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  • Commented By:Cythea H.
  • Recommended:No
  • On:08-Sep-2015
  • Cythea H. says: A lamp was shipped to me missing a part; I shipped it back and another part went missing. Consulted the company and they offered me 20% off. I ended up paying nearly $200 for a lamp I never got. I just ordered netting to go over the bed and they sent me a shower curtain at twice the price and to return it, I'll have to pay for the return. Nobody does business like this. I've been a good customer since 2006. Not happy.

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    Through the Country Door-Dispute-#8097109

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    Claimant says:Company will not refund money for item they did not send. I have been calling since November and they tell me to continue to wait and that a "check is in the mail". View claim »

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