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227 Sandy Springs Place NW Suite 352, Sandy Springs, Georgia, 30328, United States
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Scale:A+ to F
Their rating depends on their response to your complaint. PeopleClaim doesn't close claims until you're satisfied.
About this rating

PeopleClaim reliability ratings are heavily weighted towards a business's response to complaints filed by PeopleClaim users. This business's rating WILL be incrementally downgraded to F if they do not respond constructively to your posted claim, either by accepting your settlement terms, making a counteroffer, or providing reasonable explanation for non-acceptance. Higher ratings generally reflect a business's history of constructively responding to all complaints filed through our system, or no history of claims filed against them through PeopleClaim.

No bias or conflicts of interest. Guaranteed: PeopleClaim does not accept member fees, advertising of any form, or other compensation from businesses and professionals that we rate. Claims are settled and removed from publication solely upon agreement of full satisfaction by the claiming party. See our Terms of Use for full details.

Provisional rating. Entities rated for under 2 years receive a provisional rating “P”. This reflects that there may not be sufficient complaint history to accurately reflect a rated entity’s true dispute and resolution history. Viewers are encouraged to use caution and consult additional resources before making purchase or engagement decision. Learn more.
has received this rating because:
  • All PeopleClaims against this professional have been fully resolved to the claimant's satisfaction.
  • OR
  • No PeopleClaims have been filed against this professional.
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