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Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Mercy Medical( MMC) and Fidelity (FFI) steal employee pensions.

Opening StatementProvided by: Suzanne E., Plaintiff

Andrew Valdez (AV) was employed at MMC , in Durango, CO from 1995 until he retired in 2021.   MMC is owned by CHI and the retirement accts for all employees at every CHI owned property are required to have their pension as well as their 401k and 403b accounts at Fidelity.   There is no other choice for employees to house their retirement accts.    In 2014, the HR Director at MMC, Cathy Roberts, approached AV about rolling the pension into a traditional IRA with Fidelity.   I am AV's spouse,  and we both were required to sign this contract to do the rollover.   We obtained a $15k distribution, which was paid with a CHI check.   The remaining was to be rolled over into the Fidelity traditional IRA.     AV and I then called yearly about the IRA, because we never got any info on it.   We called at tax time each year looking for tax info to put with our returns.   Fidelity is who we were supposed to call and they told us every year that the IRA was worth $28,544 each year and that the account was "safe and sound,"  In 2021 AV retired and tried to roll both his 401k and IRA into a personal IRA, because he wasnt working at MMC anymore.   All of a sudden this IRA was gone.    Fidelity lied to us all those years to get time and space between the stolen acct.and AV.   We got the runaround from the thief HR Director at MMC.  Fidelity never really had the acct (they are the flunkee), and CHI never answered one email or returned a single call to us.    

This is how this crime happened....... In 2014 the HR Dir. at MMC, Cathy Roberts, had us sign and notarize a contract with the option chosen being to let the IRA sit until AV actually retired.   There never was an IRA with Fidelity made.   The funds were immediately sent to Wells Fargo 0% interest making money market.   From there, Cathy Roberts (CR )   had distribution checks sent to her at MMC .   The HR Dept had AV's signature, bank acct info (direct deposit), as well as an employee picture ID of AV's.   She copied and pasted his signature and went to our bank and deposited some of the checks , but then pulled it out within a day or two.   She stole all the funds that were AV's pension.   Then FFI lied and lied to us for years that it was there.   

Since the timeline was such,  we had a hard time getting the information from anyone of the companies as well as our bank.   There is a teller thief named Olivia , who is friends with CR, which made this theft very easy for them.     

My evidence is the altered 2014 contract.  CHI altered the contract , but really gave themselves away.    They tried to make it look like the notary ink leaked through on leak proof paper.   And it coincidentally leaked through right on our option choice for the IRA.   They stamped something over it, and totally covered our choice of option.   That altered contract, was such AFTER we signed and notarized.    The law states that this altering makes the contract void.   You will notice that the notary stamp on the front does not match up with the fake ink splotch on the back.      Its poorly done.    There are forged checks that are extremely obvious are forged.     CHI and the HR Dir at MMC are the most cowardly thieves ever.   They hid from my calls and visits.   So did CHI corporate office, and Fidelity just lied and lied and took us down wrong roads like they have for all pensions they help CHI steal.   At this time , all remaining pensions have been stolen in one swoop, and the HR Dir. cowardly retired and MMC closed their HR Dept altogether, so they wouldnt have to deal with employees looking for their Pensions.   

MOTIVE:  CHI is a tax exempt religious corporation.   They receive gov't funds for any and all of these pensions.   But they have to prove that a certain percentage  of these pensions actually get cashed in by the employee.    They receive funds for these accts almost dollar to dollar.   CHI is a large corp and has many locations and employees, so this funding is millions $$.   They keep those millions$$ and steal all pensions back.   Tax exempt is not good enough for this greed pit, they need to steal pensions back.   

AV was a respected hard working employee at MMC for 27 years.    But MMC , and CHI have zero respect for anything but their big fat greed.   

Cathy Roberts

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Plaintiff seeking
$28,544 which was in the pension.     
Who can join?

Any employee or ex employee that had this happen to them ( which is alot).    

CHI and FFI had a class action suit brought against them by ex employees for PENSION FRAUD, in 2021.  CHI, in its usual non christian way,  "donated" to the right person for that case.      The circumstances were different but again it is for pension fraud.   They have many ways to steal. 

I do know a lot of employees who have had their pensions stolen by Cathy Roberts and CHI.   But CHI is such a fat bully that most would not testify because of the threat of job loss.     Even tho CHI did steal their pensions.   

This Trial's Core Issues
1. 2014 altered contract, brought to AV by HR Dir.

Look at the back to front ink leak.  They do not line up at all.   This was done to cover our option and obtain the distribution checks.    The ink didnt leak, they just made it look like it did.  But they didnt match the front and the back.   This coincidenta

Plaintiff's claim
To be Negotiated
Estimated $ value sought
Cash total : $28,544.00
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