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While the goal is to help you find the shortest distance between a problem and its resolution, unresolved public mediations may be referred for formal legal represenatation and class action.

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Payless Financial Group - $840 in fees for nothing

Payless Financial Group did not provide services as promise. The person I talked with Ken Gliwa promise me that the Payless Financial Group could get rid of all my payday loans and they could solve all my problems. All I had to do was stop paying on the loans and go to my bank and put a stop payment on the withdrawal on the payday loans and stop taking the phones calls from the payday loan people. This all started February 2014. Sound simple, does it. He said that Payless Financial Group would take take care of everything from that point on and I should relax and not worry about anything. So I did as I was told - big mistake- I learned Payless Financial only took my money for 4 months. Each time I called they told me they were working my case - another mistake. After 4 months, I still had to bay the loans and Payless Financial $840.00 for nothing. I could have used the money to pay off one of the payday loans ( I had 3 at the time). Mow a year later, April 2015, I have two of the loans paid off and I will start on the third one shortly and will not get anymore payday loans. The old saying of If it seems to good to be true, it probably is sure does applies here. Stay away from People that say they can make payday loans go away because they CANNOT.
Payless Financial Group

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    • [-][+]My resolution
    • 9 years ago
    Francis B. (Neutral)
    Refund all fees and apologize - pretty simple – based upon the evidence submitted- which is admittedly a bit light- I'd propose a full return of the claimant's money, plus interest for Payless Financial group's failure to provide promised services. If payment is not made, claimant should file a complaint with their state Attorney General. The fact to Payless Fin hasn't responded to this claim might be a red flag for anyone considering doing business with them. Hopefully they will respond and tell their side, but until then, Caveat Emptor
      • [-][+]My resolution
      • 9 years ago
      Hira R. (Neutral)
      I'm sure you signed some sort of agreement with them when you signed up for their services. What does the stipulated term of the agreement say if they fail to deliver their services and in fact they end up charging unwarranted money for it? Maybe we could look for a resolution based on that stipulated clause?
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