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Wrongful imprisonment of a patient and abuse to a 70 year old lady at memorial hospital from the staff members and the security guards

Opening StatementProvided by: Monique S., Plaintiff

My mother
recently checked in to memorial hospital due to chronic pain in her neck she
was to haven and leave recommended from her doctor after 3 days at the memorial
hospital she decide she waited long enough for the test results they had told
her she was waiting for to come back she decided she was going home after all
she has cats and was supposed to of only been there one day that's when they
told her she couldn't leave because there were still wait for test results and
was concerned about her health they called me and tried to tell me the same
thing I told them my mother will decide for herself if she needs to stay after
all shes never had any other sicknesses 

her mother
lied to be 90 and she is 70 years old 120 pounds and 5 foot tall   she
does not take any prescribed drugs she don't drink or  smoke never has.
while the nurse was telling me this I herd a confrontation in the back ground
of another females voice telling my mother to go back to her bed she wasn't
leaving I hung up the phone and drove  to the hospital in a hurry when I
got to her floor she was standing by her door trying to exit her room when I
seen 2 female staff members holding her arms pushing her back into her room I
ran to her and said come-on mom lets get outta here I put my arm through hers
to steady her and walked fast pasted to the elevators


I hear the women call for security they then pushed there way into the elevator
with us and when we reached the floor below  the elevator opened and  there were appx. 6 security  guards or
more and at least 7 or more staff members waiting for us one guard was waring
white the rest had blue so I assume he was in charge and he certainly had a
power authority issue in making sure we new  that he wasn’t going to stop til he won 2 of
them had  taser guns  on there hips with there hand resting on them
like as to draw them  they cornered us
ware there was no way around them I called  my brother and held my mom
tight and tried to go around them and they physically stopped both of us they
then calmly came up with a plan to get us back up stairs with making a bigger
seen they politely explained to us that her doc was called and he would met her
in her room in 15 mins or less to go over test results and why he was concerned
for her health and please don't leave until he had a chance to talk to her
before releasing her

we agreed though i was already calling 911 to hopfully help us

we went back to the room and that's when I turned
on my phone recorder while we were waiting for the doc tor to come speak to her
after waiting longer then 15 mins we said no we r leaving we got up to exit the
room and they rushed us at the door I had my brother on speaker phone and have
the incident on recording as well as both calls I made to 911 my brother is in
Michigan he told me to call police so I called 911 that's when the security
guard waring the white uniform grabbed my arm completely twisting it around he
then told my mom to get in her bed or he was going to restrain her down to it
now we were yelling we weren’t doing anything but stand in place at the door of
room 6665 on the 6 floor of the hospital


He then called the
front desk gave them are location asked them to contact police to have a trust
passer removed from the build and gave them my description I told him what is
wrong with you people my mom has every right to go home and its her decision if
she don’t want medical help she can deny it then then switched guards to one
female guard not waring a name tag and the others scattered since this was the
2nd frantic 911 call I had made the first being n the elevator incident
they called the front desk to notify them cops would be there any min and to
have them await there so they could speak to the officers before coming up
stairs to remove the lady that was trespassing I couldnt believe it then went the cops entered the room they sent in a doctor but it wasnt her doctor and he stated that he was concerned about her mental state and that s why he was holding her but now was going to release her she kept saying this isnt my doctor then department of human services came in saying they didnt hink she should drive and was in danger to herself and others

i was blown away my mom hasn't had a ticket in 7 years and if thought she couldn't drive i would ride with her in the car and allow her to drive my kids around plus she just had her license renewed with an eye exam and eye test that was done the month before and she passed it with no problems not to mention the staff told me they were waiting for her medical test results on her neck and that was why they were keeping her this was the first time i had herd of a mental  hold coming in to play the police say well if they want her to stay they have every right and we'll escort the daughter from the property

I never seen anything like this happen in my life then the same doctor acting as if he was her doctor just released her with no test results nothing when we got out of there i asked the lady security guard for the name of the guard that was waring white and she stated she was not going to give me that information and id have to contact her company if i wanted it my mom went to her personal doctor the following Monday told him about it incident and he couldn't believe it then when he tried to pull the test results the hospital stated they had been lost and she would need to return for more to be done she said no way she went home and the next day after we had left the hospital i took pictures of the bruises they left on her arms and saved all recording and phone calls the incident

i called the hospital grievance line left a message they called back but i missed the call  i also filed one on line and looked up her rights to leaving a hospital to find out what they did was illegal and i contacted the security company left a message never got a response so i then called a lawyer to assist me but they were blown away and sent me to 5 other lawyers because they all believed this to be a matter for the police


memorial hosptial in colorado springs on boulder st

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Plaintiff seeking
I want the security guards and staff held liable for what they did to her I believe if they did this to my mother theyd do it to anyone  I felt so helpless it was horrible I never want to see her or anyone go through that amazing to me how they got away with this but I wont stop til something id done about it  
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louise fields and Monique sexton

This Trial's Core Issues
1. wrongful imprisonment
held by force against her will lied to police used unnecessary force on a senior causing pain to her arms and her daughter
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    • 6 years ago
    Monique S. (Plaintiff-unverified)
    the hospital should do something like punish the people responsible by firing them or fining them with the money going to the women that this happened to and should layed off with out pay until the case is settled
    Plaintiff's claim
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    Estimated $ value sought
    find her results
    Cash total : $200,000.00
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