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Hafsa Durrani
  • Current Education: Lahore University Of Management Sciences: Undergraduate BA/LL.B progarm
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  • Aug 12, 2015

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About Hafsa Durrani

I am a very passionate, driven, and intense individual who thrives on both challenge and competition. So far in my undergraduate degree I have studied a number of law courses which have introduced me to the various fields in law, ranging from Contracts to Constitutional Law to Human Rights to Jurisprudence. Personally, I have developed an interest in Family Law and Human Rights. And in particular I have always been interested in working in a field related to issues of women and children as they are one of the most vulnerable and neglected sections of the society in which I live in. I wish to work to improve their social and legal standings.

Views on the practice of law

My LL.B program has brought to my attention quite a few of the obstacles and shortcomings which exist in the legal system especially within Pakistan's legal process. The legal system here needs reformation to make it more efficient and accessible to the public at large. In practice the legal process seems to discriminate and exclude those who are unable to afford to carry out long drawn out legal battles. It is unfair and only the affluent ultimately benefit. The legal system is supposed to provide justice but with such prevailing shortcomings the wronged party may not get the chance to remedy their grievances in time.

Reason to be here

As mentioned above, the courses which I have so far studied have introduced me to the many fields within the law. And during the internships which I undertook gave me the opportunity to see that law being implemented in practice. Therefore, not only do I have sound theoretical knowledge but I also have considerable experience working with law firms and their clients.
The work being done by PeopleClaim is very interesting. And the platform which they are providing to their clients is the type of legal reformation which is required by the legal system in Pakistan. Even Pakistan's legal system needs to become more accessible to the general public especially to the needy and vulnerable parts of society. An online forum such as PeopleClaim can be a great way to help bring the law to everyone's home without the complainant having to go through the arduous process of the legal system. This mission of PeopleClaim is very much in line with my own interests of helping the neglected and underprivileged.
During my undergraduate program I have written quite a few research papers which have developed my researching and writing skills and if given the chance I will put both of these abilities to good use at your organization. I believe that my strong analytical capabilities and communication skills deem me a good fit for you organization.
Additionally, as a person I have a positive attitude geared towards learning, while also
working well under pressure without comprising the quality of my work. Although still limited in my years of experience, my ability to learn quickly and work efficiently makes up well for that. Working both independently and in teams, with the capacity to pay attention to details while maintaining a meticulous attitude, is what I strive to achieve with every project that is handed down to me. Hence, I am confident that the values and objectives of your practice highly complement my own strengths and enthusiasm.
I sincerely hope you will consider me for this internship.

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