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An Uber for mediation – great idea.- G.J., Ann Arbor, Michigan
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The shortest distance between your dispute and its resolution

  • Recover damages, overcharges, and other cash or non-cash items.
  • Settle fast: some claims settle in days or even hours, depending on your demands and claim details; others may take longer.
  • Your claim stays posted until resolved to YOUR satisfaction.
  • No lawyers, courts, or complicated processes — all online.
  • Our online mediators compete to find the best resolution to your case.

Premium options to help resolve it faster

  • FREE to file and settle
  • Add public posting: $7.99
  • Notify regulators and/or media: $14.95
  • Deliver your claim by regular mail: $4.99
  • All the above : $21.99

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How to get started

It's easy. Explain your problem and state what you want. Takes about 5-8 minutes.

You can request cash, non-cash items, or choose "Just make me happy" to request a fair offer from the other party.

PeopleClaim will deliver your claim with a 10-day deadline for resolution. After ten days you can post it for public review, comment, and suggestions for settlement from our community of online mediators.

A new and better way to resolve any dispute – large or small

People claim is a totally new way to resolve disputes and complaints against businesses, professionals, landlords, employers, or anyone else who’s treated you unfairly – all online and without costly lawyers, courts, or time-consuming processes.

More than 50,000 businesses and consumers have used PeopleClaim to get their cases heard, get resolution, and avoid the expense and complication of traditional legal processes.

Finally: affordable access to justice for everyone and every case

While getting your case resolved will depend on the case details, reasonableness of your demands, and other factors, PeopleClaim gives you an effective and extremely low-cost first-line resolution option that puts the power of the court of public opinion on your side. We’ve helped thousands of consumers, patients, employees, and others get justice – in many cases after they were told that they had no chance of winning. Our goal is to provide online access to justice at a fraction of the cost of traditional legal processes. We’re leveling the playing field for everyone, regardless of their financial or legal resources.

Why PeopleClaim works

PeopleClaim works because businesses are increasingly aware of the influence of social media and public opinion. Our unique online community dispute resolution process (OCDRTM) provides powerful incentives for fair and prompt resolution of your case.

  • Helps get your case heard at the highest levels of any organization.
  • Reflects public opinion about the fairness of your claim.
  • Exposes bad business and unfair treatment.
  • Creates competition to find the best resolution to your problem.

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Note: PeopleClaim does not guarantee results. Resolution times and results will vary depending on case details, the reasonableness of your demands, the responding party, and other factors beyond our control. While we can’t guarantee outcomes, we give you powerful and cost-effective tools to help you get the best resolution to your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is online community dispute resolution (OCDR)?
  • How does OCDR differ from traditional mediation or other forms of dispute resolution?
  • Is OCDR right for my Problem?
  • How long will it take me to file?
  • How long will it take to get my claim resolved?
  • Who can I file against?
  • Can I file a claim without the other party's permission?
  • What information do I need to file a claim? Can I add information later?
  • Is there a fee?
  • Is your free claim-filing service really free?
  • How is your system so inexpensive?
  • Is PeopleClaim part of the legal system? Is it litigation or mediation?
  • Does PeopleClaim refer cases to lawyers?
  • Do you guarantee I’ll get my claim resolved?
  • How does making a claim public help get it resolved?
  • What can I expect in terms of public participation?
  • Can I talk to other people who have posted claims on PeopleClaim?
  • Why do businesses settle claims through PeopleClaim?
  • How can my business benefit from PeopleClaim?
Become an online mediator
  • Anyone can participate. Learn more

    Open to all. Help resolve complaints and disputes by offering your ideas. It's easy.

    1. Choose a claim from the list.
    2. Review the details.
    3. Tell the parties how you think it can be most fairly and best resolved – e.g., "Claimant deserves payment or other compensation," etc.

    If the parties settle based on your suggestion you can win points – or cash rewards if applicable. (If you win cash you choose to keep it or donate to one of our participating nonprofit public justice organizations.)

    Get started with a PeopleClaim public mediation profile and help resolve cases now.

  • Get a free online mediator profile.
  • Earn recognition points and cash rewards.
  • Show off your negotiation and mediation skills. Help others.

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Natalie F.
"It had been two months and she'd avoided us completely – and then the next day after I made a PeopleClaim she got back to me right away. If I hadn't had PeopleClaim I would have been out several hundred dollars."
Margie B.
"I know I didn't have any idea that I would have won the case, especially so quickly. They actually did something that I thought was impossible, and I'm thrilled."
Greg J.
"I filed a claim on Thursday afternoon; on Monday morning the corporate headquarters called and said 'We'd love to assist you and of course we'll give you a new computer.' It gave me terrific leverage."

PeopleClaim is the best thing since bacon...I mean it! I got very fast results.

- A.V., Colorado

I'm really glad I found you guys and did something because this company really does make you feel like you've been manipulated and taken advantage of. You guys do great work and it's really important in this time of deregulation, mergers and monopolies for customers to join together and fight back with a voice of their own. Thanks again.

- J.M., Massachusetts

Hi thank you so much, I was ready to go to small claims court when I saw your site and thought I would give it a try. I heard from the owner of that Repair shop shortly after he got your E-mail, and he set up a time to bring the finished clock back and did bring it and got his payment. I could tell he wasn't happy, but I think without PeopleClaim, we would still be waiting for the return of the clock, if I had read some of the reviews I saw of him on google, sadly after the fact, I would have looked for another repair place, and I would not recommend this place to anyone no matter how good the work maybe, the owner seems to have some sort of issue. thanks again PeopleClaim.

- D.W., N.Y.

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