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450 3rd Ave W, Seattle, Washington, 98119-4199, United States.

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  • Industry: Travel
  • Sector: Cruise Lines
  • Products / Brands: Ocean Cruises
  • Officer(s): Stein Kruse

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Holland America Line Inc’s Complaint History (3):

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    • Claim
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    Thomas B vs. Holland America Line Inc

    • Bad business practices
    • Overcharge or billing error
    Claimant says:<p>Holland America Line (HAL) will not refund our deposit of $3,500 because they said we did not have cancellation insurance when we had been told by their agent Renee (wouldn't give last name) that cancellation insurance would be purchased when the balance of $20,000(+) cruise total fee was paid. We were given to August 31, 2017 to cancel without ...
    • Claim
    • Seeking:

    Holland America Line Inc-Dispute-#2034937

    • "I just feel ripped off."
    • Bad business practices
    Claimant says:We had a cruise planned for March 19, 2012, we didn't buy the insurance and my husband ended up in the hospital 1 week before we were supposed to leave. They will not refund our money which is not what we want, we would like them to reschedule our trip. Also, I had notified them about my husband and they cancelled our trip 3 days before we were s...
    • Claim
    • Seeking:

    Holland America Line Inc-Dispute-#5785110

    • Problem with a service
    Claimant says:Holland America promised a 5 star experience and failed to deliver on many aspects. A full list of complaints has been registered but Holland America have only offered compensation dependent on booking another cruise. The saying 'don't throw good money after bad' springs to mind. We just want Holland America to offer no strings compensation.

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