules of the Maternity Ward were that no visitors were to sit on the room bed. Not even my family were supposed to do that. FAMILY was considered to be DIRTY, even if they were perfectly & spotlessly clean. Social Workers, on the other hand, were to be viewed as CLEAN whether you thought so, or NOT. I received a visit by 3 Social Workers. Two of the stood & the one sat on my bed, rules-be-damned. They began to grill me & as I stated I was in a tender state of mind, already feeling they had ripped into me & I was still quite sensitive in other ways, for other reasons. I had started to cry a little. I was in my room alone at that time until they arrived, I was outnumbered & I was in my pajamas! There were a few times throughout the duration of our mess of this, with this division that they sent only one person. Times like this though, while I was seemingly & noticeably at a disadvantage, they GANG-BANGED. Not sure what else you could call it. Three-to-one - 3 SS (Social Services) fully clothed (and possibly armed) to one vulnerable pajama-clad new mommy, WOW. I got a tissue or 2 off my bedside table & after using it to dry my eyes, I wadded it up & tossed it nonchalantly across the small, single room into the trash can across from me. All 3 of their necks seemed to snap as their eyes followed the tissue wad across the room, into the trash can. I was written up for it. I was beginning to get a sense of how all this worked. This small "incident" was enlarged. They blew it up in the report to cause it to sound much worse than a simple tissue being disposed of. They wanted to make it sound like I ripped the TV off of the wall & hurled it at them, or threw a chair. it was written as ... THROUGH 'SOMETHING' ACROSS THE ROOM, as if they had NO idea what it was, when in fact they knew full-good-and-well that it was a used tissue they had watched me use. Yes, it's true, I somehow survived it. all those nearly 28ish years ago but not without permanent mental scarring or being able to forget their brand of "legalized terrorism". And to think all those years were a product of their brutish manipulation & outright lies, concocted to make me (and others like me) look like horrible people. I have a collection of Social Worker horror stories. We were just lucky (if that's the word I mean- how can I really mean "lucky?"...) Lucky in the sense that it didn't evolve to my son being fed to pigs to conceal crimes of actual abuse that led to death or stuck in a freezer for 2 years to cover-up murder & no social workers bother to check even after 3 years of missed school & continued reciept of support checks to the Adoptive mom until one little adoptee managed to escape & go to a neighbor who let her in and called the police for her. No, ours didn't get to that point, thankfully. My mother intervened as I know good Gammas do sometimes. This Department used to have the respect of the people like my mom at one time. All that was changed once she found herself involved on our behalf. She at one time told me "it's all in your head" believing I was (for some unknown reason) making things up about them. If only, huh?! Within 4 or 5 years later, they were still at it. Still trying to break my stones. Arrived at our newly contracted house, saying it was coming right along but reporting something totally different. The claim was that my house was dirty. Keep in mind I was still considered to be in recovery from previous things. I was under the care of a doctor. The house was clean though. They had once again driven me to tears, the insensitive evil witches they were to me. I now think the whole point of it all was to "psychically drive" me over the brink. I tearfully called my mother. She called the main social worker "on-the-carpet" about it. She told Denise she happened to know the house was clean because she visited regularly & even helped me out with it at times! My mom normally arrived at our house between 10 & 10:30 AM daily except for weekends when my dad was home. And we worked until about noon & ate lunch then watched our 3 soap operas. We did that for several years. We even scheduled (or tried to) around those hours. My mom challenged Denise Woolery (previously mentioned) to show us her house, saying she'd bet it wasn't perfect. Denise backed down but the report remained, as far as I know, as written. There were no photos of "said dirty house" especially "said criminally filthy house" especially none to back-up the claim of it being "dirty". Where' are pictures, Denise & why wasn't it on the evening news? I have seen both ways of handling such "wrongs". In news clips on Youtube & images with news site write-ups. Imagine being permanently mentally scarred from this & more. To report any of the goings-on was to invite further trouble & problems & retaliation. Denise even stated that no one "messed with" (meaning reported) her or her family. THEY were "above rapport". She demanded at least twice that she had immunity. I later learned (learned much too late) that a lot of social workers feel that it's okay to lie in court in order to take someone's children away & even demand that they have "immunity"! We were LIED about. My house was clean & My son bore no signs of having been "dragged up concrete steps" The 'something' I threw was a tissue wad & only because I didn't feel comfortable enough with the uninvited visitors in my room to walk close enough to where they were blocking the way, to deposit this so-called "something" into the trashcan, as they (obviously) would have rathered. Our lives were being threatened with each & every document produced against us. Every lie told was done so in order to continue to shine themselves in a better light, while shining random strangers,parents,grandparents etc., in a bad light. These were not only attacks on our lives, they were attacks on our psyches. Our reputations were attacked. We were churchgoers so our religion was attacked. Our sobriety was attacked. Our Spirituality was attacked. It happened repeatedly. It began to seem that every time I turned around we were being attacked. Weren't there any actual, real wrongdoers for these SS to busy themselves with? I began knowing them as "the busy-bodies". I began to doubt my own morals. I had heavy-duty morals embedded in me from a young age & they were under attack! I was walking the path of the straight & narrow, the same as my husband was & we fell under fire for it. When my mom bought us a little house & helped us fix it up, we thought we were really doing great. We really felt the progress at that point. We would have a little money to spend on other things instead of rent. One might say "we were flying high!" ... When the SS (Social Services) learned of it they demanded my mother needed to meet with an adjuster or someone to decide what she would charge us per month, on the GIFT she had just given us! This knocked us back to square one! This was NOT "progress"! I have no idea right now what it would be called but I DO know it was terribly depressing! We were going to able to afford a little more toward the back-child support & maybe even get a car. We had to walk a lot. My mom sometimes gave us rides. My husband had actually landed a job as a museum curator but without a car, there was no way. Isn't that what SS is intended to be about? Supportive of family & issues that arise? Instead of being congratulatory they became demeaning. They oppressed us for beginning to progress. No wonder some find it easier to not try. For one step forward you get forced 2 steps back! That seems totally backward to me. I think next was the issue with the locks on the doors. We didn't HAVE what they approved of or none at all. The demand was we buy & instal locks & they would be back to inspect it & approve or not... we accomplished that but this still didn't sate them! I had to go to therapy now. I took my mom with me & GOOD THING because if what happened NEXT had happened & my mom hadn't seen it for herself, she would swear I made it all up. At the start of the session, I was asked how things were going & I replied, "fine - we got the locks changed & everything is going to be great!" ( I can't believe I actually believe what I'd said! Things were NOT going to be "GREAT", not ever!) She picked up the phone & dialed the police. My MOM saw it for HERSELF! Mom, in semi-shock now, couldn't believe her own ears! She offered out her wrists held close saying IF YOU ARREST HER YOU'LL HAVE TO ARREST ME TOO! I HAVE LOCKS ON MY DOORS & I BET YOU DO TOO! I was served a summons. The reverse side gave my last name as WEBB - I STILL can't figure that one out! I am not WEBB! My mom told be she sat frozen in fear that I would plead GUILTY. I didn't because I KNOW in my heart I wasn't "guilty". YES I did have locks on my doors as ORDERED & those were APPROVED but if I was guilty, as my mom meant, so was she, so was the therapist, so would BANKS & PRISONS & JAILS & so many other... I'm not sure at all what those people were actually trying to DO to me, to my family, but it's time they OWN-UP to it & pay damages... I deserve to not have reasons to think about it anymore - it was almost 28 years ago & my life was ruined. They got my husband sent to prison, sentenced as a repeat-offender with NO PRIOR. What else could they possibly want from me? Haven't we lost enough?"
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Additional Communication Between Claimant and Pettis - Missouri Department Of Social Services 65301 Hide
  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • CIA Insider: Pedophilia Is Only the Gateway, Vampirism Is The Destination

    why I put on 2 inches of height way, way after age 18 (which is normal, to not get taller during late teens) from 5' 3" to 5'5" due to being traumatized & terrorized by Denise Rene Covert Woolery: DFS social-worker -- exciting my adrenaline - the original growth hormone -- back to 5' 4" at last check though

    come to think of it - that left me with a bad "swiss cheese effect" in my skin - my skin having no recollects worth of memory to go along with the growth - only terrorism - so it causes me "stingers" aka restless leg syndrome - severely
    skin isn't visibly swiss-cheesed - it's the feeling of it - no way to account for the stinging - nothing to see visibly - nothing to attribute it to -- its mental swiss cheese effect that causes me to feel stung in my skin!

  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • why I put on 2 inches of height way, way after age 18 (which is normal, to not get taller during late teens) from 5' 3" to 5'5" due to being traumatized & terrorized by Denise Rene Covert Woolery dfs social-worker -- exciting my adrenaline - the original growth hormone -- back to 5' 4" at last check though come to think of it - that left me with a bad swiss cheese effect in my skin - my skin having no recollects worth of memory to go along with the growth - only terrorism - so it causes me stingers aka restless leg syndrome - severely... skin isn't visibly swiss-cheesed - it's the feeling of it - no way to account for the stinging - nothing to see visibly - nothing to attribute it to -- mental stingers due to swiss cheese effect due to forced-growth due to excited adrenaline via DFS Denise Rene Covert Woolery social worker - who terrorized me & tortured 2" of height-growth out of me during their "investigation" at our home.The stress was that great. I'm surprised it didn't cause me to pull out my hair as well, in huge clumps, by the handsful! The stress on my husband as well, via upsetting/aggravating his heart problems, which was known he had - he was even written up for walking to our kitchen to get a sip of water & take a dose of medicine. WRITTEN UP in the report in support of their manufactured "case" against us.

    CIA Insider: Pedophilia Is Only the Gateway, Vampirism Is The Destination

  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Growth hormone is produced in a 24-hour cycle and is responsible for the blood sugar rise that we sometimes see during the night or in the early morning. The other “stress” hormones, particularly epinephrine (adrenaline) and cortisol, are produced when our body needs a rapid influx of sugar for energy purposes.Aug 26, 2016
    How Stress Hormones Raise Blood Sugar – Insulin Nation

  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • Former CIA Operative Robert David Steel spoke briefly of "excited adrenaline" in the previous video

  • Nov 13, 2017, Claiming party added:
  • we were being tortured to give off the "resonant frequency" of fear for whatever sinister purpose DFS via Denise Rene Covert Woolery had in mind. This happens worldwide

    Infrasound: The Fear Frequency

What Claimant Wants Hide
1. YEARS worth of abuse by DFS via Woolery & some of the others that is still on my mind 24-7 giving me permanent mental trauma - it scarred me very deeply Jan 16, 2018 $7,000,000.00
Cash total : $7,000,000.00
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Respondent's Counteroffer

There has been no response to this claim from Pettis - Missouri Department Of Social Services 65301. This claim will remain posted until resolved
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