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Shaneisha W.
  • Current Education: Charlotte School of Law
  • Under-graduate: California State University, Northridge
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  • Feb 23, 2015

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About Shaneisha W.

I am a second year law student at Charlotte School of Law. Originally from Southern California, I made the near 3000 mile move across the country to take on the opportunity of going to law school. My main focus and interests within the legal field is public interest and family law. I first realized that I wanted to be a lawyer during my first semester of my graduating year in undergraduate, while taking a Deaf and the Law course. While my initial focus was to become an advocate for the Deaf Community through the field of Social Work, I realized, through that course, that my destiny was to become a lawyer, and to enact change through the legal field. Through growth and knowledge, I've learned that I wish to pursue my legal career in the field of helping others. I want to be able to assist those, who would otherwise, not have the privilege of obtaining legal counsel or assistance. I want to represent the underrepresented. I want to enact change through policy.

Views on the practice of law

The practice of law and the legal system is a direct representation of our justice system, and our justice system is failing people of color, especially those within the Black community. I am not getting this degree for myself, I am getting this legal degree for my community, and I will use this degree to do all that I can to create progress and change within our legal system to create an even playing field.

Reason to be here

I should be considered for this internship because there are no legitimate reasons to not consider me for such an opportunity to better myself not only as a legal professional, but as a person. I do a lot of volunteer work that is all geared toward helping others, and will continue to work on projects that are geared toward helping others. The more narrow issue is whether I will be able to help others through PeopleClaim's Advocacy Training for Interns Program?

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