Enjoy helping people? Why not be paid for it?

Choose cases offering cash rewards and you'll win money when disputing parties use your suggested resolution to settle their dispute. Reward amounts vary from $10 to $500 and more, depending on the size of the case and how many people contribute.

Turn your ideas into $

  • Pick a case with a cash bounty
  • Review the details; understand both sides
  • Propose a solution you think could resolve the dispute
  • You win if the case settles based on your solution

Who's eligible?

  • Anyone with a sense of justice who wants to help
  • No special expertise or training needed
  • Your best assets: common sense, practicality, fairness

Your schedule, your choice of cases

  • Work when and where you want
  • Pick the cases that interest you
  • Compete to win; no limit on cases you can try
(Cash rewards are optional; not all claims offer them. Winners receive the reward amount less PeopleClaim's 10% hosting fee.)

Building an online profile. Besides cash rewards, each time you suggest a resolution you'll earn "recognition points": one point for each suggestion; 25 points if either party likes your suggestion, 100 points if both sides like it, and 200 if they decide to settle their case based on it. The more you participate, the higher your score, and the higher you're rated the more likely you'll be invited by disputing parties or by PeopleClaim to mediate large cases – and bigger bounties. Besides cash you'll be earning a reputation for success.

Get started. Sign up now for your online mediator profile. Then choose the kinds of cases you'd like to help resolve. You can try a variety of cases to start – large, small, specific industries, complaint types, or locations – or only cases with cash rewards. It's up to you. Why wait? Get your profile now.

Make money helping people resolve disputes


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How much can I earn?
  • Any limits on how many cases I can try to win?
  • Any other limitations?
  • Are there any costs involved in creating an online mediator profile or in participating in cases?
  • How often will I be paid?
  • What if I win the reward but I want the amount to go to a charity?