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Develop negotiating and problem-solving skills with real cases. Earn cash rewards from $10 to $1000 when your solution settles the case. Earn more if multiple claimants join the case.

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Showcase your credentials and skill with an online mediator profile. (Helps users decide who to invite to mediate their cases.) Display professional and educational affiliations, your interests, and the points you've earned mediating cases online.

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Our goal is universal and equal justice through fairness-based online dispute resolution. Help resolve cases "orphaned" by the legal system. You'll be helping settle real disputes for real people, just like you.

PeopleClaim has assisted more than 50,000 claimants and counterparties with cases large and small. You can help too.

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We'll send you a continuous daily stream of cases you can resolve. You choose the ones you like. Pick cases by industry, type of complaint, size of settlement, or size of cash rewards for the best solution. PeopleClaim puts you in control of your online practice.

Whether you're an aspring lawyer, social worker, business person, or just enjoy helping others, you'll gain valuable experience as an online mediator – and the ability to earn cash. PeopleClaim is the largest online mediation service in the world. We invite you to become part of our team.

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