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Dr. Oz vs. Individuals who want him removed from Columbia University

Dr. Oz is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon at Columbia University and a day time talk show host. He has made headlines as an innovative doctor who has his own show on daytime television, where he speaks about all of the newest medical discoveries and medical miracles.
Dr. Oz’s first encounter with the media and his controversial ideals with his supposed support for weight loss and diet pills. Dr. Oz realized that by using a few small encouraging words towards those types of fads, it translated into his support for weight loss and diet pills. Individuals also believe that he uses his show to promote trivial health ideals and remedies some of which include weight loss, dieting and vaccinations; just to gain money for his own pockets.
Recently in the news 10 medical professionals from around the United States emailed the University of Columbia asking for the removal of Dr. Oz as a faculty member, and any other position he holds at that university. They believe that he disregards the science of medicine in his practices and that he gives corrupt advice to his audience. In response to this Dr. Oz has stated that he gives the advice about controversial things because he wants to give his audience the truth about the products even if they are harmful just so they have the proper knowledge before making a decision, and that doesn’t mean automatic support just because it is coming from him (a doctor). He has also specified that he is not encouraging individuals to stop the use of conventional western medicine techniques, he is just offering another part of medicine to use in conjunction with those techniques. He believes in both types of medicine and is setting out to show individuals how to use them.

Another controversial issue for Dr. Oz and many other doctors around the world is the labeling and non-labeling of GMO’s. Ironically Dr. Oz is against the support for the non-labeling of GMO’s. He supports the notion that regardless of ones stance on GMO’s, there should be a label so people can choose if they want to consume the products that contain GMO’S.
With this controversy still very present should Dr. Oz be removed from the university of Columbia? Should he loose his television show?
Lee Goldman

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    • 12 Points
    • 10 years ago
    Shaneisha W. (Neutral)
    Dr. Oz, while he may not be liked by many within the practice of medicine, has done nothing to warrant his removal from Columbia University. Additionally, nothing has been done by Dr. Oz that would warrant for him to lose his talk show host. Dr. Oz gives his own subjective opinion on various medicines; while this may be due to outside influences, like his show or sponsorship, this is not any different from how doctors will give their own subjective opinion on various medicines because the pharmaceutical and insurance companies will pay for them to push certain drugs.

    To better address those who have an issue with the way Dr. Oz carries himself as a medical professional, it may be helpful for Dr. Oz to be more clear in his objective stance on certain products, but being more adamant about placing before viewers the positives and negatives.

    On the issue of Dr. Oz's stance on the labeling of GMOs. There is nothing wrong with him having a personal opinion on the matter, and as medical professional, whose major purpose is to promote the wellbeing of people, Dr. Oz feeling as though products containing GMOs should be labeled so that consumers have the freedom of choice is not anything bad enough to warrant his removal from Columbia University or television.
      • [-][+]My resolution
      • 10 years ago
      Lauren W. (Neutral)
      Dr. Oz, should be allowed to keep his position at Columbia University and his talk show. There is nothing wrong with his methods and what he promotes, he seems to have learned from his mistakes. just because he promotes holistic medicine practices as well as western practices doesn't mean he completely disregards the "science" of medicine
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